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Always Towards Better Things

Carpe Diem

  We are awakening from " The Dream" for a reason. 


Learn more about your life purpose by looking at your life from the perspective of your SoulSelf.   

Discover what is your Soul Purpose for this lifetime.


Evolve your personality to carry out the goals of Soul.  You can have greater clarity about the activities that are in alignment with your Soul.

Ask yourself: “ Why am I alive on Earth at this Time?” 

Do you know the answer to this question?


The process of waking up and remembering your destiny can unfold over a period of years. You can begin that process right now with your firm clear intentions to know what it is that you are here to do, or become. Know that there is no one form, bur many forms that may come over the years that are ALL your life purpose, your destiny.

You may feel you have something special to do but not yet know what it is. Learn to Work with your Soul and a guide to discover more about your life purpose, transform limiting beliefs, create miracles, and draw to you what you want: receive messages about what to do right now to fulfill your life purpose.


Look at your life from the perspective of your Soul to know more about why you are here. Have greater clarity about what activities you are doing that are in alignment with your higher purpose, and release any that are not. 

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Visualize yourself as Living Your Life Purpose and use advanced manifesting techniques to birth your project, or play in its highest form. Feel inspired to Do your Life Work, to bring through new ideas, to be creative, to release blockages, and to magnetize the People, and Support Structures to Live Your Life Passion. 

In this Course, we will look at what essence is part of your destiny. In this course will have the opportunity to find and expand to know more of your life purpose. 


You will also work with your sub-personalities to gain their support in living your Life Purpose and to move through challenges and blockages. You will work with integrating and evolving your personalities so you can carry out the goals of your Soul. 


From the clear awareness that comes from the Peace of Purpose State, you can make those choices that add to your spin and put you on the upward spiral, in flow with the “higher will and plan for your Soul Evolution and Humanity.


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 Program Outline

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