The holographic universe hypothesizes that the physical world we believe is real is in fact illusion. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.

     The perceptions we observe may well be coming from an artificial source.

As our brain perceives signals from your physical senses it interprets and lives the setting correlated with these.

The Holographic Universe: A Thin Sheet of Reality

  • Our Holographic Universe stems from the result of an earlier OverSoul & Soul Group Cycles

  • In Prior Source Cycles, the Units expressed themselves as Vibration and Radiation.

  • In THIS Source Cycle... the idea is to express as Consciousness.


The holographic universe hypothesizes that the physical world we believe is real is in fact illusion. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.

     The perceptions we observe may well be coming from an artificial source.

As our brain perceives signals from your physical senses it interprets and live the setting correlated with these.



  • The Soul Groups created the Holographic Metaverse in the Previous Evolutionary Cycles where Progression Units ( Soul Groups ) existed as Vibration and Radiation in a Unified Field of Energy.

  • Everything is the Holographic Metaverse consists of vibration and radiation expressed through units called Light Codings.

  • Given that the Source Cycle has changed and is NOW expressing the idea of Consciousness, only units made of consciousness is able to be one with the OverSouls.

  • We are currently in the 5th evolutionary cycle of our Soul Group, learning to activate the Core Consciousness Reflecting and Expressing the Core Principles into individual form.

  • Our Next evolutionary cycle will unfold when the Soul Races enter the Metaverse as true humans being able to evolve the core consciousness directly into form with light codings of the activated light unit type of energy... and we will directly be connected again to the core principles of the OverSoul Groups . . . . .  linking all lifeforms directly into the Core of the Holographic Resonance Fields.

~ Randi Green ~

The Holographic Universe

Is Reality All in the Mind ?

All our experiences - all our perceptions, sensations, dreams, thoughts and feelings - are forms appearing in consciousness.

So to summarise our earlier discussions quickly . . . The notion that our reality is like a gigantic Simulation "Game" , or Civilization, and we are characters playing inside the game, isn't new.

    Plato and his Cave Parable, claimed reality was merely shadows of real objects on a cave wall.

René Descartes proposed that he proved reality with his famous "I think, therefore, I am," .  . . . We are real and our thoughts have a reality.

Then, in 2003, a British philosopher, Nick Bostrom of the University of Oxford, published a paper suggesting three possibilities:

1.   The chances that a species at our current level of development can avoid going extinct before becoming technologically mature is negligibly small.

2.   Almost no technologically mature civilizations are interested in running computer simulations of minds like ours

3.   Or we are "almost certainly" a simulation.

All three could be equally possible, he wrote, but if the first two are false, the 3rd must be true. "There will be an astronomically huge number of simulated minds like ours," Bostrom wrote.

But what if scientists, while trying to discover the physics of your world, stumbled upon elements of the "source code" of the very Simulation Game we were in?

     Physicists like Martin Savage, professor of physics at the University of Washington, thinks they even know of a way to test the concept. He along with co-workers propose to test reality by simulating the simulators. . .   to see whether they can find traces of simulation in cosmic rays. 

     The Matrix Movie and in Martin Savage's proposal, the discovery that reality was virtual came when unexpected errors showed up in life, demonstrating imperfections in the simulation. Savage and his team looked at the behavior of very high-energy cosmic ray particles to see whether there is a grid in the energy as a start.  They are looking for something to indicate we don't have a space-time continuum.  That disturbance in the force might be a hint that something, in reality, is amiss.  If the cosmic ray energy levels travel along the grid, like following streets in big cities, it probably is unlikely to be a simulation; if they unexpectedly travel diagonally, reality may be a computer program.  But it could also just mean that If they do find something,  that that is just the way space-time is and we never noticed before.

    The questions do however remain:  Is it conceivable that computers powerful enough to simulate our hugely complex universe will ever exist. And secondly: Will it ever be possible to simulate human consciousness? 

     As it turns out there are clues that we are living in virtual reality!

     Or Maybe . . . we are a possibility within a quantum fluctuation. Which is why it appears like a simulation.  . . .  in essence then, it is. It does not prove that we are in one.

"   Is our entire universe a vast computer game, the creation of super-smart hackers existing somewhere else?

Before you smirk and laugh, watch and think!

Who's to say that given a few thousand years, humans couldn't create our own universes?

Who's to say that our universe is the real one?

How could we ever know if our universe is a fake?

Could there be signs .  " ~

David Brin - Could Our Universe Be a Fake?

Nick Bostrom on the Simulation Theory

Elegant Universe- Nova

Abraham on the Nature of Reality

Fascinating episode of Nova with Brian Greene on string theory and the strangeness of how the universe works.

A Thin Sheet of Reality. The Universe as a Hologram

Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the museum's Hayden Planetarium and host of this year's event, invited five intellectuals to the stage to share their unique perspectives:

  • Zohreh Davoudi, a nuclear physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • Max Tegmark, a cosmologist at MIT whose recent book probes the universe as mathematics

  • James Gates, a physicist at the University of Maryland who discovered strange, error-correcting codes deep in the equations of supersymmetry

  • Lisa Randall, a physicist at Harvard University who thinks the simulation question is more or less irrelevant.

  • David Chalmers, a philosopher at New York University who regularly questions the reality that conscious minds perceive.

2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate

      Here's an easier way to understand all this. Your computer display screen has a finite number of pixels available, and this is called the "screen resolution". Everything you see on your computer screen must be drawn and depicted using these pixels.  But our "reality" is also pixelated, just at a very fine resolution. Studies like that of Bonn revealed that the energy level of cosmic rays "snaps to" the "resolution" of the universe in which we live. The very laws of electromagnetic radiation, in other words, are confined by the resolution of the 3D simulation we call a "universe."

     The Plank Constant is more evidence that the physical universe in which we live is quantized to a particular resolution. In fact, even light behaves in a quantized manner, which is why "light packets" are called quanta.


The Goldilocks Enigma

Why Is the Universe Just Right for Life?

by Paul Davies

The universe is an open book but opens only at the present page. The authorship is permanently in dispute and no one will ever see the dustjacket or decipher the opening sentences.

    Consider the problem: the universe seems to have inflated itself from virtually nothing to a vast tract of spacetime heavy with dark matter and dark energy, and lit up by 200 billion galaxies, each containing perhaps 200 billion stars.

      But the universe could achieve this only because the fundamental forces that orchestrate creation are tuned with exquisite precision. If these forces were different, even in the smallest degree, stars would burn too brightly, or not ignite at all, or they would fail to form carbon and the heavier elements on which life depends, or they would collapse rather than explode, and thus fail to scatter water and life-supporting chemicals across the galaxy. This enigmatic display of cosmic fine-tuning provoked the British astronomer Fred Hoyle to suggest that the universe looked like a "put-up job". It prompted the physicist Freeman Dyson to say that it seemed as if, in some sense, the universe "knew we were coming".

     In an infinity of universes, there would also be infinity of almost-Earths, and an infinity of identical Earths, some of which could be computer simulations, of the kind proposed in the movie The Matrix.

Perhaps the universe really is designed for life. If so, life assembled itself, slowly and at random, but in some sense inevitable.  There are no answers. Einstein once remarked that the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible. But that in itself implies the emergence of a being to do the comprehending. . . . .

Begin with the image and felt sense of a smile to arouse an atmosphere of care, and allow that caring presence to fill our body and the entire field of awareness. We then open to the changing experience of breath, sensations, feelings, sound, and thoughts. By resting in a wakeful and open heartspace, we can include all the passing waves with ease and tenderness. ~

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