A Space for Transformational Mindfulness Retreat.


   This Program is about Soul Progression & Soul Expansion. Develop new skills, new perceptions & Explore new ways to Define Yourself. 

➣    Ignite your Inner Wisdom.

➣   Unfold your Highest Potentials.

➣   Be Inspired to Cultivate a Higher Awareness LifeStyle.

➣    Learn to Thrive again, every day.
➣    Reclaim Your Self-Love, Self Compassion, your Soul Connection & a LifeTime of WellBeing.

➣    Live an Extraordinary Life!

Wanderlust . . . To have a Wonder & Lust for Life.

An irrepressible desire to:


   Be Impeccable,

     Live with Integrity

       Live Sustainably

         Live with Passion, 

           Be Creative


The Dictionary defines Wanderlust as an innate desire to Travel.


     This yearning to explore and understand the world beats restlessly in our hearts.  Adventures are the passionate fancy of many a daydream.


     Inextricably connected to this craving is the longing to KNOW & ACTUALIZE our true best self. Alongside our physical exploration, we are also Spiritual Seekers - searching for a happy, enlightened and purpose-driven life. Our Geographic Pilgrimage is mirrored by an Inner Journey.”


~ WanderLust A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self

by Jeff Krasno ~

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