There is a way between voice and presence where information flows.


In disciplined silence, it opens.


With wandering talk, it closes.

~ Rumi ~

Essential Self Care

WHAT IF you could have FUN while nourishing your Body, Honouring the Soul and Letting Emotions Flow?

  Think of ways to Nourish the Body in a FUN way. 



  Think of ways to Honour the Soul in a FUN way.



  Think of ways to Clear Emotions and Let them Flow in a FUN way.




Pick One Activity from each List, & DO IT this week.

Rampage of Mile High Momentum: Abraham~ Hicks

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Let's explore the different aspects that should make up a self-care routine with the goal that you have a template so that you’re ready to make your own.


Think about your Evening Ritual/s.

    How would you like to end the day?

       List some Self Care Rituals you would like to do before going to bed and sleep.




        One of the keys to living a more Soul-Filled Life and Living with Awareness is having an intentional evening.  





~    Plan and Review your diary & schedule for the next day. Take just a few minutes to look at the planned activities, appointments you need to attend, To-Do's, chores, meals, and other plans. Get a snapshot of what the next day may look like.




~  Reflect On Your Day


Take some time to Journal. Writing IS be very therapeutic so be as honest & creative as you’d like.




~  An Hour BEFORE going to bed should be Screen free time.



LET IT GO . . . . 

~    All the energy of the day – let it go. I always end my day with quick Energy Clearing while I shower. Wash away all the energy of the day . . . . Clear out. Tomorrow We’re starting fresh.




~    Every night is different, but there are some things that I try to do every night and some things that I do on occasion.


  • Hot Shower/Bath

  • Candles or Low Lighting

  • Listen to some of your favorite music. Create a Playlist on iTunes/ Spotify /  listen to ABC Lounge Radio . . .

  • Gentle stretching

  • Massage yourself with Essential Oils

  • Drink Herbal Teas

  • Just breathe

  • Just BE




~  The Daily Worksheet I share with you. I update them often during the Program, so start working with the Template.


~ Journaling is my spiritual therapy. I write down my thoughts, ideas, express my moods and feelings and I Often receive guidance back through Conscious Writing . . . We will explore how to do this in detail in upcoming Lessons. 


~  Take the time to connect with your family & spouse/ partner.


~  Yoga  has made me take care of & fall in love with my body. Definitely a keeper in my self-care routine. There are some great bedtime yoga routines, many can even be done in bed. This can help with relaxing your body and helping you sleep. You don’t want to do any energizing poses or flows, just nice relaxing poses.





      What re-"sets" you? 




See where you can begin incorporating those things into your days and weeks.

Sensory self-care is all about helping to calm your mind.

When you are able to tune into the details of the sensations all around you, it’s easier to live in the present moment. And when you’re in the present, you can more effectively let go of resentments related to the past or anxieties about the future.

When you think about practicing sensory self-care, consider all of your senses: touch, smell, sound, and sight.

Most people are more responsive to one than the others, so ask yourself what that sense might be for you.

The following examples of sensory self-care involve at least one sense, but often more.

Sensory Self-Care Ideas

  • Cuddling up under a soft blanket.

  • Going to the countryside and focusing on the smell of the air.

  • Watching the flames of a candle or a fire.

  • Feeling the water on your skin during a hot bath or shower.

  • Focusing on the movements of your own breathing.

  • Lying down and listening to music with your eyes closed.

  • Sitting in the heat of the afternoon sun.

  • Having a small square of the most delicious chocolate.

  • Walking barefoot in the grass.

  • Having a massage with essential oils.

  • Holding a pet in your arms.

1.   Start a compliments section in your Journal. Document the great things people say about you to read later.

2.   Scratch off a "nope - not going to happen"  on your to-do list, something that’s been there for ages and you'll never do.

3.   Become aware of the way you make decisions. Take your time when making decisions. Breathe into your heart. Feel how a decision " feels"  before making it.

1. Activate your self-soothing system. Stroke your own arm, or if that feels too weird, moisturize.

2. Get to know yourself intimately. Look lovingly and without judgment at yourself naked.

1.  Cultivate Emotional Intelligence. Honour and Respect your Emotions - but also be aware that you CAN choose to LET THEM GO.

2.  Develop the Habit of Gratitude.

3.  Look at yourself in the mirror and imagine that you’re your best friend.


  What would you tell yourself right now?



4.  Check in with your emotions. Sit quietly and just name without judgment what you’re feeling.

5.   Allow yourself to fantasize and daydream.

Do one thing today just because it makes you happy.

1.  Do something spontaneous.

2.  Allow yourself to Fantasize & Daydream.

3.  Buy some flowers that delight you.

~ with Brett Larkin ~

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