Multi-Dimensionality is the ability to directly and consciously access

other dimensional realities. 

That is you are able to place part of your consciousness here, into another reality so that you (yourself) can directly perceive

what is there. 

Your and Your Multi-Dimensional Aspects

Consciousness is Highly Creative.

You are Consciousness and have created many Extensive Dimensional Aspects of Yourself quite Creatively. 

They are Ultimately Intricate.   

      Soul Alignment means to re-unite your various "Aspects" that are spread all over a number of Parallel & Alternative Realities & Time-Lines. 


When you collect all your KEY Alternate Reality Selves into one big bundle of SELF, you'd be a lot more Powerful and in Command of your life and Destiny than when you're Scattered and Isolated throughout a vast number of seemingly disconnected Parallel Worlds.

The Many Worlds Theory states that any Event that has Multiple Possibilities Creates a New Quantum Universe for each possibility. . 

     All Possibilities from all Choices exist somewhere in the Quantum soup or Matrix of Possibilities.

  According to the Scientific Theory of the Multiverse there are many Universes alongside ours.  

A Multiverse may consists of many Parallel Universes. 

Our Universe and our Earth is only One of Many Parallel Universes in a larger Multiverse. 

You hold Many, Many Aspects of Essence, more than you may count.

 You are Creating Multiple Probable Selves that shall be Experiencing All of the Alternate choices that you have not chosen to Actualize within the Framework of this Reality.

  Within non-physical, your Awareness is wide enough to Encompass All of the facets of your Essence, to which you will view this particular Focus as One Expression of Yourself. 

Presently, you view this One Focus as the Entirety of Yourself. 

The Tune of Your MultiDimensional Soul

Most of us don't Recognize our parts from our Multidimensional Self when we meet them. 

      It's like looking in the Mirror without knowing how you look like. 

       It's like Experiencing Yourself from a slightly different Angle.


As you Expand your Consciousness to Embrace your Full SELF,  the Mystery of Connecting with your Multi-Dimensional selves becomes Natural. 

You Are,  and always have been,  with your Multidimensional SELF. 

  Through integrating your Higher Aspects into your Physical Body and daily life, your Consciousness Encompasses the Planet, our Solar System, our Galaxy, and our Universe. 

All of these Expanded forms of All -That - Is are an expression of YOUR Multidimensional SELF. 

What is Full Consciousness  - also called Multi-dimensionality? 

It is a state of being in which one has embraced their unconscious in full. 


     Embracing the unconscious in full translates into full consciousness, in which one has full access to all planes of reality that surround Earth and our Solar System.   As one has access to all planes of reality and has integrated the parts of themselves that had fractured in the many falls of the human species upon such planes, the human is restored to full consciousness.   As full consciousness is restored, the joyous and harmonious state of being that humanity once knew so very long ago upon Earth is simultaneously restored.

     We are currently functioning in more than 3 realities, straddling our consciousness between the physical Earth and the multidimensional Earth, while physically existing in the current Earth plane. It is becoming more difficult for many of us to do both, and some of us may be questioning our sanity as we find ourselves stepping out more and more regularly and forgetting our conscious intent on a regular basis.

      You are the multidimensional self who has these existences, who creates and takes place in these cosmic passion plays, so to speak. It is only because you focus on this particular role now that you identify your entire being with it. You have set these rules for yourself for a reason. 


       Consciousness is in a state of becoming, and so this multidimensional self of which I speak is not a psychological structure completed and done with. 

It is also in a state of becoming.


To the extent, therefore, that you allow the intuitions and knowledge of the multidimensional self to flow through the conscious self, to that extent not only do you perform your role in the play more effectively, but also you add new energy, insights, and creativity to the entire dimension.

Now it seems to you, of course, that you are the only conscious part of yourself, for you are identifying with the actor in this particular production. The other portions of your multi-dimensional personality, in these other re-incarnational plays, are also conscious, however. And because you are a multidimensional consciousness, "you" are also conscious in other realities besides these.


Your multidimensional personality, your true identity, 

the real you is conscious of itself, 

as itself, in any of these roles.

Making MultiDimensional Thinking Normal

   A major component of returning to your multi-dimensional awareness is to make your Multi-Dimensional Thinking as “ normal” as your 3D thinking.


   For example, if you routinely write down your dreams when you wake up and/ or listen for the Inner Guidance - Multi-Dimensional thinking becomes as common as your 3D thinking.


   Just as you can read your Internet when you are “on-line” . . . . .  with your computer, you can only “read” your Multi-Dimensional Mind when you are “on-line” with your Multi-Dimensional Thinking.

States of Consciousness

Multi-Dimensional Thinking is not limited to hearing or reading words, as it is a form of “ light language”.


     Light Language is relayed & understood via emotions, imagination, tactile sensations, sounds & colors that suddenly enter your consciousness. By attending to these “ light messages” you expand your 3rd Dimensional thinking into Multi-Dimensional thinking.

It is Important to Realize that:

~  Your Conscious Thinking dictates Your State of Consciousness

~   Your Brainwaves reflects Your State of Consciousness

~   Your State of Consciousness determines Your Thinking

~  Your State of Consciousness Dictates your Conscious Perception.

~   Your Thinking determines the Frequency of your Perceptions

~   The Perceptions to which you consciously attend dictates your Vision of Life.

~   In the same manner, your Emotions Affect Your State of Consciousness.

Your Multi-Dimensional Self is in constant connection with all of your brainwaves, states of consciousness, within the Now. However, your physical self can become limited to only one state of consciousness at a “time”.  

