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Infinite Being

Transform.  Transmute.  ReJuvenate.   Heal.

Live and ExtraOrdinary Life

For a vibrant body and healthy life, the most important factors appear to be the Body-Mind-Emotions Relationships and Living a Higher Awareness LifeStyle.

A Healthy Life is More than anything else related to your Thoughts, Emotional Resonance, Daily Activities & Eating Habits. One of the purposes of this Course is to empower you to be more aware of how your body feels and what it may be trying to communicate to you / if you want to work with clients.

All of Reality is created and sustained from organized and changeable systems of subtle energies.

We will teach you the Tools to work with this Energy !

A Space for Transformational Mindfulness Retreat

Restore your Energy System to a Healthier State

of Vibrancy & Balance.

This Course is part of the Soul Progression & Expanding Consciousness Total Transformation Program that is offered exclusively through Les Voyages De La Vie ~ The Journeys of Life.

You are welcome to use the FREE Material on this site to enrich Your Life, learn to Tools for Energy Work and Heal your Body - Mind - Emotions and Personal Transformation. If you wish to join us on the expanded Soul Journey Program, please contact us.

Infinite Being ~ Live and ExtraOrdinary Life

  Energy Work is based on the premise that all is energy & consciousness.

  • Energy follows thought.

  • Universal life energy can be directed through the hands to facilitate healing.

​   Energy Alignment and Inner Resonance of one of the Keys to unlock your Vitality, Wellbeing and Living an Authentic, Higher Awareness LifeStyle.

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