Be Yourself


Turning toward myself. 

Turning toward the skin and body I am in. 

Turning toward the light inside me 

and all the dark hidden underneath my ribs. 


Turning toward my needs. 

Turning toward my wounds. 

Turning toward my dreams. 

Turning toward you. 


Just turning toward 

because I have turned away so much. 

From life, from my own gaze, 

from feeling something new in sight, sound and touch.


Because of the same old patterns 

and the same old thinking.

The same old language 

that had me like a ship sinking.


No  more  hiding now, 

no more playing in the shadows,

Like there’s a noose around my neck 

and my life is just fit for the gallows.


I want to feel the sun on my brow. 

I want my back to stop breaking from all the heaviness I’ve had to carry.


There is a dance waiting for me in the meadows 

where my love of being alive and my love for being myself marry.


Turning away has made me feel 

this life isn’t mine.

But it is mine to create something out of my heart from. 

Yes, this is my beautiful, hand-made life.


I turned away first thinking that was how

you were supposed to deal with pain.

But turning away led me to forget me, 

but now I am remembering again.


I am remembering my power 

rather than feeling like a vulnerable reed lost in a windstorm.

I am taking  every  aspect of my life back into my hands 

and the story that was once told about me I am about to transform.


Because I am writing my story, 

I am crafting my life.

I will re-edit over and over again 

until I see around me what makes sense to my heart’s eyes.


This is the alchemy that all our grandmothers practiced 

and the magic runs through all our blood.

Taking our stories out of the hands of others 

and finally turning back toward ourselves and honouring our hearts.


~ C.S. Laurie

ButterfliesnPebbles ~


Prepare Your Space:

  • Disconnect from the outside world

  • I prefer to shower / bath before

  • I love to listen to relaxing music for a few minutes

  • I love aromatherapy candles and being in space & setting that I use for my Journaling & Meditation



Center Yourself.

  • Breathe Deeply and Follow the Breath 'till the Mind chatter quiets down.



Ask yourself: 





Decide upon the Emotions you WANT to Feel.

  • Teach your Body-Mind How that Future is Going to FEEL Like

  • REHEARSE the New You.

  • What are the Thoughts that You DO want to Fire & Wire in your Brain?

  • Rehearse the new Choices and Emotions. Begin to install the neurological hardware for the Brain

  • Teach you Body Emotionally what Your Future is going to Feel like BEFORE it manifests.



Let Go of the past.

  • Feel Gratitude and Express it. Write it Down if you Must. 


  •   . . . Thank you for my Healthy, Full of Vitality, Naturally Slim Body

  •   . .  . Thank you for my Wonderful Life. Thank you for . . .  .

  • Really Teach your Body What is Feels like, with all of your heart.


Condition Your Body to a New Mind.



Take Time Every Day to:



~ Adpated from Dr Joe Dispenza ~

Let's Look at examples of some Simple Questions that may help you Become More Thoughtful and Aware of Yourself and Your Daily Life:


    How are you Feeling?    What Happened to Make you Feel this way?



   What Is the Greatest Idea of Myself that I can BE Today?   What Do Really, Really Want in my Life?




    What are your Intentions for Today?




   What do You need to Do to Accomplish them?




    What are your Priorities for Today/ this Week / this Month?




   How can you be more Self Aware Today?


  Write about One Goal you are working towards at the moment.



   Write about 3 Small steps you can take right now towards the fulfillment of your Goal (above).


  Where do you most want to travel to?


    What are you Really Good at?


    What Excites you?




   What makes you Unique? How can You use this Gift?




    How do you handle Change & Transition if your Life?  Which tools can you use to handle Change & Transition with Grace and Ease ?




    What do you spend Most of your Time Thinking / Dreaming about ?



    Do you Know yourself, really, deeply, know yourself?




    I am so Grateful for:


10 Things Powerful Woman Do Evey Day cop
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You can choose how you want to Journal.


1.   Print out the Journaling Pages


2.   Or Copy and paste the Journaling Prompts into a Journaling App like Journey Cloud


3.   Copy and Paste the Journaling Prompts into an Online Journaling Sites like:



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