Code to the Matrix:

DeProgramming the ISP / Matrix

We are Living inside a SIMULATED REALITY:    An Interactive Reality Program.


The ISP is a collective production of many races from many worlds.


Our Reality is:

  • a Hologram

  • a Grid Structure built by Consciousness

  • Affected by Consciousness & Technology

The Holographic Universe I

Is Reality All in the Mind ?

All our experiences - all our perceptions, sensations, dreams, thoughts and feelings - are forms appearing in consciousness.

The Interactive Simulation Program

Let the Games Begin

Our Reality is a Hologram, a Grid Structure built by Consciousness & Affected by Consciousness & Technology.

The Holographic Universe II

A Thin Sheet of Reality

Maybe we are a possibility within a quantum fluctuation. Which is why it appears like a simulation. In essence then, it is. It does not prove that we are in one.

Our brains mathematically construct objective reality

by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension,

from a deeper order of existence that is beyond space and time.


The brain is a hologram, shrouded in a holographic universe.


What is “outside of us” is a vast ocean of waves and frequencies,

and reality seems only real to us because our brains are able to perceive this holographic mist and turn it into stones, trees and other familiar objects that make up our world.

The universe is a conscious hologram. 

   Reality is a projected illusion within the hologram. It is a virtual experiment created in linear time.


      The hologram is created and linked through a web, or grid matrixes based on the patterns of Sacred Geometry.

The Universe as a Simulation Game

School or prison, depending on your chosen perspective.  The total sum of the hyperdimensional manipulation system can be termed the "Matrix Control System"

The movie: The Matrix, starts with Neo being in Purgatory: a world that is neither the Matrix, or “real life” or death – he shows brain activity but does not show up on any program. He is lost, like the souls of those who are in Purgatory. 

The " God of the Matrix" knows that he needs Neo’s help, as it is not Neo, but Smith that has made the program go out of control. A system collapse is imminent and for the Matrix, self-survival is paramount. Hence, it has to honor Neo’s conditions: stop the conquest of Zion and allow those who want to awaken, to awaken in peace.

"THEY are the gatekeepers. THEY are holding all the keys,
THEY are guarding all the doors,"

Morpheus, in "The Matrix"

Let me ask you this: did YOU sign any contract with The Game Keepers? 

Where is your signature?

Are YOU a Game Player ?  or are you an "extra in the Movie"?

"Do you think it's air that you're breathing ?"

(Morpheus, in "The Matrix")

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