We’re all born aware of a profound sense of inner knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess, which keeps us connected to our Soul.

 Intuition is knowing without words, sensing the truth without explanations. It operates beyond time and space.


Make the decision to be open to being an intuitive person.

Intuition is the Language of the Soul

Intuition is the Language of the Soul

We’re all born aware of a profound sense of inner knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess, which keeps us connected to our Soul. Make the decision to be open to being an intuitive person.

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Recognize Your Own Spirit First

Your Spirit has its own presence - a unique vibration.


The best way to connect with your own Soul is to start recognizing what makes you come alive.

Regardless of the method your intuition uses, it communicates either directly or indirectly.


Direct intuition is literal.

     In this case, you know exactly what your intuition is saying. For example, You have a dream where your grandmother comes to you and says, “Slow your life down.” This is direct intuition

     - You will know exactly what the message is and probably why.


Indirect intuition is symbolic.

In the symbolic version of the same message: You might have a dream where you are exercising on a treadmill. You can’t control the machine and it begins to go faster and faster. You try to change the dials, but no matter what you do, the treadmill keeps going way too fast for you. When you wake up, you have to interpret the dream.

Taking a shower of light

Shower of Light - Orin
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  Inter- Dimensional messages may come to you as single snapshot images, either in your mind or outside your mind.


   Or, you may see miniature scenes, as if from a movie. The images may be black-and-white or full colour.


     Visual messages can be SYMBOLIC, such as seeing a stop sign as a signal that you should take a rest,

slow down, or stop what you are doing.


In the human brain there is a gland called the pineal gland. It is located in the back area of the brain almost in the center of the head. This gland has degenerated from its original size comparable to a ping pong ball to its present size comparable to a pea, because we forgot how to use it a long time ago when our breathing patterns changed. We will extensively work on activating this Gland and t's abilities in the QCTT Program.

  Clairvoyance is using the ability of the Third Eye directly so that you can visually witness what is shown to you. You are seeing something happening, with your Third Eye, the majority of it being through your Spirit inside your body. It is the mind's eye. Intuitively, you might readily understand what the visual images mean. For instance, you might see an image of a trophy and instinctively, you know this means that success is ahead for you.


     If you have trouble understanding your INTUITIVE visual guidance, you must work on your Holographic Form - Instructing Your Brain to See, Hear and Intuitive Clearly.


Continue asking for clarification until you are completely certain of the meaning of your Intuitive Guidance.


    When you open up your Third Eye, and it does feel much like a view widening out in all directions, (even behind you) with a full 360 degree vision, and you are then able to see what you are supposed to see. Sometimes we shut down our intuitive channels of communication because of fear. You might see an image of your future that frightens you, and you turn off your clairvoyance by shutting the third eye's eyelid. You might also shut off your clairvoyance if you are afraid of what you might see.


     As much as you want to see beyond this 3D Reality, you might harbour a deep-seated fear that seeing a "ghost" would be terrifying.


    Clairvoyance also includes actually witnessing Energy, first usually just through the peripheral vision of a new psychic - you know the feeling of seeing someone out of the corner of your eye, but then when you look straight on, the person just isn’t there. Intuitive vision lets you see more of what is really in front of you.


     The reception area is right between your eyebrows.


To develop this ability, you can place a candle safely in front of you, relax, take some deep breaths, and gaze at the flame for a few minutes. Close your eyes and observe the after image.


Let it fade, and do the exercise again to strengthen the third-eye area.

How Clairvoyance Works


     Many people think clairvoyance is one of the more difficult psychic skills to learn. Yet the truth is, it's no harder to learn than any other psychic skill.

As you practice your clairvoyant abilities, you will become conscious of the finer vibrations that is at the core of intuitive understanding.


To begin, close your eyes and see the "inner screen" of your mind.


Do you see anything?


     Sometimes you'll see moving lights or shapes in the blackness, other times you may not. Stay like this for a moment, paying attention to anything you see.


     Now shift your focus slightly up, toward the center of your forehead (eyes still closed). Visualize this area of your forehead "opening", like an expanding circle. You are now accessing the 3rd Eye center.


    Don't force it or strain too hard, you'll only end up giving yourself a headache! Just sit quietly, focusing on this area of your inner vision, and notice if you see anything. Don't be discouraged if you don't right away. With frequent practice, you will develop.

