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 "Not what we have, but what we enjoy,

constitutes our abundance."



Your beliefs create your reality. Abundance means to Be, Do, and Have a life filled with Love, Joy, Harmony, Peace, Health, and Vitality.

    The Laws of Abundance & Manifestation is discoverable & steadily hold the promise of expansion and Joy.  Finding & Creating Your Life’s Work will bring you more Abundance than any other single action you can take. Money will be a by-product of doing what you love. You can learn to create what you want using Energy.

   Manifestation is the process of bringing ideas, dreams, concepts form your imagination & inner world into the outer world.  Having Money & Things are NOT as important as MASTERING the process of creating them.


    It’s Time to Remember how to access the Power of the Energy that Creates Universes.


 Suggested Learning Outline

Start with the FREE Material

Starting with Lesson 1, this site is loaded with FREE Material and lots of tools and shared articles and information.

Following the Lessons one-by-one in, in sequential order, you will get a feel of what the Program is about and if it suits you. 

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Taking the Courses, Programs & Lessons as Self Study

It is our experience that those who are really committed to Soul Progression work, have no problem staying on the Program and "keeping up" with the workload.  Enrolling on the Mentor Program will do that.

To accommodate the higest learning outcome, we suggest you commit to the Program for at least a year.


For Your Convenience, the Program/ Course is Divided into Lessons

~  Follow the Lessons in Sequential order.

~  Do not skip a Lesson as they built upon each other.

~  Repeat the Lesson / the Meditations if you need to.

~  Come back to a Lesson & the guided Meditations if/ when you need to.

~  These Lessons are part of a Total Transformation Program and should be followed and completed as such.

Abundance . . .

Abundance means to Be, Do, and Have a life filled with Love, Joy, Harmony, Peace, Health, and Vitality.


    The Laws of Abundance & Manifestation is discoverable & steadily hold the promise of expansion and Joy.


    It’s Time to Remember how to access the Power of the Energy that Creates Universes.

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Abundance has a Vibrational Frequency

Bring your Dreams Into Focus

- Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life

- Bring Your Dreams Into Focus

- Align your thoughts and actions with the spiritual laws of abundance and reprogram at a cellular level for greater prosperity.

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Commit to a Life of Abundance

Stepping into Greatness

You have to commit to your Visions & Dreams: taking time every day to envision them.  As you change your thoughts, you are harnessing nature’s flow of energy, information, & intelligence to change your life.

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Allowing Success

Live your Greatest Dreams

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I choose Abundance

Choose to Support your Dreams with Love

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Developing Mastery

Planning Your Abundance Factor

- You are the Attractor of your Own Life Experience

- Recommended: Thank and Grow Rich - Pam Grout

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Invite Abundance into your Life

Imagine your Heart's Desire

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Letting Money Flow

Claiming the Moment

Re-Pattern your Energetic BluePrints around you so opportunities, people and resources can flow into your life effortlessly. Learn the life-changing process that will assist you in identifying and releasing beliefs about abundance and money.

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Affirming your Abundance

Claim your Dreams

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The Source of Abundance

Exposing the Fantasies

You are the source: Manifestation is a process of bringing ideas, dreams, concepts from your imagination & inner world into the outer world.  If you really think about it, you DO manifest things naturally & automatically in your life  ALL the Time. 

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Manifesting your Abundance

Magnetizing what you want

Playing with Magnetizing what you want. 

Create an environment that is nurturing, loving and supportive of Who You Are. Allow things to come easily to you, open you heart and believe you deserve your dreams to be fulfilled.

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Honouring your Value & Worth

Stepping into Greatness

Work with a sub-personality that may be blocking success.

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Abundance Surrounds Me

Aspiring to Excellence

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