Throughout our life journey, we have learned and understood the importance of having a self-care routine. This is a practice we incorporate during our days and use as a way of getting ourselves back into alignment.


Let's explore the different aspects that should make up a self-care routine with the goal that you have a template so that you’re ready to make your own.

Create Your Own Self Care Routine

Self Care can be something your body, mind & soul look forward to experiencing each day when you learn to make it a daily habit. 

      Many times I hear clients complain they feel guilty when taking “ Me-Time” for self-care. . .  I get it.  I’ve been there.


      So I want to inspire you to believe that taking the time and making the commitment to self-care and your needs, wants and dreams, should really be a high priority in your life.


You may find that surrounding yourself with posters & inspirational quotes that inspire Self Care, will be beneficial.


 Self-care is never a selfish act - it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.



✤    Are you getting enough sleep?



✤    What is your ideal bedtime?



✤    Think about your Evening Ritual/s.

-   How would you like to end the day?

-   List some Self Care Rituals you would like to do before going to bed and sleep.




        One of the keys to living a more Soul-Filled Life and Living with Awareness is having an intentional evening.  .

~ with Christen Reneé ~

The Silence that is Listening

Listening to sounds is a powerful way to quiet the thinking mind and connect with the natural openness of awareness.

This meditation emphasizes the anchor of listening and guides us to relax through our bodies and let sounds wash through us. In this receptivity, we find a homecoming to full presence and peace.

~ ~

Silence that is Listening - Tara Brach
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Beautiful Guided Sleep Meditation- it's Going to be OK

~ Lauren Ostrowski Fenton ~

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