The "Rose" Technique



The idea is to use a Rose as a symbol with meaning.


Start to Imagination a rose in your mind's eye, or what is also called your Psychic Viewing Screen.


You are going to let the rose serve as a symbol or mirror or starting point for the information you are seeking.


Once you're able to see or imagine or picture the rose in your mind, Begin to notice anything about the rose that catches your attention:

- What is its colour?


- Are the Petals open or still closed?


- If the stem is long or short, thin or thick ?


- Are there any leaves on the stem ?



- Let the Rose Image take you on a journey . . . . . You will notice that the image change, as you go deeper in this consciousness level. Keep saying "show me more," and allow the images to Flow.



For the 1st few tries . . the Images you “see” on your Psychic Viewing Screen may not always as clear.


Or The Images may arrive so quickly, you may find it hard to make any sense of it. Don’t worry about this . . learn to Pace the flow of Information you are receiving


🔹 Ask for the information to "slow down" so it's easier follow with your Personality Consciousness.

🔹 When needed . . ask to "pause" the information, so you can look at it more closely.

🔹 Ask to "see more" when you are ready for more information.

🔹 Ask for clarity whenever you feel confused. Wait for more information patiently, whenever the flow seems to stop.


     Trust whatever presents is correct, authentic & Soul guided.  In the beginning, you have to be really Playful about it and not get to much "caught up" in the whole: . . . . " Is it Real? " mind game.



Your Psychic Viewing Screen . . .   is a great way to mentally reserve a spot for visual information in your mind's eye.


You can Imagine the viewing screen as old-fashioned movie projector, screen,   and use this screen in your Mind’s eye to Visually “see” the information that is projected onto the screen.


Each time you finish a session, remember to call your Energy back into your body.

     To do this, get grounded: simply ask your Energy to come back. To complete your grounding, go something “ earthy ": eat, drink tea, garden work, take a Sea Salt Bath, Play with your Prets, whatever works for you and reminds you to be fully present in this body, on this earth, in this lifetime.

Clairaudience  . . . When You can "hear" Guidance inside your own mind.  A loving whisper in your ear that urges you to improve your life. Or an unmistakable shout warning you to, "Watch out!"


A voice inside your mind counseling you to reach for the stars, and the sweet strains of music coming from out of nowhere.


These are the “ Sounds” that Your Inner Guidance makes. . . .  called "clairaudience," which means "clear hearing."


The locations for the “hearing” are on each side of the head, just above the ears. (The ear chakras are located just above each eye). It is much like hearing your own thoughts, but that these words are from someone else, through telepathy.


The voice may sound like your own or it may sound different.


The voice can emanate from within your body, within your mind, or sound as if it's outside your head. You might hear a faint voice and wonder what it said. In such cases, go ahead and ask the message to repeat itself. Say out loud:  "A little louder, please."


Clairaudience I advocate is:

-  That small, still voice.

-  A voice that you might think of as your Soul / Spirit.


  The Guidance that comes from within is consistently loving and supportive. You know that guidance comes from your own Inner Guidance when it is loving, focused, not hurtful to you or your family, and consistent. Notice when your inner voice is speaking to you.


☛    Do songs suddenly come to mind at times?


This is known as Inner Hearing.


When outdoors, stretch your hearing by listening to sounds far off in the distance, then listen to the sounds that are closer to you. As you hear all the sounds together, listen inwardly between the sounds. This is where the intuitive information flows and can be heard.



Developing Your Clairaudience Abilities


☛ Find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed, and enter a state of light trance - similar to what you'd experience in prayer or meditation.


The easiest way for me to do this is with Meditation

Theta Wave - Dr Suzan Lie
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Guided Meditation by

~ Dr Suzan Lie ~

Answering the Clarion Call




   Once in Meditative State, open your “Cosmic Receiver." to Your Soul / Inner Guidance. To do this, simply Intent to Hear.



    In your mind, ask a question that you would like Your Soul/ Spirit to answer.



☛   Wait for the answer to arrive. You're most likely to receive information via intuition - i.e. images in your mind's eye (clairvoyance),  words in your mind's ear (clairaudience) or feeling and emotion (clairsentience). Usually, you'll receive an answer while you're still in trance; sometimes, it will come later.


