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      "The energy pattern of your Life Archetype steers how you tick & perceive the world.


     It defines your Natural Energy Style. The key to feeling at home in your skin, space, success…your entire life…is getting in sync with your Life Archetype"

     Your Life Archetype, much like your Sun Sign in Astrology, holds the Code of your Natural Energy Style.

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     “Simply put, an archetype is a pattern of behaviours that, once discovered, helps you better understand yourself and others. Archetypes are the blueprints of your soul.”
Get Started – Take the Archetypes Quiz
  1. Step 1: Write out your complete birth date in numerals. Day. Month. Year.
  2. Step 2:  Add each individual numeral to the next until you have a single digit
  3. Step 3: The final single digit is your Life Archetype.
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Individual Fundamentals

More about your individuation journey. Introducing you to a few new terminologies that you’ll encounter throughout the rest of your Archetypal Analysis.

Familiarize you with the Shadow, the Anima/Animus, and other related energies. Learning about these terminologies and ideas beforehand will greatly enhance your learning experience!

Archetype Profile

Approach the Archetypal Profile will an open-mind, and I assure you that you will receive the value that you seek.

Archetypal Incarnations

Introducing you to several sub-archetypes, or incarnations of your dominant archetype.

Each dominant archetype comprises a number of incarnations that forms its entirety. Learning about your incarnations will reveal some of your thought processes and personality traits. Depending on your background and upbringing, certain incarnations might or might not resonate with you.

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Archetypal Odyssey

     Within the Archetypal Odyssey, you will find the ideal journey that your archetype is meant to embark on, the obstacles that you will potentially face, and what you can do to overcome those obstacles.

     It will reveal to you the direction that you should be headed towards, based on your archetypal profile and archetypal incarnations


Archetypal Exercises Guide

Translate everything you learned into action.

     Within this guide, you will find a series of exercises that will solidify the knowledge that you have acquired. By the end of this guide, your archetype will be brought to consciousness!

Active Imagination Guide

Active Imagination Guide takes you through the in-depth process of active imagination, providing you with the necessary instructions, ideas, and actionable steps to integrate your archetype into your subconscious through this powerful proces

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Exploring Your Birthdate With The Chines
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Exploring Your Birthdate With The Chines Zodiac

Understand the Eastern influences on predictions and learn how you can apply them to predict your own future.

Discovering Your Aura And What It Says About You

 Learn how you can interpret different auras of different individuals to gain maximum influence over others.

Dream Analysis Guide

Dreams are the gateway to the Unconscious, and dream analysis plays a significant role in individuation.


  This sacred knowledge will guide your conscious mind during the individuation process, revealing hidden facets of your unconsciousness.

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