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It is a pleasure and honor for me to be able to meet you upon your journey. 

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself,  and who I am.

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I have dedicated my life to the principles of Spiritual Growth and WellBeing.


I work as an Intuitive Counsellor, Cosmic Researcher / Writer & Transformational Retreats Facilitator.


As such, I see myself as a Visionary in the fields of Metaphysics, & the dynamic new field of Exo- Consciousness. I am an Ordained Reverend.

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 My work and studies stem from an extensive and varied, always-expanding knowledge base.    I built my work on various fields of expertise with more than 30 years of experience, working with clients all around the world, Counseling, Mentoring, and Training.  I have Internationally Facilitated Retreats, Counseled, and Lectured at Colleges and Universities.


I graduated with 2 Master's Degrees in Theology and a Doctorate in Spiritual Counseling. I also have many years of experience in Complementary Therapies.

I am a Professionally Qualified: 

  • Hypnotherapist

  • Body Therapist Counselor

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Psychotherapist

  • Reflexologist

  • Massage Therapist

  • Aromatherapist

  • Aesthetician

  • Kinesiologist


In recent years I've specialized in Intuitive Spiritual Counseling &  Wellness Retreats.


. . . . . . .  and so my journey continues, and I walk lightly upon it, looking forward to the time you and I may walk together.


Bénédictions sur le Voyage de votre Âme . . . . Blessings be upon your Soul's Journey. 

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Mantra for 2023

 I Will Move Into My Dreams and Fill my Heart with Bliss

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I Will Move Into My Dreams
and Fill my Heart with Bliss

I will Allow Luminous Depth
To Be my New Reality

Mantra for 2021

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