   When you receive Information clairaudiently, look for information such as:

- A still, small voice A message that seems to come into your ear Word/s flashing through your mind

- A sense of being given information in language, even if you can't understand the language

- A song in your head.

- An email or other messages


☛   Remember that psychic information is subtle, and often symbolic.

   You'll receive information from Your Soul/ Inner Guidance as clues or “strands" - in other words you won't get all the pieces of the puzzle all at once. Come back later, and ask for more!

☛   Follow the guidance you receive! The more you can trust and act on guidance, the more you will live in a state of flow with the energies of the Universe.





Each time you finish a session, remember to call your Energy back into your body.


To do this, get grounded: simply ask your Energy to come back. To complete your grounding, go something “ earthy ": eat, drink tea/coffee, garden work, take a Sea Salt Bath, Play with your Prets, whatever works for you and reminds you to be fully present in this body, on this earth, in this lifetime.




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Step 1.  Take all of Your Attention away from the External World & Place it On the Internal World.


  • Close your Eyes



Step 2. Pay Attention to the Feelings and Sensations that is Appearing / Happening in your Internal Universe.


  • Be completely, & unconditionally present with them

  • Observe your Inner world’s happenings & Sensations as if it is a Unique Sensory Experience



Step 3. Make your Interaction with the Sensations much more Real & Tangible.


  • So your mind can comprehend it

  • Use your Imagination



Step 4.   Mentally engage with the images you created ( which is the translation of the sensations) . . . as if it is a separate entity/ thing, that can engage in a conversation with you and talk to you about itself.


Step 5.    Talk to the images you created... ask it questions.


  • What/ Who are you?

  • What do you represent in my life?

  • Why are you here right now?

  • Is there anything that you would want me to know/pay Attention to right now?



Step 6.   Listen to the answers  . . .


  • Let go of how you think the answers must “come” to you

  • Engage with the answers!

  • Intuitively take the process where you think it must go



Step 7.   Have a conversation with yourself.


-  Let the process naturally unfold.

 Another way to receive spiritual guidance is through our EMOTIONS and PHYSICAL SENSATIONS, called "clairsentience," or "clear feeling."


Clairsentients get guidance through bodily sensations, such as a tightening of the jaw, stomach or for most this sense is located in the solar plexus. . . shivers, flush of heat, flush of cold up and down the spine.


    Clairentience often called being empathic, meaning that your level of sensing another’s personal feelings, and/or situation goes beyond just sympathy for that person, as you can actually feel the other person’s feelings, picking up on their emotional state quite easily.


   A clairsentient feels air pressure and room temperature changes that warn her/him of negative situations.


Each of our five senses has a corresponding spiritual sense.


  Clairsentients receive INTUITIVE guidance through an etheric sense. Clairsentients receive a lot of guidance through their intuition, gut feelings, and hunches.  Much of our intuition comes from the stomach region, and the stomach flutters relaxes and tightens according to the guidance. Instinctively, the clairsentient interprets the meaning of these gut feelings & a wise clairsentient will follow these internal directives without hesitation. T, his includes when the person you are picking up on is in tears, it is very easy to have tears suddenly well up in your own eyes, making you feel the exact emotional state that the person you are in tune with is feeling.


    Clairsentience is a warm feeling when you are in tune properly, as Spirit Vibration resounds quite well within your Heart area.

-   for example, Clairsentients get  Intuitive messages through their heart & emotions -   when the thought of doing something swells your chest with warm feelings of joy.  


You may think, "Oh this is too good to be true; I am just dreaming," but the joy that your thought has brought you is a roadmap leading you to the life you are meant to have.


Have you ever met someone and taken an instant dislike to them?

-     And if asked to explain your dislike, you could only say, "I don't know why."



Crowded public places are especially hard for sensitives, & many of them avoid this type of gathering. 

  Sensitives often find themselves bombarded by random emotions that are hard to decipher




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Claircognizance translates to "clear knowingness" - it’s that feeling of 'you just KNOW it, no one told you this, you just KNOW it!"  


   You can ask a claircognizant a question and within minutes, he/she will give you an accurate answer, completely supported by facts and figures. You might say, "How did you know that?" and he'll/she’ll answer, "I don't know how I just It !


