A Space for Transformational Mindfulness Retreat.


Wanderlust . . . To have a Wonder & Lust for Life.

An irrepressible desire to:


   Be Impeccable,

     Live with Integrity

       Live Sustainably

         Live with Passion, 

           Be Creative


The Dictionary defines Wanderlust as an innate desire to Travel.

This yearning to explore and understand the world beats restlessly in our hearts.  Adventures are the passionate fancy of many a daydream.

Inextricably connected to this craving is the longing to KNOW & ACTUALIZE our true best self. Alongside our physical exploration, we are also Spiritual Seekers - searching for a happy, enlightened and purpose-driven life. Our Geographic Pilgrimage is mirrored by an Inner Journey.”

~ WanderLust A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self

by Jeff Krasno ~

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   This Program is about Soul Progression & Soul Expansion. Develop new skills, new perceptions & Explore new ways to Define Yourself. 

➣    Ignite your Inner Wisdom.

➣   Unfold your Highest Potentials.

➣   Be Inspired to Cultivate a Higher Awareness LifeStyle.

➣    Learn to Flourish & Thrive again every day.
➣    Reclaim Your Self-Love, Self Compassion, your Soul Connection & a LifeTime of WellBeing.

➣    Live an Extraordinary Life!

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Services & Resources

To support you in creating a more enjoyable, meaningful & purposeful life, I invite you to apply for the Mentoring Program. 
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Life is an Ever Unfolding Experience
We are going to dare to explore the Conscious Intelligence Field on our Magical Journey . . Awakening ourselves as the Co-Creator of our own experiences.

You - As a Vast Consciousness - has the potential to create a life that has great richness & meaning of your own design, progressing and evolving into remembering and knowing how to work with all energy and consciousness, clarity of mind, flowing emotions and a body restored to its natural health.

Throughout the Course & the different Programs offered, you have the potential to explore your Infinite Beingness as you exist in other realms & dimensions to realize that your Earth life is only a part of how the vaster “you” is being expressed.

Living a Higher Awareness LifeStyle with expanded states of Consciousness responds well to personal potentials and needs like; self-knowledge, self-healing, awareness, life purpose, synchronicities and raising consciousness. And expanding these potentials enhances your ability to live your life with more clarity, flow & meaning.

All that is gold does not glitter Not al
Yoga at Home

Enhance Your Happiness.


Salon & Spa Treatments
Touch the body. Quiet the mind. Let emotions flow. Calm the spirit.

Massage Hot Stone.jpg

Relax. ReJuvenate

Make massage a regular part of your WellBeing routine.

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Health & WellBeing requires commitment not a miracle.

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Beautiful, radiant complexion doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment.

Programs & Courses

She Designed the Life She Loved: Daily Journaling

Journaling Banner _1350.jpg

Time to tune in. To feed our lives and Souls with what we need to experience some joy. Contemplate our Soulful Intentions. To Hold some Space for "Me-Time". To Find that Place of Stillness within, where you can hear your Soul Speak

Living Vivaciously, Daily Creatively

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Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Your Creative Spirit needs to be nursed, cultivated and practised. Opening up & Living Out Your Creativity is All about deepening Your Relationships with Your Creative Spirit.

Mindful Life of Awesomeness: Self Care

Self Care 7190.jpg

We all need Stillness. More mindfulness. Time to Reflect. Time to let go.  Time to Breathe deeply. 

Life is so much better when you learn to make space for your Soul to express itself through Self Loving Activities.

InWellBeing: Body ~ Health~ WellBeing

Woman Wellness Banner I love WellBeing H

Your body is a complex, efficient and finely tuned instrument of life. Health and Vitality is not only a possibility in our lives, but it is our natural state. Know that you have the power to initiate and sustain your own WellBeing.

You do have a beautiful body, - affirm this to yourself to create it.

Infinite Being: Healing & Energy Work

Woman Lights Energy Work.jpg

Learn the tools to understand & support Your Soul's anatomy through clearing out your Energy Fields. Learn Vibrational energy Tools to "heal" the Body.


After clearing your Emotional, Mental and Radiation Energy Fields, you will be able to Activate your Original Energy Body Template.

Let Your Light Shine ~
Developing Intuition


We’re all born aware of a profound sense of inner knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess, which keeps us connected to our Soul. Intuition is knowing without words, sensing the truth without explanations. It operates beyond time and space and is a link to your Soul/ Source.  

Make the decision to be open to being an intuitive person.

Âme Parler ~
Spirit Talk

Soul Spirit Talk Angel on Porch Divine Partnership.gif

Page under construction

Écrire Avec Les Muses: Writing with the Muses

Writing Journaling Ink Quil Desk-Wallpaper.jpg

Stream of consciousness writing enables authors to provide an intimate portrayal of a subject. Automatic writing is an energy link that allows you to communicate intuitively.  This is an inspiring, exciting, yet powerful bundle of Lessons that will help you on your Writing Journey. Your Soul's Voice will play the melody -  I will guide you to translate it into words.

In Omnia Paratus: The Interactive Simulation Program

In Omnia Paratus.jpg

Evangeline's Journey

Our current Earth Reality is a Holographic Projection Planet . . . we are Living inside a SIMULATED REALITY. The Interactive Simulation Program (ISP) is a collective production of many races from many worlds.

