To Love Yourself and Life your Authentic Best, you must have a heart that is open. Then you are able to connect to the "Spirit of Life" rather than its drama.

The Open Heart looks forward to life. It delights in experiencing life and enjoys the wonders and gifts of being alive.

The Open Heart sees, feels and absorbs the beauty of the world.


There could be millions of reasons we close down own heart fields. But if & when this happens, you are shut down from your soul/ dyad / Source, and life's gifts cannot reach you, and you cannot heal your wounds and trauma.


Only an Open Heart sustains your Soul in Every Way.

I'll Stay with My heart

Set Your Intentions

     To maintain an Open Heart, you have to make it a priority. You have to constantly clear and work on the Heart Field - expanding it, even more, making it even more beautiful and radiant.


  Self-Diagnosis and Healing within Your Body's Energy Systems. Set your Intentions for this Session



  What is your Goal for this Energy Work/ Healing Lesson? What do you hope to Gain from this Lesson?


When our alertness is intensified, we begin to realize that we are not a body and soul,

but a Pure, Contemplating Consciousness Behind these.


A Great Inner Awakening Takes Places In Us.


A Chant of the Heart Sounds In Us

~ Frank M Wanderer

Chant of the Heart ~


In society today, we live in powerful identification with our senses, emotions & thoughts. We all seem to have a deep desire for harmony and joy, love and tranquility.


So WHY does this Elude us so often?


The value of any experience always comes from our ability to be present at the moment. But so many times we are physically present, but our attention is somewhere else. We divide our conscious awareness and our subconscious presence. Then the experience simply happen TO US, instead of realizing the experience is happening THROUGH US, and then we do not learn from it or benefit from it. 


We ONLY Learn and benefit from our experiences if and when our Hearts are OPEN, so we are able to ADD the quality of Consciousness to our Presence.


    How "Open" do YOU think is your heart?



  Are you at Peace with WHO Your Are?



  Where is Your Life do your still lack Open Hearted-ness?


In the Energy Exercises, we learn to focus on Feeling Energy,  Focusing Energy into our hands and systems to self-heal 1st.


Energy work greatly depends on your ability to Feel, Focus and Play with Energy.



1.   Creating a Qi Ball - See Qi Gong Routine

2.   Activating the Heart, Sensing the Body

3.   Guided Meditation/s & Hypnosis

Golden Ball

~ with Mimi Kuo-Deemer ~

Many of us long to have a more open heart, to be able to give and receive more freely. We want to experience more love more easily, but it can be so difficult at times.

The heart is the gateway to loving connection with others. At the same time, it contains pain from past hurts.

~ Meditation ~

Opening the Heart

Opening the Heart - Meditation
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Awakening Your Heart Centre

~ with Marie Sheldon ~

A Quiet Mind:  Meditation for Sleep

~ with Lauren Ostrowski Fenton ~

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