A very important key to living a Soul Aligned Higher Awareness Life is committing to our own Journey through trusting in the Guidance that comes from your Soul and your Connection to that Broader Perspective of Who-You-Are.


     This is a Journey of Commitment to honouring your Journey.

~ Aligning with your path

~ Opening Your Heart &

~ Transforming all facets of Your Life.

But above all, it is a Journey of  Integrity, Impeccability, Becoming Whole & Re-Gaining Your Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

What is Your Quest All About - for You?

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So which are you? Committed or Interested?

    What does it mean to YOU, to be committed? ​


     What would Commitment look like in your life? ​


     Are You passionate about the Topics we are Going to Cover in this Program?


     What will be the results of a Journey Being Committed to Your Soul, in your life?



Guided Meditation

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Present moment awareness” isn’t something that can be captured in words. It is a holistic awareness of “what is”. Since there’s so much interest in the idea of the “present moment”, it might be easy to get caught up in concepts about it and what it is.  

Any idea we have about the present moment, however, is not what it is.

As you listen to this meditation, listen easily. Treat it more like poetry than prose, allowing it to reveal something to you that can’t be named. Let go of the need to understand!

~ ~

Present Moment Awareness

Present Moment Awareness - Meditation Oasis
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Awakening Your LightBody

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Vol 1: Building Your Power Base

When the LightBody centres are awakened, you can remain calm and peaceful, positively change your emotional and personality reactions to others, and be transparent to lower energies. Learn ways to open your breathing, as well as ways to release stuck emotions that keep you from feeling inner peace. Discover an enhanced ability to stay calm and centred around other people's energy, an increased ability to feel at ease physically, and to relax physically.​

Read the Written Material for Vol. 1


   Track 04 - Sub-personality Journey 


Reading & Journaling to to be Done after Track 04

AYLB Volume 1 Building Your POwer Base L
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