"   Our bodies love flow & movement and respond in kind when used in this way.​​

   When we stretch or dance, our bodies adjust, realign and start to become fluid with the rhythm of life. Our mood lifts and we feel more connected with the world around us. If you are feeling stuck, ready to release old energy, or eager to feel more alive, try moving your body. By giving your muscles a chance to do what they were created for, you may find that all areas of your body and your life benefit as well.  "​​

~ Madisyn Taylor ~

Take a moment to acknowledge yourself, also to set your intention for your practice:  be open-minded with yourself, drop all expectations from your practice and don’t judge how you are doing it.

Creating a Qi Ball

~ with Robert Peng ~

Pls Note, this is just a sample video.

You can purchase the complete Course on Udemy / Sounds True

Creating a Qi Ball

~ with Marisa from YoQi ~

Exercising the Dantian

~ with Robert Peng ~

Pls Note, this is just a sample video.

You can purchase the complete Course on Udemy / Sounds True

Exercising the Dantian

Inner Smile / Smiling from the Heart

~ with Lee Holden ~

When you do Smiling from the Heart "correctly", you feel it throughout the whole of your body, it’s an expansive feeling like your body is being flooded with joy and peace.


Find what works for you.


    Inner Smile Energy Practice/ Meditation is an amazingly simple and powerful practice that will literally change your body, mind, spirit and life. It is an old, practice for inner alchemy - to transform low-vibrational energy into a flowing, healing higher vibrational, finer frequency energy.

Low vibrational energy, when in excess, stuck, or stagnant, negatively affects our Qi, or Life Force Energy, and may contribute to dis-ease & ailments. The "Inner Smile", with its energy of love and joy, can transform energy in the entire body.


~   We now know Epigenetics &  neuroscientific research, that the act of smiling activates neurotransmitters (chemical signals in the brain) that help to counteract stress.

~     Smiling triggers the release of the so-called “feel good” neurotransmitters (dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin), which not only makes us feel good but also can positively affect heart rate and blood pressure. 

~     Endorphins are powerful natural pain relievers, and serotonin is a natural antidepressant. 

A smile can literally change our energy.


When practicing the "Inner Smile" Meditation practice, we open & activate the heart-mind center, ( see my Article: Science of the Heart) which emits electromagnetic energy that changes according to our present emotions.


~   We use our intention & visualization to capture the essence or energy of a smile and bring it into the body. The eyes, including the inner eye we use to visualize, are connected to all the organs and glands by way of the autonomic nervous system, which regulates their actions.

~    With focused attention we move the inner smile energy through the body and do our transforming with the help of each organ’s natural virtues. ~    You can add visualizing using colour, body sensations, and your breath.


Simple but powerful, this technique is natural, easy to do, and so very, very effective. You get to know and heal your body in a friendly, supportive, and loving way.


Don’t think about it, just do it:

Smile from your heart!


Lifting the Sky

~ with Catherine Carrigan ~

Shooting Arrows

~ with Marcus Santer ~

This is just a Sample Video

You can Purchase the Course from Marcus

Shooting Bow & Arrow Explained

Getting Into the Upper Body

~ with Jen Hilman

YogaTX  ~

7 Minutes of Magic

~ with Lee Holden ~

Qi Gong for Beginners

~ with Marissa from YoQi ~

Nourishing Qi

~ with Robert Peng ~

         Nourishing Qi


-  Our bodies instinctually know how to balance, heal & express the principles of rest, reflection, conserving and storage.

-  After playing with your Energy, it is JUST as Important to NOURISH your Flow of Energy. 

-  To Nourish Qi after your Practice is so simple: Breathe. DO NOTHING !


-  During the Day you can Nourish Your Qi by:

  • Slowing down.  Spent plenty of time in self-reflection.  Make quiet time for reading, writing, meditating and other “Soul” nourishing activities.

  • Eat nourish, fresh foods of the season.

  • Nourish your body cells well with plenty of Natural Spring Water. 

  • Keep warm in Winter. Cool Down in Summer. Chinese medicine says that the neck and shoulder areas contain the “Wind” points through which pathogens can enter.  Keep these areas protected.  Wear a scarf in Winter and keep your neck covered. Wear a hat in Summer.

  • Get Enough Sleep

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