Yoga is about more than just the poses.


"I have been a seeker and I still am,

but I stopped asking the books and the stars.


I started listening to the teaching of my Soul."

 ~ Rumi ~

Dis-ease, pain/illness is nothing more than disharmony in the Energy flow of the body and it is unnatural and supposed to be ONLY temporary. In the Eastern Philosophy, the only illness is a Yin ~ Yang disharmony - that’s it.


     In the Eastern model of medicine there is no such thing as an incurable illness, though if the illness has been left untreated for too long, and it has caused much damage, it may not be possible to restore balance fully.  According to this model, if we can restore the Yin ~ Yang harmony, we will restore our health.


    The beauty of Qi Gong is, that we don’t need to know where blockages are. We practice our Qi Gong, let go, let the Qi flow to areas of low energy (where the blockages are) and let the Qi promote harmonious energy flow.


The Central Channels/ Meridians


The Chakras are spinning wheels along the central channel, called the Shushumna in Sanskrit, or the Tree of Life. This central channel in Chinese energetic medicine is the pathway of light connecting your root to the Earth up through your spinal column to your crown and to the Heavens above. 


     If there are blocks from trauma or emotional stagnation then less energy will flow to these primary energy centers and they can turn off altogether causing dis-ease.


    Qigong allows you to cleanse and recharge, to energize and clear your mind. As we begin to work with our emotional landscape to clear unconscious shadows within our being we have access to more light within our bodies. This is not just symbolic, this is literal.



Creating A Circuit Of Qi


Two of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians – the Governing Vessel and the Conception Vessel – are believed to be particularly important because they feed all of the 12 main, yin and yang meridians.

They are used together in the microcosmic orbit meditation, to create a cleansing and purifying circuit of qi along the midline of your body.


    The Governing Vessel (Du Mai)


This meridian connects all of the yang meridians. It reaches from below your tailbone or coccyx, up the midline of your back, over the top of your head, and down your forehead and nose, to your top lip.

   The Conception Vessel (Ren Mai)


This meridian receives all of the chi from the yin meridians. It reaches up to the midline of the front of your body from the lower pelvis to your bottom lip.

Both channels normally flow upwards, but since qi follows a thought, you can mentally direct it to move downwards in the conception vessel during the meditation, thus creating a microcosmic orbit or circular flow of energy. This aids in clearing all the main ‘energy gates’.



Dealing with Energy Shifts/ Disturbances

Be Prepared

-     When you start your practice gently tell yourself that if anything happens to surprise you, it cannot hurt you.

-     Minimize interruptions by preparing beforehand.

Keep Calm & Practice On

-    Gently and Firmly keep tell yourself that your energy & your mind are intact and that everything is okay.

-    Now take some slow, deep breaths and continue your practice when you are ready.

Be creative

-     Whatever allows you to be creative, whether it’s to write, paint, sing, dance, cook, draw, gardening. Creative energy has the ability to relax us and put us into a non-resistant state. It allows you to unwind and go with the flow without putting up blocks.

Headaches & Flu-Like Symptoms, Muscle & Joints Aches

-     Sometimes, When a Meridians opens or a blockage releases it can cause discomfort or even pain. It might be caused by clear energy flowing through a Meridian pathway for the 1st time in a long time.

-    This is quite common and part of the process. Just ride it out.

Cleanse and Detox

-    There are ways to make adjustments in the energy flow. Slow down with the Exercise Routine, Drink Lots and Lots of Spring Water, Purify the Body, Rest during in a Day, Meditate , Follow a Very balanced Fruit & Vegetable Diet, Take Long Hot Salt baths, Sauna, Go for a Walk Outside in Nature, Spent as much Time Outside in Nature as Possible, Swim in the Ocean, Use Aromatherapy Products to alleviate some of the Symptoms . . . Be Creative in ways to adjust to the New Flow of Energy!


-     It might be helpful to step away from electronics, go into nature, take a sea salt bath.

-     Clear your space from clutter and smudge to remove bad energy.

-      Do things that will get you back into the natural rhythm of Life.

-     The body quickly adjusts to the higher vibration flow in a few hours or days.


Go with the flow, don’t fight it. If you feel tired and exhausted, rest and get plenty of sleep. 

Spend some time alone

-   Whether you retreat to nature, listen to uplifting music, take a relaxing bath or read a good book; do this in a place that makes you happy being on your own. This is a great way to know yourself and know what you want without the energies of others affecting you.


Enjoy your practice!

This is Your Goals for Lessons 3


Always Start your Routine  in Wuji Stance:



-  Stand with feet shoulder width apart

-  Arms hang down

-  Palms face into thighs

-  Slightly tuck in the chin

-  Relax the whole body

-  Knees slightly bent

-  Clear the mind

-  Remain in this posture for a few minutes

Creating a Qi Ball

~ with Robert Peng ~

Pls Note, this is just a sample video.

You can purchase the complete Course on Udemy / Sounds True

Creating a Qi Ball

~ with Marisa from YoQi ~

5 Min Breathing Flow

~ with Kseny ~

Exercising the Dantian

~ with Robert Peng ~

Pls Note, this is just a sample video.

You can purchase the complete Course on Udemy / Sounds True

Circulating Qi


Slowly breathe in:

•   Slightly extend your hands in front of your hips, palms facing down.

•   Raise your arms forward with palms facing downward at first; then facing

forward and then upward when hands are above your head

•   Straighten the knees


Slowly breathe out :

•   Rotate palms (over your head) to face outward

•   Bend your knees to about 150° but make sure they do not go beyond the toes

•   Move hands outward, in arcs, palms facing out; then down until hands are back in front of hips.



Standing Half Forward Bend / Arda Uttanasana

     Standing Half Forward Bend Yoga Pose is a standing, forward bend pose that targets the hamstrings and is ideal for yogis and yoginis at a beginner to intermediate level.

Standing Forward Bend /  Uttanasana

~ with Adriene ~

     Standing Forward Bend Yoga Pose is a standing, forward bend pose that targets the hamstrings and is ideal for yogis and yoginis at an intermediate level.

Lifting the Sky

~ with Catherine Carrigan ~

Shooting Arrows

12 Minute Beginner Flexibility

~ with Melissa

Yoga TX ~

Gentle & Energizing Morning Stretches

~ with Cole Chance

YogaTX  ~

10 Minute Morning Practice

~ with Lee Holden ~

Qi Gong for Vitality: Opening Door of Life

~ with Marissa from YoQi ~

         Nourishing Qi



-  Our bodies instinctually know how to balance, heal & express the principles of rest, reflection, conserving and storage.

-  After playing with your Energy, it is JUST as Important to NOURISH your Flow of Energy. 

-  To Nourish Qi after your Practice is so simple: Breathe. DO NOTHING !


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