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Always Towards Better Things

Ancora Imparo

 “Ancora Imparo” is an Italian phrase meaning “Yet, I am learning.” 

We are all Souls within human bodies on this Planet Earth. We can grow through joy rather than pain & struggle.

Learn to recognize what you are learning in each situation. 


    Soul Progression comes from doing those things that honour your deepest self. Increase your ability to do only things that are loving to you.

Inspirational Quote You will be as Happy
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 Program Outline

Gift Wrapped

Life as a Gift

Life Lessons in a way, are simply a Reflection.  Reflectance is a property of the Universe.   Therefore, Life Reflects what You Project

Your Life BluePrint / Chiasm

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Savouring Life

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Living with Joy

- Self Acceptance

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Embracing ALL of Your Parts

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