      There are no words spoken, your whole body confirms this with the meaningful message of the information just there.  


     A claircognizant knows, without knowing how he/she knows. 


     Consequently, he/she may doubt the validity of his knowingness. This is a mistake because when Divine wisdom enters our mind, it is a gift we can use to improve our lives and to serve the world. 


We all have access to all 6 channels of communication. 


Usually, we have one primary means of receiving intuitive guidance and one secondary - or lesser - channel of communication. 

     With practice, you can become adept at receiving messages in all 6 ways. At the beginning of speaking to your Soul, though, most people concentrate upon their natural means of communication.


    Naturally visually oriented people will want to pay attention to their mental visions. If you tend to focus upon sounds then listen for inner or outer words, voices, & auditory messages.  If you tend to be a touchy-feely type, your emotions and bodily sensations are the instruments, which relay guidance to you.  And if you are intellectually inclined, or a person who constantly searches for hidden meanings in situations, then you'll want to monitor your thoughts for those heavenly moments of "knowingness" which bring you certainty in guiding your actions.


The Earth Plane is very " dense". The density of matter creates a " veil" of unknowing and once born here most people, even highly evolved Souls, lose their memory of Who They Are. We must most often here on Earth operate " blind" with only a dim awareness of Who You Are and what Your Purpose and Goals are for this LifeTime.


     As the veil lifts, we will see beyond this reality and Receive many insights into things we might not have even thought about before.



You can increase your ability to Receive Revelations by asking yourself questions such as: 

  • Who is my Soul Family?


  • What are my Life Goals for this LifeTime?




Use Your Imagination to ask questions that bring you Revelations about the Nature of the Universe:

  • Where Do I Come from?


  • Who am I in my Parallel Lives? 


  • What am I doing? 


  • Who am I with, that I know, in this Time - Space Reality as Well?



Think of the Activities in your life right Now.  Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Is this a Meaningful Activity for my Own Soul's Expansion?


  • How does this Activity fit into the Larger Perspective of my own Soul Expanding & Growth?


  • Am I adding more light to the World through this Activity? How?



Revelations often come when you are in a Relaxed State. That is why Meditation is such an excellent pre-cursor for Intuitive Insights.

Revelations and Insights can come in moments of meditation while walking in nature, etc.usually, carry a special Feeling with them.  Revelations & Insight can be complex or very simple . . . they are usually Emotionally loaded.

Sometimes you may have no physical sensations, but just a mental “ click”...  as if a piece has just fallen into place.


Revelations & Insights challenge you to believe in the Ideas you have received rather than thinking you have made them up. When you reach a certain level of spiritual development, much information will come through your inner senses.


Nurture your ability to receive Insights & Revelations from them.


Revelations & Insights usually will appear 1st as unformed,  fragmented thoughts.

Relax and Flow with them. Let new ideas flow through you without trying to make sense of them.

Play with your Insights.


Some Ideas may come to you with a fish of Great Excitement, showing you new ways to Live your Life. Others will gradually appear on your Journey and Unfold in Perfect Time.


Reflection Question:


◆ Have you had Insights Recently about something you need to take Action on?




Ask Yourself What Step... even a simple one . . . .  you can Take Right Now to Put This Insight Into Action to Work for You.




Life Becomes easier when You Have a Guiding Vision.





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This is a Really Great Breathing Techinque that is a Great Third Eye Opener and Brain Balance ( Left - Right Hemisphere) Techique.


We Will Practice Alternatice Nostril Breathing Throughout the Soul Sessions Program, so get comfortable with this Breathing Technique.

Alternative Nostril Breathing

Trusting Your Inner Guidance


Recognize and learn to trust your Inner Guidance.

Make Yourself the Authority of what is right for you.

Open the channel to your Soul Self to feel more courage. Develop your ability to see through illusion and all that would block you from trusting your Inner Guidance.

Opening Up All Your Psychic Abilities

Awaken your psychic abilities, intuition, and ability to sense subtle energies.

These abilities will assist you in making choices and decisions that put you on your highest path.

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Going Deep Within

It's natural for the mind to go inward when we give it the opportunity. As soon as we close our eyes, awareness starts to settle down. This meditation will help you to discover that natural movement of the mind and allow it to take you deep within.

~ www.meditationoasis.com ~

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