"Not what we have, but what we enjoy,

constitutes our abundance."



Your beliefs create your reality. Abundance means to Be, Do, and Have a life filled with Love, Joy, Harmony, Peace, Health, and Vitality.


    The Laws of Abundance & Manifestation is discoverable & steadily hold the promise of expansion and Joy.  Finding & Creating Your Life’s Work will bring you more Abundance than any other single action you can take. Money will be a by-product of doing what you love. You can learn to create what you want using Energy.

   Manifestation is the process of bringing ideas, dreams, concepts form your imagination & inner world into the outer world.  Having Money & Things are NOT as important as MASTERING the process of creating them.


    It’s Time to Remember how to access the Power of the Energy that Creates Universes.


Start with the FREE Material

   Starting with Lesson 1,  this site is Loaded with FREE material and Lots of Tools & Shared Resources. 


   Following the Lessons one by one, you will get a feel of what this Program is about, and if it suits you.

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Taking the Courses, Programs & Lessons as Self Study

  It is our experience that those who are really committed to Soul Progression work,  have no problem staying on the Program and keep up with the "workload". Enrolling/ Subscribing into the Mentoring Program will do that.


   To accommodate the highest learning outcome, we suggest you commit to the Program for at least one year. Read More


For Your Convenience, the Program/ Course is Divided into Lessons

~  Follow the Lessons in Sequential order.

~  Do not skip a Lesson as they built upon each other.

~  Repeat the Lesson / the Meditations if you need to.

~  Come back to a Lesson & the guided Meditations if/ when you need to.

~  These Lessons are part of a Total Transformation Program and should be followed and completed as such.


   Expand your understanding of manifestation & the processes you can use to create in the most beautiful, radiant ways. 

   Increase your abilities to manifest those circumstances, relationships and situations that are for your highest good and add light to all life.  


    Learn to Flow  ... with Ease & Grace.

Course & Lessons Outline

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The Field/ Flow

Discovering Your Flow

There is a current that runs through our Reality Field. It exists throughout the Universe, & it exists throughout All-That-Is. It is the basis of our physical world. 

Some are aware of this energy, but most humans are unaware of it.

​However, everyone is affected by it. This universe of invisible quantum vibrations is referred to as the Zero Point Field/ Unified Field.

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Manifestation Principles

Power Principles for Creation & Manifestation

Learn to Co- Create your Preferred reality, instead of walking into one created for you by others of by default. Forget About Traditional ways of Goal Setting- CREATE from VISION & INTENTION.

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Mastery Principle

No 1

Vibrational Alignment

Power: Releasing the Old, Initiating the New

How to Change your Frequency to Change your Reality

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Find your Flow

Make Room for Miracles

Live a Miraculous Life

- The Abra-Ca-Dabra Experiment

Passion Fuels the Soul

Passionate Me

" Where ever you go, go with ALL your heart"

- Positive Momentum Experiment

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Codes / Programs of the ISP

The Law of Attraction/ Attention/ Participation

We are Energy & Consciousness in a Vibrationally Based Universe​.

The Law of Attraction/ Attention or Law of Affinity states that whenever energy is broadcast out into the universe is joined by (or attracted to) energies that are of an equal or harmonious frequency, resonance or vibration.

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Into the Flow

Trust the Power of the Stream

The solid, stable world of matter appears to be sustained at every instant by an underlying sea of quantum light - or also called the The Flow.​ It is the natural, effortless unfolding of our lives in a way that moves us toward wholeness and harmony. It is a space of utter potentiality. It is the “blueprint” phase of reality, where the physical world is organized at a deeper level.

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The State of Grace

Page under construction


Mastery Principle

No 3


- Wisdom: Choosing from Infinite Possibilities

- Focus on what You Want

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Co-Create with your Flow

Clarify Your Dreams

- Another Way of Choosing

- Inspiration: Expressing the Highest Light Within You

- The 101 Dalmations Experiment

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Codes/ Programs of the ISP

The Laws & Principles of Manifestation

These principles, Laws & Rules of Engagement are TOOLS to playing the Game in ISP,  as such it is Codes and Programs that run within the ISP.  Unless you understand & use these Codes/ Laws/ Principles Consciously, you will be creating & manifesting by DEFAULT in the ISP.


Co-Creating with Your Soul

Creating Flow in Your Life

- What Ripple do you want to create in the World Today ?

- Principles of Manifestation


Mastery Principle

No 2


- Making the Flow Go

- Techniques to Increase Flow in Your Life

- You Too are a Field of energy

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Find Your Flow

Discover the Direction of Your Flow

- The Feeling of Being in Flow

- Creating Harmony & Dissolving Limitations

- The Super Hero Experiment

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Mastery Principle

No 4

Take Inspired Action &

The Art of Effortless Action

- Just Do It !

- You are the Only Person Responsible for your Greatness.

- Stay in Your Flow

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