Self-Care is the constant repetition of many tiny habits, which together soothe you and make sure you’re at your optimum - emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Another Day to Love

WHAT IF you could have FUN while nourishing your Body, Honouring the Soul and Letting Emotions Flow?

  Think of ways to Nourish the Body in a FUN way. 



  Think of ways to Honour the Soul in a FUN way.



  Think of ways to Clear Emotions and Let them Flow in a FUN way.




Pick One Activity from each List, & DO IT this week.

  • Include activities that stimulate your mind on a daily basis.

  • Watch mentally stimulating documentaries, movies/ TV shows.

  • Read . . Read . . . Read.

  • Learn a new Language.

  • Learn & take up a new Hobby/ Skill.

  • Play a Music Instrument - or learn to play a new one.

  • Research subjects that interest you.

  • Blog.

  • Travel.

  • We need to be connected to others.

  • We need to have a sense of belonging & purpose in relationships with other beings.

  • Eliminate toxic relationships.

  • Unplug - take regular breaks from Social Media.

  • Seek the companionship of like-minded Seekers on the Journey of Soul Expansion & Soul Progression.

  • Surround yourself with & regularly engage with family, friends, colleagues . .  who make you feel welcomed, cherished and loved.

  • Take care of & play with your pets.

  • Travel.

  • Treat Yourself to a Spa-Like Treatment

  • Have a Home-Spa Retreat.

  • Maintain a Regular Exercise Routine.

  • Do Daily Energy Work.

  • Admire at least one physical aspect of your body every day.

  • Eat food that is healthy & nourish your body  . . .  eat consciously with mindfulness.

  • Talk to your body . . . talk to the cells in your body. “Talk” to you DNA. Thank your body for everything it is and does for you.

Emotional Care means learning to have Flowing Emotions . . .  keeping our emotions as balanced & as positive as possible . . .  it also entails keeping your stress levels manageable & increasing your Emotional Intelligence.

  • Be Grateful . . . practice Gratitude Journaling.

  • Don’t stuff your Emotions  . .  Express your feelings. Talk to loved ones abut your challenge, hopes, fears, struggles, but also the Joy and Good Times.

  • Forgive Yourself & others.

  • Love Yourself. Express Self Compassion.

  • It’s OK to not-be-perfect.

  • Love Who You’re Becoming.

Rampage Summoning Source: Abraham~Hicks

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  • Take care of the Eternal Being That-You-Are


  • Restore to the Multi-Dimensional Stream of Consciousness Creator Being that You-Are.

  • Meditate Daily.

  • Spent as much time outside in nature as possible. Connect with All Life around you.

  • Spent quality time alone with yourself Daily.

  • Journaling is the ultimate act of Self Care.

  • Travel.

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