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Developing & Enhancing Your Intuition Course

Developing & Enhancing Your Intuition

  We’re all born with a profound sense of inner knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess, which keeps us connected to our Soul.


   The best way to connect with your own Soul is to start recognizing what makes you come alive.  


   You can begin by exploring what your unique Spirit is really like.

Intuition is knowing without words, sensing the truth without explanations.  You are invited to awaken your psychic abilities, intuition, and ability to sense subtle energies. These abilities will assist you in making choices and decisions that put you on your highest path.

Intuition operates beyond time and space and is a link to your true Self, your spirit, your Soul. 

Your intuition is always strongest & more clear when you are centred, and in your Flow, leading you toward aliveness and joy, out of trapped emotions & circumstances. Your intuitive mind has the ability to synthesize information in a flash, giving you answers to questions and providing guidance on your Life Journey. Your Intuition will show you the path of least resistance towards achieving your goals and dreams.

Why follow your Intuition? 

Your Soul “speaks” to you through that soft, intuitive voice !


Following your intuition leads you to take better care of yourself, your health, and your emotions, and to have better relationships with people. Following your intuition can increase the flow of all that is good in your life, for as your internal guide and teacher, it is always showing you what to do to increase the flow of Life Force Energy. 

When you follow that intuitive voice of your Soul, you have more energy moving through you. You are in the flow, you feel alive!   When you Awaken your third eye to see and sense subtle energies, you can see beyond illusions, without doubt, fear, or emotions that cloud inner vision. Learn to develop an etheric vision to clear your Energy & Vibrational Fields / Aura. Learn to better see your higher purpose, what to manifest, and your path of spiritual growth


This Course also further deepens your Journey into Clairvoyant Seeing, Psychic Awareness & Living a Higher Awareness Intuitive LifeStyle.  You will aisles have the opportunity to learn professional Reading Skills if you choose to do so. Learn to trust your own inner knowingness, and make yourself the authority of what is good & right for you.

This is a step-by-step program to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities, sense subtle energies, send and receive telepathically, awaken your intuition, receive higher guidance, Recognize and learn to trust your OWN Inner Guidance. 


Make yourself the authority of what is right for you.


Start with the FREE Material

   Starting with Lesson 1,  this site is Loaded with FREE material and Lots of Tools & Shared Resources. 


   Following the Lessons one by one, you will get a feel of what this Program is about, and if it suits you.

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Taking the Courses, Programs & Lessons as Self Study

  It is our experience that those who are really committed to Soul Progression work,  have no problem staying on the Program and keep up with the "workload". Enrolling/ Subscribing into the Mentoring Program will do that.


   To accommodate the highest learning outcome, we suggest you commit to the Program for at least one year. Read More

 Course Outline

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Intuition is the Language of the Soul

We’re all born aware of a profound sense of inner knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess, which keeps us connected to our Soul. Make the decision to be open to being an intuitive person.

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Precognition, Psychometry & Telepathy

  Everyone is born with a telepathic gift, it is learning how to use this gift that prevents many people from being able to communicate in this way.

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Activating the Pineal Gland

Your 3rd eye isn’t closed -  we simply forgot how to use it. It may be clogged or blocked by distortion energies, but it is not "closed".

The 3rd eye acts like a muscle, and it can and must be trained to function optimally.

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Learning Tarot Cards Reading & The Rotundum

Tarot Readings are designed to help you gain access to your "inner faculties" of intuition to interpret and understand stories.  This Lesson will try and teach you the major themes of all 78 cards.  The imagery in the cards can give you access to your subconscious and your intuition.

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Recognize Your Own Spirit First

Your Spirit has its own presence - a unique vibration.


The best way to connect with your own Soul is to start recognizing what makes you come alive.

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Earth's Frequency Barrier/ Quarantine Field

- The "Soul" Catching Net.

- The Astral Plane & Astral Barrier

The Quarantine around Planet 3D Earth has created a barrier if you will or a fence, that does not allow MOST of humanity to access anything else than the current “Program” running or Reality Field.

Divination Pendulum Runes Magic Intuitio


True Divination is not a game undertaken for amusement. Divination is a Tool to connect the Conscious Mind to the Sub-Conscious. 


The “language” of this communication is ultimately symbolically.


You gave to interpret it yourself.

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Stimulating & Exercising the 3rd Eye

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Finding Your Own Inner Voice

- The Six " Clairs"​

- Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairentience, Clairalience & Claircognizance.

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Expanding Your Awareness

There are other realities that exist besides the reality we can see, touch & hear with our physical senses.​​ Awareness isn’t passive. 

Your life is an expression of your level of awareness.

As your awareness expands, you move from heavy to light. From being stuck to being free.     

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Raising Your Vibration

A high vibrational state of Being is Essential for Opening to all your Spiritual Gifts & Abilities. By increasing your vibration you can experience the Increased States of Creativity, Intuition & Joy.

     A high vibrational frequency is one which is in Alignment with The Source within You.