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The Precipice of Possibility

      I know you want answers, but I also know you’re the best at uncovering them yourself . . . . . you and I are truly equipped to find solutions to problems and answers to questions ourselves.

      What I aim to do in this Program instead of “giving” you answers to the very, very complex Phenomena that is our Interactive Simulation Program ( ISP) . . . is to show you the pathway and guide you along it to uncover the Truth, Remember Who We Are as a Race ( Humanity specific) and the Magic that lies inside you and me - in our hearts, in our Souls and Beingness - waiting to unfold for us.   What you need to discover to be true for yourself will take up permanent residence in your heart.    If this approach resonates with you, then you will be delighted to know that you are standing on the precipice of possibilities.


Our Path to Soul Progression, Expanding our Consciousness and Soul Evolution lies in a combination of key factors:

  • Daily Energy Work

  • Daily Meditation

  • Living a Higher Awareness LifeStyle

  • Being more Mindful, Self Accepting, Self Loving & Self Compassionate


       This Journey is an ebb and flow - a Daily Dance with Life - one that will ultimately result in Shifting our Reality and Becoming ALL we are meant to be.

I am sharing my Journey with you.    Each Lesson is a compendium of Courses that I took, Books I Read, Videos, Research, Self Discovering, and I am sharing it with you because I believe that if we can all Journey and Grow and Learn together, we can live our lives from a place of Joy, Serenity, and all that is good.

Our current Earth Reality is a Holographic Projection Planet . . . we are Living inside a SIMULATED REALITY. The Interactive Simulation Program (ISP) is a collective production of many races from many worlds. 


     This Program will give you a frame of reference to understand the density and dimensional set-up of our system.

The life we have, and our surroundings, SHOW US where we are on the Progression Spiral and WHAT we need to DO to clear it, so we can: 

  • gain the highest purity rate 

  • by unfolding the highest standards in what we exemplify, what we create and what we are. 


We do that to achieve the Highest Progression Rate, which ensures an emplacement on the progression spiral according to our :

  • deeds, 

  • actions and 

  • achievements. 


We do the Progression Work to focus on what is Attainable & Achievable to guarantee:

  • a better emplacement in the upcoming rounds of existence as well as, 

  • the work to upgrade our current energy system and template, which will secure an even better emplacement in the next rounds.

Transition Work is done so we can:

  • Have the Highest Purity Rate  (a transformed high-energy organic vessel)

  • The Highest Standards  (transformed & upgraded vibrational field to match the standards of the progressive worlds & how they interact energetically with self, others & reality) 

  • The Highest Progression Rate  (transformed & upgraded radiation field to grasp the higher order holographic-technological sciences & how to govern reality, develop grids & administer consciousness genetics in all lifeforms, including how to transform nature into holographic-density settings). 

~ Randi Green ~


The Premises of Progression work is that humanity is the ancestors of extremely advanced human civilizations, which once inhabited our Solar System.  We find traces of the original set-up of our system in civilizations, mythology, religion, sciences etc all over the world.  Memories are also located into the human genome as cellular memories and hidden in our subconscious mind as the " Collective Unconscious". 


The Interactive Simulation Program

Alchemy is all-composition, implying a relation of all of the creation to the parts that compose it.    


   Our current Earth Reality is a Holographic Projection Planet. . we are Living inside a SIMULATED REALITY. The Interactive Simulation Program (ISP) is a collective production of many races from many worlds. 


     This Program will give you a frame of reference to understand the density and dimensional set-up of our system.

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