With all of the mental & physical activity that most of us do, it is very easy to neglect taking care of the Soul, Body, and Emotions.


Many times taking care of the Soul, Emotions, and Body seems like just another chore on our daily To-Do Lists. 


But WHAT IF, you start to view SELF CARE of the Soul, Body & Emotions as A GIFT TO YOURSELF.

A Beautiful Inner Life

Morning Rampage to Set your Day for Magic: Abraham~Hicks

WHAT IF you could have FUN while nourishing your Body, Honouring the Soul and Letting Emotions Flow?

  Think of ways to Nourish the Body in a FUN way. 



  Think of ways to Honour the Soul in a FUN way.



  Think of ways to Clear Emotions and Let them Flow in a FUN way.




Pick One Activity from each List, & DO IT this week.

1.   Start a compliments section in your Journal. Document the great things people say about you to read later.

2.   Scratch off a "nope - not going to happen"  on your to-do list, something that’s been there for ages and you'll never do.

3.   Become aware of the way you make decisions. Take your time when making decisions. Breathe into your heart. Feel how a decision " feels"  before making it.

1. Activate your self-soothing system. Stroke your own arm, or if that feels too weird, moisturize.

2. Get to know yourself intimately. Look lovingly and without judgment at yourself naked.

1.  Cultivate Emotional Intelligence. Honour and Respect your Emotions - but also be aware that you CAN choose to LET THEM GO.

2.  Develop the Habit of Gratitude.

3.  Look at yourself in the mirror and imagine that you’re your best friend.


  What would you tell yourself right now?



4.  Check in with your emotions. Sit quietly and just name without judgment what you’re feeling.

5.   Allow yourself to fantasize and daydream.

Do one thing today just because it makes you happy.

1.  Do something spontaneous.

2.  Allow yourself to Fantasize & Daydream.

3.  Buy some flowers that delight you.

~ with Adriene ~

~ by Healing Vibrations ~

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