Ceremonies of Light
Initiations Journeys

    This Program will initiate what is needed to awaken the codes in your Holographic Template Structure, holding Consciousness Units – to unfold into different code streams using the Holographic Teaching System of the ISP.  ( The Holographic Teachers have been confused as angels or gods etc over time, when in fact they are part of the Progression Programs running our reality. )

Let us get clear on the four basic ideas in this Program: 

  1.  The Awakening Process

  2.  The Transformation Process

  3.  The Activation Process

  4. The Initiation Process


     The awakening process is related to Ancient Planetary and Systemic humans to be able to participate in the remains of this evolutionary cycle in a fully awakened and remembering state.

Is for the Ancient Planetary & Systemic Humans who came from other Planetary realities.

  • Part of the 1st colonies, beginning new evolutionary cycles as part of otherworldly seeds advanced human project

  • Re-awaken from their oblivion state

  • Will have problems with the distortion fields, older less functional genetic

  • Once they remember; their genetics will spark to life and all their knowledge & re-building will happen from within.




     The Transformation process is where we work with our personality aspects and develop new belief systems, new ways of perceiving our reality.  This is about  “working” & clearing our personal stuff. We learn the Tools to do Emotional Clearing & Mental Clarity - to be able to handle our emotions in a clearer and more flowing way so we do not getting caught up in the emotional storms of everyone around us. 

We do most of our Transformational “work” in the Emotional Clearing - Mental Clarity Program.




 The Activation Process involves the work where higher ordered systems & the Soul potentials from the holographic-organic genetics, we have developed here and in other systems, begin to awaken and merge with your Personality - Here & Now.  Activation starts with Transformation work & the Activation of your heart field in Compassion and Self Acceptance.  Activation thus is when the genetics of your template Re-Connect and Align with the human bio-DNA.  From this step, it will allow for a higher form of awareness - be it from the ancient colonies or from the altered and inserted overlay genetics. 

  • The process of igniting the later projects, under the military overlay. It is genetics that is spliced into human bio-DNA generating hybrid templates: Syrian, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Orion Re-Engineered Genetics.

  • To generate a higher form of awareness - from the ancient colonies OR . . . . from altered & inserted overlay genetics.

  • Activation = when the template genetics Re-Connect & Align with the HUman Bio-DNA & from here

  • Generate a higher form of awareness 

    • from the ancient colonies OR​

    • from altered & inserted overlay genetics.​

  • Template = a composition of different fields. These higher fields correlate with the Progression Cycles.


So . . Awakening is about working with the Original Template and NOT with the tampered one ! 

We need to get the Original Energies of the Template Running: WHO & WHAT You Are = is an Expression of Your FULL Human Template.




    There are many levels of initiation and many ways of understanding initiation. What is presented here is one view, the one that I resonate with.

 Initiation involves experiencing a major expansion of consciousness that is the reward for taking many lesser, smaller steps that lead to it. Initiation is a time when all the lesser recognitions and actions you have taken come together to propel you into a quantum leap of consciousness that is the sum of all the smaller steps.

 Suggested Learning Outline

Start with the FREE Material

Starting with Lesson 1, this site is loaded with FREE Material and lots of tools and shared articles and information.

Following the Lessons one-by-one in, in sequential order, you will get a feel of what the Program is about and if it suits you. 

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Taking the Courses, Programs & Lessons as Self Study

It is our experience that those who are really committed to Soul Progression work, have no problem staying on the Program and "keeping up" with the workload.  Enrolling on the Mentor Program will do that.

To accommodate the higest learning outcome, we suggest you commit to the Program for at least a year.


For Your Convenience, the Program/ Course is Divided into Lessons

~  Follow the Lessons in Sequential order.

~  Do not skip a Lesson as they built upon each other.

~  Repeat the Lesson / the Meditations if you need to.

~  Come back to a Lesson & the guided Meditations if/ when you need to.

~  These Lessons are part of a Total Transformation Program and should be followed and completed as such.

Activations & Initiations

     In this Program you will learn how to work with the Holographic Teaching System of the ISP, to receive the codes and symbols you need to activate all the seeds of potential within your DNA and cells, to assist you in Accelerating your Evolution.

 Course & Lessons Outline

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Activating the 3rd Eye


Your 3rd eye isn’t closed and -  we simply forgot how to use it. It may be clogged or blocked by distortion energies, but it is not "closed". The 3rd eye acts like a muscle, and it can and must be trained to function optimally.

Image by Kasper Rasmussen


Activating the Thymus Gland

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Activating the Vagus Nerve Naturally

Gaining control of the Vagus Nerve is one of the most important changes to humanity as it will trigger so many other changes.

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Language of Light Activation

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Brain Sketch


Medulla Oblongata & Pineal Gland Activation

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Ceremonies of Light


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