The Dream Within & The Power of Imagination

This Journey we embarking upon together, are to assist you in Becoming Your Soul while Living a Soul Life with its Greater Awareness.


    Once in a While, we are given moments of Real Grace. I am filled with compassion for the part of me that is always trying to push forward, keep walking the Journey. I am filled with commitment to and compassion for myself and the world I live in.


     I am not interested in Philosophies, Teachings or Theories that cannot encompass the Totality of Who- I- Am...  

     Many Realities Exists . . . This is a Journey to Lead you into some of the higher, finer Realms of Love & Wisdom.


    Certain truths operate throughout the known Universe - an understanding & practice of these truths will always create expanded awareness & growth. I am so glad that you joined us...  invite your Soul along, as we explore together our Greater Potential.


It will feel as if you are becoming who you always knew you were.


      Many beautiful Souls of Light have gotten caught in the denser energies of the Earth Plane...  together we will journey back to the Finer Realms we so naturally seek.

      We use the concept of a “ Map of your Journey” often in this Program  . . . because it’s such a useful Metaphor.  We Include on this Map also the Longing of the Soul, the desire to Live Life Passionately.

    You have heard and read the statement: “ You Create Your Own Reality” many, many times now. OK, so maybe you are not conscious of HOW you have created it - YET! But that is all about to change.


We can create a world that is Safe and Full of Joy for all Beings to Live On.


     When you walk the Journey of Life Consciously, you can Use your Map of the Journey to remain in States of Peace, Serenity, Joy, and Love. And you will Know when you slip out of those States your heart desires.

Just remember your Life Map is a work in progress . . . it is something that is ever-evolving, changing and never perfect because it will never be done.


The question is: Do You have the Courage and the Perseverance to keep moving forward on the Journey? Are you committed to living the life of your Dreams?


      Consciously Creating your Reality of Living with Joy, Abundance, Love, and Passion, means you HAVE TO TAKE 100% Responsibility for ALL areas of your life and world. As long as you live you will be Co-Creating your Reality with your Soul, and if you are not consciously co-creating it, you will Unconsciously be doing it.





Joy is an Inner Note that you Sound as you Move through the day.


    What Brings YOU Joy in Life?



     So many times we fill our days with activities that are not Soul-Directed . . . but is rather coming from the Personality. Our 5 senses often distract the Personality . . . & distract you from Spirit Directed Inner Knowingness.


     Earth Plane Physical Bodies have physical senses, and Emotional Body & a Mental Body. Our greatest challenge is to NOT be distracted by impulses coming from our physical sense, that pulls on our energy. But instead to find our centre and manifest with Source.


On our Path to Living with Joy...  it is necessary to learn how to NOT become trapped by our own creations but to be UPLIFTED by them.

Bibliography & References

  • Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman

  • The Map by Boni Lonnsburry

  • The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer



We all have active Imaginations . . . . 

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1.     The Power Has Been with You All Along

- The Answers is Inside of You All Along

- We Are Not Alone... We are NEVER Alone!

- YOU are the Answers You Are Looking for.


2.  There Are Infinite amount of Realities playing out @ the same time.

-  We have chosen to consent the same reality according to what the manipulators

want us to believe and experience.


Reality is the Realm of Focus


3.  Food is Information

- Eat food that is Full of Light Information.

- Food is not just nourishment...  it can create clarity within yourself if you choose the right food.

- What are you eating?


4.  Imagination IS REAL!      


- Anything you can conceive is a reality somewhere !!!

- Anything you can visualize you CAN attract and manifest !


 Imagination = Image in Action


5.  You ARE IT !

- The Devil is not to blame for your crap !

- You create your reality based on your vibration.


6.  This Reality ( & humanity ) is really like a Computer Simulation Game

- You, your body and everything around you are programmable.

- At Any time you can change your "software". But before you can change your software, you have to learn to Programming Language and learn the Computer Codes !

- Computers, Coding and Software go Hand in Hand. You cannot have a "Rubbish" Computer with good software. . .  understand the Body-Mind-Emotions Relationship !


