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 La Joie de Vivre

Existence is worth investigating with Passion, Purpose and a Sense of Aw

A Space for Transformational Mindfulness

A Lifetime of Wellness, Evolving Consciousness, Expanding Awareness & Soul Progression

   This Site is about Soul Progression &  Expansion.  Developing new skills, new perceptions & explore new ways to define ourselves. 

➣    Ignite our Inner Wisdom.

➣   Unfold our Highest Potentials.

➣   Cultivate a Higher Awareness LifeStyle.

➣    Flourish & Thrive again.
➣    Reclaim our Self-Love, Self Compassion, our Soul Connection & a LifeTime of WellBeing.

➣    Live an Extraordinary Life!

Services & Resources

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15% Off for 1st Session

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Soul Progression

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15% for the 1st Month

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your Consciousness

All Spiritual Growth is a process of Unfolding and expanding Consciousness.


 “ Being” is about opening to the luminous light that Consciousness creates and YOU Recognizing your being as part of this Consciousness.

beyond anything you've been before

Living a Higher Awareness LifeStyle with an expanded state of Consciousness responds well to personal potentials and needs like: self-knowledge, living your Life Purpose, Self Healing, synchronicities and raising your vibration. 


Expanding these potentials enhances your ability to live your life with more clarity, flow and meaning.

your Soul Evolution

As you gain more clarity about Who-You-Are and recognize that you are evolving in expression, you will realize there is NO mould or fixed way of being that you need to try and fit into, but You are Creatively Evolving your Expression. Reclaim your Full Human Potential and genetic Template from the Interactive Simulation Program. This process is your way of proclaiming that you are ready to do the Journey towards the higher, finer frequencies of awareness and progress out of the current Base Program.

You - As a Vast Consciousness - have the potential to create a life that has great richness & meaning of your own design, progressing and evolving into remembering and knowing how to work with all energy and consciousness, clarity of mind, flowing emotions and a body restored to its natural health.

Throughout the Course & the different Programs offered, you have the potential to explore your Infinite Beingness as you exist in other realms & dimensions to realize that your Earth life is only a part of how the vaster “you” is being expressed.

All that is gold does not glitter Not al
Yoga at Home

Existence is worth investigating with Passion, Purpose and a Sense of Awe. 


Wanderlust . . .  To have a Wonder & Lust for Life.

An irrepressible desire to:


Be Impeccable,

Live with Integrity

Live Sustainably

Live with Passion, 

Be Creative


The Dictionary defines Wanderlust as an innate desire to Travel.

This yearning to explore and understand the world beats restlessly in our hearts.  Adventures are the passionate fancy of many a daydream.

Inextricably connected to this craving is the longing to KNOW & ACTUALIZE our true best self. Alongside our physical exploration, we are also Spiritual Seekers - searching for a happy, enlightened and purpose-driven life. Our Geographic Pilgrimage is mirrored by an Inner Journey.”

~ WanderLust A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self

by Jeff Krasno ~

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