Revolutionizes your Body, 

your LifeStyle, your Life.



Because your physical body responds best when you nourish (instead of feeding) it, move it regularly - while Enjoying your practice. 


Living a Higher Awareness LifeStyle requires Mind, Body, Soul to work together in harmony.


A Fitness Journey is a LifeLong Journey.


In this part of the Program, I present to you the Routine I use in my own Transformation Journey. 


This Program is Part of the Soul Journeys Total Transformation Program™️.

You can evolve your Physical body to Reflect the Beauty and Perfection of Who You Truly Are.


Re-orient your LifeStyle, Eating & Habits to you Express Vitality, Health & WellBeing.


As you evolve your desires, learn to Respond to Only those that Allows for Radiant Light, Wisdom & Optimum Health.

Total Transformation and Establishing a Higher Awareness LifeStyle is NEVER accomplished "overnight.

     Real, Lasting Total Transformation . . is ONLY ever possible if you commit to it, make a  LifeStyle change, and Transform Body-Mind- & Emotions  . . . bringing ALL into  Alignment with your SoulSelf.

     This Section deals with using Yoga & Qi Gong to enhance your WellBeing Process and is Part of  The Journeys of Life/ Les Voyages de La Vie Total Transformation Program.



    True Health, WellBeing & Fitness is a lifelong commitment. You have to follow and practice a sustainable training plan, as well as change your ideas about food.  

This Program advocates and incorporates a simple-yet-effective Training protocol you can start doing immediately and use forever.


If you want to consistently enjoy the benefits of movement, then you need to take the steps necessary to make it a habit.  


     A sequence, when practiced consistently, can provide Life Changing Results and a greater sense of Alignment with the Flow of Health & WellBeing that is the Source of Who-You-Are.


One of the best ways to develop an exercise habit is to commit to a Challenge.  


 Whether you’re a seasoned Qi Gong Practitioner or Experienced Yogi or just a beginner I’m sharing this journey with you help you to Re-Connect with YourSelf, through movement.

You are welcome to Join us for this incredible experience of community and connection through Yoga, Qi Gong meditation, & Detoxing.


Every Lesson includes videos you can easily follow and practice at home, from experts in the Field. ( I don't need to re-invent the wheel ).   


I simply share with you all the tools and techniques I use in this online: Love My Body ~ Love My Life Through the Art of Movement Transformation Program.


Establishing Your Yoga & Qi Gong Practice


1. Create the Time and Set your Space

2.  Set your Intentions

3.  Choose the Routine / Poses/ Movements that you Love doing

4.  Make the Commitment

5.  Set moderate, Realistic Goals

6.  Be Creative about it 

7.  Approach your routine with an open mind & a sense of curiosity

8.  Listen to your body



I assume that you have a basic understanding of Qi ( Life Force) and that you know the Importance of Movement for the Body.


So I'm going to jump right Into all the Yummy Stuff.

-     Qi Gong’s moves Qi / Life Force Energy through the Meridian Channels ( Energy Pathways).

-     Qi Gong emphasizes the Importance of focusing on correct breathing Techniques. We will start with the Basics:

-    When you inhale, extend your abdomen, filling it with air.

-    When you exhale, contract your abdomen, expelling the air from the bottom of your lungs first and then pushing it up and out until your abdomen and chest are deflated.

-   Practice inhaling for eight counts and then exhaling for eight counts.

-   As you breathe in and out, imagine inviting your Qi energy to flow through the Channels.

-   Use your mind to invite the Qi to flow.

The 3 Dantians



  1. Relax

  2. Gentle


  Your movements should be relaxed and gentle.

➣  Your breathing should be relaxed and gentle.

➣   Your mind should be relaxed and any thoughts should be gentle.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Natural Dantien Breathing

Exercising the Dantian

Creating a Qi Ball

~ with Robert Peng ~

Pls Note, this is just a sample video.

You can purchase the complete Course on Udemy / Sounds True

Mountain Pose - Tadasana

~ with Journey Junkie ~

Lifting the Sky

~ with Marcus Santer ~

     This is unarguably the best single Qi Gong pattern in the world.

Its forte is that it promotes a holistic Qi flow throughout the body.

      The exercise works on the Triple Warmer Meridian (San Jiao Mai) and thus harmonizes the upper, middle, and lower energies

Grounding in the Body

~ with Jen Hillman

YogaTX  ~

Qi Gong for Beginners

~ with Marisa

YoQi ~

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