7.  The Body is a Vehichle . . . The Body contains your Consciousness / Awareness.

-  You incarnate over and over and over on Planet Earth

-  The Body is NOT Who-You-Are. You Are SOUL !


8.  Abundance is your Natural State of Being

- Money & inflation was Created to enslave the masses.

- Ownership of land is a Man-made construct


9.  Humans have Unlimited Potential


10.  There is no separation in Spirit.

All creation begins with a thought. When we become aware that we don’t have something we want, we naturally experience the emotion of lack from not having what we desire. This is how we begin creating through our imagination. It is our natural, innate propensity to be creators at play. The more we think about these things and imagine what it would be like to have them, the more our brain naturally starts creating pictures and images of what our future could look like.
This process begins in the frontal lobe—the brain’s creative center. When it switches on, it begins recruiting circuits in the rest of the brain that are related to things we’ve learned and/or experienced in our lives. As a result, our brain begins firing in new sequences, patterns, and combinations. Each time we do this we’re not only changing our mind—because the mind is the brain in action—but we’re beginning to change our brain.

If we keep thinking about making that future become a reality, we naturally begin to insert ourselves into the scene of our future. According to research on mental rehearsal, once we immerse ourselves in that scene, changes begin to take place in our brain. Therefore each time we do this, we’re laying down new neurological tracks (in the present moment) that literally change our brain to look like the brain of our future. In other words, the brain starts to look like the future we want to create has already happened.

If we are truly engaged in this process with passion, we might begin to emotionally experience our future through thought alone. In fact, when we are feeling the emotions of our future-whether that’s gratitude, joy, freedom, abundance, enthusiasm, love, & so on—the creative thoughts in your mind can become the experience. As the body receives the chemical signals of these emotions, essentially the body is receiving the signal that the event has already occurred. If the latest research on epigenetics tells us that the environment signals the gene, and the end product from an experience in the environment is an emotion, as we embrace the emotion ahead of the environment, we are signaling the gene ahead of the environment🧬

 ~ Dr Joe Dispenza ~

Imagination is a very powerful tool.


It is the Conduit between the Higher Mind and the physical mind, the pipeline through which your higher mind Communicates to you, giving you ways to increase your Excitement, Passion, and living.

   If the physical mind tries to take on the job of figuring out the “how,” it will be burdened, weighed down and tired, because it is not designed for that.


   When you follow your passion, the how is taken care of because the higher mind can see the best way for you to get where you want to be.

   The translation of that “how” through the imagination is the physical sensation of excitement, joy, passion and love.

Imagination is a very powerful tool that can be used individually and collectively. It is the conduit between the higher mind and the physical mind, the pipeline through which your higher mind communicates to you, giving you ways to increase your excitement, passion, and living.


If you are willing to use your imagination without filtering it through a lens of fear, then you will find that the outcome will always be a positive one that you will amplify any area of your life.


The higher mind has a vast view and can see all the possible options that are before you in life and because of this, it can guide you toward the option that is the most you –that is, the one that creates the least resistance.


Your physical mind can apply these higher mind ideas and bring you into wholeness when the two minds are working in tandem. The physical mind is not designed to know how things should happen. That is the job of the higher mind.


If the physical mind tries to take on the job of figuring out the “how,” it will be burdened, weighed down and tired, because it is not designed for that.


When you follow your passion, then how is taken care of because the higher mind can see the best way for you to get where you want to be. The translation of that “how” through the imagination is the physical sensation of excitement, joy, passion, and love.

Keta: a memory that leaps back into your mind from the distant past.

Aligning with Your Soul

This Orin Alignment meditation, Aligning with Your Soul to Express Love as Your Purpose will assist you in linking with your soul to experience more love, compassion, and forgiveness for yourself and others.


As you blend your heart centre with your soul's heart center, a beautiful note of love flows out from you, a pure, harmonious, loving, magnetic energy that heals past hurts and lifts all life around you.  You can use this meditation and the process in it whenever you want to feel more love.

Aligning with Your Soul - Sanaya Roman for Orin
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Joy Sample

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