There is a Current that runs through our Reality Field.

- It exists throughout the Universe, & it exists throughout All-That-Is.

- It is the basis of our physical world.

- Some are aware of this energy, but most humans are unaware of it.


However, everyone is affected by it.


- As you begin to understand the basis of your Reality Field, as you become aware of this Energy, you will then begin to understand everything about your own experience.

Law of Attraction

Programs/ Codes Running the ISP: The "Law" of Attraction/ Attention/ Law of Participation

What are these "Laws"?


     These principles & Laws are TOOLS to playing the Game in ISP . . . as such it is Codes and Programs that runs within the ISP : The Interactive Simulation Program.


    They simply make playing within the ISP easier if you understand which Programs are currently running that influences & create the reality Field you are having your physical experience in.


    Not one Principle / Law/ Program stands alone: all affect each other in a mode of reciprocation, thereby assuring the cohesion & unity of the multifaceted universe.

We are Energy & Consciousness in a Vibrationally Based Universe

The Law of Attraction/ Attention or Law of Affinity states that whenever energy is broadcast out into the universe is joined by (or attracted to) energies that are of an equal or harmonious frequency, resonance or vibration.


This "Law" states, "That which is likened to is drawn" or more simply put:


- Like Vibrations have Affinity -



Anything you focus on, by Law of Attraction/ Law of Affinity, you create. 

Without exception. Your creativity never stops. 


The Law of Attraction states that: 

” You ATTRACT in your LIFE 

Whatever you GIVE ATTENTION, 


whether you want it or not.”

As a man thinketh, so is he"

- Bible -

Every thought Vibrates.

Every thought Radiates a Signal.

Every thought Attracts a matching signal back.

We call that process the Law of Attraction.


How Can I Know What I Am Attracting?

       Whatever you are Giving Your Attention to Causes You To Emit a Vibration, & the Vibration that you offer equal your Asking . . .  which equals your Point of Attraction.

To What Are You Giving Your Attention?


        The Key to bringing something into your experience that you desire is to achieve Vibrational Harmony with What You Desire.


 And the easiest way for you to achieve Vibrational Harmony with it is to IMAGINE HAVING IT.



You Vibrationally Align WHAT You Think About, and give your Attention to

Whether You Want it or Not.



-  By the powerful Universal Law of Attraction, you draw to you the essence of whatever you are predominantly thinking about.

-  Every thought, every idea, every Being, everything is vibrational. So when you focus your attention on something, even for a short period of time, the vibration of your Being begins to reflect the vibration of that which you are giving your attention to.



There are no exceptions to the powerful Law of Affinity.

You are Consciousness.

   You are Energy.

        You are Vibration.

              You are a Co-Creator.

You are on the Leading Edge of Thought.


     All-That-Is . . . Is Benefiting from Your Existence.





Bibliography & References

-     Ask & It Is Given. Learning to Manifest Your Desires. Ester & Jerry Hicks. The Teachings of Abraham.


Our breath is always available as a pathway back to presence. This simple meditation guides us to relax and awaken in the body, and then establishes the breath as a home base for our attention. Our practice is to notice when the mind becomes distracted, and gently return to our breath and senses. 

“As you let your attention go inward, you might ask yourself a very simple question: 

What is most important to me? What is it that brings me to practice right nowWhat does your heart long for? ~

Coming Home with the Breath

Coming Home with the Breath - Tara Brach
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