Beta Brainwaves are aligned with the perceptions of your 3rd Dimensional States of Consciousness, thinking and perceptions.


“ Normal: day-to-day thinking, talking and communicating. Your brain will most likely be in Beta right now while you are reading this.


Beta is the state in which you are active and alert.

Alpha Brainwaves are Aligned with your 4th Dimensional State of Consciousness, your creative thinking, and perceptions of your upper 3rd & 4th Dimensional Life.


Alpha is the bridge between Beta and Theta. An Alpha State is likened to a very relaxed, meditative state of mind, It governs DayDreaming & Fantasizing, and detached awareness.


This is a state that most people have to get accustomed to functioning in on a conscious level. When you are not accustomed to this frequency state, you might experience memory loss coming “out of” it. For example, when you try and recall a particular dream, or come out of deep meditation, but cannot recall the details, it means that an insufficient amount of Alpha frequencies were generated. You didn’t generate the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Theta Brainwaves are Aligned with your Higher 4th & lower 5th Dimensional States of Consciousness, Spiritual Thinking, and the beginnings of conscious perceptions & Recognition of your Multi-Dimensional Expressions of Self.

Theta is a very deep state of relaxation. This is the state used in hypnosis and Dreaming. Theta brainwaves can be thought of as accessing the subconscious; it governs the part of our mind that is layered between the conscious and the unconscious. This is, unfortunately, the part of our psyche that stores trauma, blocked emotions, and it governs our attitude, beliefs, and behavior. 


Luckily it is also our “library” for creativity, healing, inspiration, and spiritual “enlightened” experiences.


Theta brainwaves are the 1st stage of the DreamState, space where Lucid Dreaming is most active, and also the State where you can most easily access the Soul.

Delta Brainwaves are Aligned with the Consciousness of our 5th Dimensional LightBody Self, as well as Multi-Dimensional thoughts & Perceptions that resonate with the Now of the One.


Thus, the More you Consciously Activate a higher State of Consciousness, the more you can Integrate those Brainwaves into your Daily Life.


Delta Brainwaves occurs when you are in deep sleep.  


Gamma Brainwaves is the State we are in when we learn and process information. Gamma waves stimulate the most real of Beta Endorphins.  Beta Endorphins are involved in higher mental activity, including perception and higher states of Consciousness.


If you can manage to get into a THETA - GAMMA State - this has proven to be the MOST CONDUCTIVE state of being for Healing Work.


Research has shown that the Brain can switch between Gamma & Theta waves with no other wave present. Gamma waves disappears when a person is under anesthesia. 

This guided practice awakens all the senses with an embodied presence, allowing an opening to the moment-to-moment changing flow of experience. We then relax back, resting as the changeless open awareness that is conscious of the flow, and includes all life.

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Awareness and Flow

Awareness & Flow - Tara Brach
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Self Love

Become your wise, all-knowing Self that can assist you in being more loving to yourself. 

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Thaddeus Music: Angels of Healing.

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In this Program & Lessons, I share with you many Guided Meditations. These Guided Meditations should NOT replace your own Mindfulness / Transcendental Meditation Practice. 


      These 3 different approaches to meditation come from different traditions, are practiced in a different manner,  have different effects on the brain, and are different in the way they are learned.


1.  GUIDED Meditations are targeted at specific problems, to experience specific outcomes during your meditation.


2.   MINDFUL Meditation involves training one's mind to be in the present moment. It typically involves passive attention to one's breathing, sensations, and thoughts during meditation sometimes referred to generically as open monitoring.


     The Goal of mindfulness meditation is to have one's thoughts be on the present moment. No one needs to teach you Mindfulness Meditation.


3.   TRANSCENDENTAL Meditation is described as a simple, natural, effortless meditation technique that doesn't involve contemplation or concentration. One uses a mantra as a vehicle to let the mind settle down naturally and, ultimately, to transcend thought.


     The Goal with Transcendental Meditation, the process involves transcending thought itself and experiencing a state "pure awareness," in which one is aware but without an object of thought.


      In addition, the EEG signatures or brain wave patterns associated with each practice are also different. Transcendental Meditation is typified by alpha brain waves and mindfulness meditation by theta brain waves. Alpha is associated with relaxation while theta is associated with a readiness to process incoming signals.



     I do NOT AGREE that Only certified TM teachers can instruct you in the authentic TM technique. 1st of all, ALL meditation should flow naturally and be effortless. 2nd: During your training, a TM teacher will give you a set of mantras to repeat over and over. The TM movement claim that the selection of words is based upon a secret formula. Examples of Transcendental Meditation Mantras include: Shri Shri Aing Aing Namah Namah. Now if you translate these words: 

Shri = oh most beautiful

Aing = Hindu goddess saraswati

Namah = I bow down

      If you are following this Program, you know that we do NOT believe in gods & goddesses that we need to bow down and pray to. So please . . .  THINK before you simply start chanting or focus on words/mantras.

3.   VIPASSANA is also known as Insight Meditation. During this type of Meditation, you bring your clear mindful attention to the moment to moment experience. This is achieved by relaxing the body and then resting your attention with your breath – or some other sensory anchor – allowing the mind to settle.


When we open to whatever is predominant or calling our attention at this moment – sensations, emotions, sounds – with a clear, kind attention, we are open to discovering balance in the midst of the changing flow, and gaining deep insight into the nature of reality.

~ by Rasa ~

~ by Positive Magazine ~

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