This Program will give you a frame of reference to understand the density and dimensional races of our system.

Lumière Lumineuse ~
Becoming Luminous Light

Lightbody AYLB_edited_edited.jpg

LightBody: AYLB & Graduate Programs

The LightBody is the Human Energy Field that projects our Consciousness through the Holographic Templates into the Interactive Simulation Program - it is an Energy Body that exists at a very fine and high frequency of light.    


This Holographic Template generates the physical manifestations we experience within this material reality.

L' Enchanment ~ Claiming Your Magic

Alchemy Spells Magic Esoteric Woman_edited.jpg

Adeline's Journey

Alchimia Spiritualis ~ Spiritual Alchemy Philosophia 

Alchemy Ritual Altar Intuition Magic.jpeg

Lorelei's Journey
Alchemy is all-composition, implying a relation of all of the creation to the parts that compose it. Presence is the Name of the Philosophers Stone of Personal Transformation. Alchemy is an irreducible fusion of different sciences. Alchemists are contemplative Researchers versed in the Science of Personal Transformation and the Art of Energy Transmutation. It is the responsibility of each individual to bring about their Own Transformation -  be Free & Sovereign.

Volonté Divine ~ Working with Divine Will & The 7 Rays

LightBody Awakening the AYLB 23.jpg

Aligning with Divine Will can be one of the most transformative steps you can take on your path of Self realization and enlightenment.

Understanding and working with Divine Will is a part of taking higher initiations and is a way to open a new level of Consciousness. In this course, you will work with the 7 qualities of Divine/ Higher Will. Divine Will is one of the most transformative energies in the universe.  Divine Will transforms every level of your being when you open to its energy.

Love My Body ~ Love My Life ~ Yoga 7 Qi Gong

yoga-by-waterfall wallpaper.jpg

You can evolve your Physical body to Reflect the Beauty and Perfection of Who You Truly Are. Re-orient your LifeStyle, Eating & Habits to you Express Vitality, Health & WellBeing.

As you evolve your desires, learn to Respond to Only those that Allows for Radiant Light, Wisdom & Optimum Health.

Because your physical body responds best when you nourish  (instead of feeding) it, move it regularly -while Enjoying your practice.

Oneirology ~ Dream Programming & Lucid Dreaming

Book Story Fantasy Dreamworld Sleeping Dreams .jpg

We are dreaming the world into being, whether we realize it or not.


We are in a dream-like world, with our eyes wide open. Dreams are “In- Programs” of the ISP. Reprogram sequences that run during nighttime when human conscious awareness is put out.-   Learn Techniques for Dream Recall & Interpretation​ & Dream Programming


-   Learn to Lucid Dream.

Energy Anatomy ~

Aura Energy Fields Toroid Heart Field 2.png

Aura of Our Being. The Chakra System &  The Meridian System

At the central core of our body spins wheel-like energy centers called chakras.

The Auric Field, also called the Human Energy Field is a luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, and emits its own characteristic radiation.

La Joie de Vivre ~ Emotional Clearing & Mental Clarity

Woman Mood Emotions Emotional Wallpaper.jpg

Transforming & Transcending our Emotional “crap” is an important step that happens on the path of Self-Realization.  It is changing ourselves to identifying with, and believing that we ARE our mind, emotions, habits, attachments, and desires to a larger perspective, where we know ourselves as so much more. ​ Be guided to dissolve the filters of your Mind &  Emotions. With increased Emotional Flow and Mental Clarity, you can free up stuck emotional energy around any area of your life. 

Elargir La Conscience ~
Consciousness. Mindfulness. Awareness

Soul Spirit Talk Angel on Porch Divine Partnership.gif

You - As a Vast Consciousness - has the potential to create a life that has great richness & meaning of your own design, progressing and evolving into remembering and knowing how to work with all energy and consciousness, clarity of mind, flowing emotions and a body restored to its natural health.

AbraCaDabra~ Manifestation.  Alignment & Flow

Abundance Banner  b6d_b.jpg

The Laws of Abundance & Manifestation is discoverable & steadily hold the promise of expansion and Joy.

From the basics of defining just what Abundance & Prosperity entails, to the more in-depth issues surrounding this subject, this course creates an excellent starting point for those who would like to have a solid understanding.

​It’s Time to Remember how to access the Power of the Energy that Creates Universes.

Trouvaille ~ Alignment. ReJuvenation. Mastery

Soul Spirit Talk Angel on Porch Divine Partnership.gif

Living a Higher Awareness LifeStyle with expanded states of Consciousness responds well to personal potentials and needs like; self-knowledge, self-healing, awareness, life purpose, synchronicities and raising consciousness.

And expanding these potentials enhances your ability to live your life with more clarity, flow & meaning

Total Transformation & Self Realization

Woman black and white with splash of Orange Total Transformation 307_edited_edited.jpg

Evolve Body-Mind-Emotions


We can make significant progress in our Spiritual Growth through embodying and expressing our Authentic Soul- Self, the source of love, light and spiritual power that lies within us.  

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