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You are invited to Transform your life with Divine Will


To align with Divine Will you need to contact it, call it to you, and draw it into your life as Orin will guide you to do in the journeys in this course.


There are separate journeys for each of the seven qualities of Divine Will. 


Explore Each Quality of Divine Will In-Depth Study


In this course, you will work with the 7 qualities of Divine/ Higher Will. Divine Will is one of the most transformative energies in the universe.  Divine Will transforms every level of your being when you open to its energy. 


Calling it to you creates an enormous infusion of spiritual energy into your life that awakens new consciousness, realizations, and revelations.  As you align with Divine Will, you infuse your personality with new skills and more power to carry out your higher goals and purposes.  Working in this way can create wonderful changes in your earth plane life.

As you work with and open to receive the energies being transmitted in this course from Divine Will, Orin, your soul, and the beings of light, you can awaken spiritual vision, deepen your intuition and wisdom; experience an illumined mind, let go of struggles and release lesser energies and limitations.  You will ask for and receive energy from them to increase your spiritual power, love, creative intelligence, purpose, clarity, harmony, understanding, wisdom, intuition, clear thinking, illumination, and inspiration. 

Aligning with Divine Will can be one of the most transformative steps you can take on your path of Self realization and enlightenment.

Understanding and working with Divine Will is a part of taking higher initiations and is a way to open a new level of Consciousness.



    Learn to love your body just as it is and release negative thoughts about it. You will add light and love to each area of your body, learn to listen to its messages, and bring the light of your soul into your body. You will transform a subpersonality that doesn't love your body, so you can give your body the food, relaxation, movement, and love it deserves to Develop a thin personality. lncludes visualization and energy work, fall asleep reprogramming, and a journey to find the cause. Listen to your body, reprogram at a cellular level, rewrite earlier decisions about food, and feel and look beautiful as you create your ideal body



    To grow spiritually your personality must be included. 

When you evolve your personality, you can grow at twice the speed; your inner voice will support you; and you will feel more motivated, energized, and supported by the universe.   You can deepen your connection to your soul and receive guidance from the beings of light, your soul, and guides. 

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 Suggested Learning Outline

For Your Convenience, the Program/ Course is Divided into Lessons

~  Follow the Lessons in Sequential order.

~  Do not skip a Lesson as they built upon each other.

~  Repeat the Lesson / the Meditations if you need to.

~  Come back to a Lesson & the guided Meditations if/ when you need to.

~  These Lessons are part of a Total Transformation Program and should be followed and completed as such.

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Taking the Courses, Programs & Lessons as Self Study

It is our experience that those who are really committed to Soul Progression work, have no problem staying on the Program and "keeping up" with the workload.  Enrolling on the Mentor Program will do that.

To accommodate the higest learning outcome, we suggest you commit to the Program for at least a year.

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