Opening up & Living Out Your Creativity is All about deepening Your Relationships with Creative Spirit.


Perhaps the greatest myth about creativity is the idea that it’s a rare gift only gifted to a privileged few.

Live Your Life with Passion

Ambedo - n. a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details-raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of cream swirling in your coffee.

     The search for meaning is a search for missing treasure.

You've never actually seen it, but you've heard stories since you were a kid. It might have been something you lost, years ago. But ever since then, you can't help but keep your eyes open. As if the answer will arrive in some windfall epiphany.

The Truest Miracle

Lies in our Eagerness to Allow, Appreciate & Honour

the Uniqueness, and Freedom

of Each Sentient Being

to Sing the Song

of their Hearts.

We feel moved to our core by a piece of music or read about an incredible scientific discovery and mistakenly conclude that some people are born with creative talent while others are not.  In Truth, each of us is Infinite Creative Potential. In every moment we are using our intentions, thoughts, and attention to create the world we experience.


  “ In our moments of common thought, we may think of the Muse as someone other than ourselves.

   In moments of grace, we may experience our Muse as our own Being, coming to life as we surrender our fears and begin to create.

All parts seek the Whole & as we, seek the Divine, Divinity may find its rapture in merging with us.

   Creativity is a manifestation of wholeness, springing from the weaving of spirit and matter.

   As our bodies are manifestations of divine thought,

our creations are manifestations of this divine union.

   Before art is created, the mortal must be touched by the spark of the Spirit. “

~   Jan Phillips    

  Marry Your Muse   ~


Soul Fire... ( Star Phire in Your Soul )


Where Does it Come From?

Where can I Access it?


Soul Fire is Written in Your Heart, in the Colors of Desire It’s the Song in your Heart - sung by the silent Voices in Your Head

It’s in your Dreams.


If not Now, When?

If not Here, Where?


Surrender to the Fire in Your Soul Open to its Gifts.



     The Muse has traditionally been depicted as an Angel hovering over the shoulder of an artist at work. But in truth, the Muse is immanent WITHIN us, OF us. Spirit / Source is seeking to Create through us. You and I are the vessels of the transmission. You are Born to Create.


Find what brings you Joy and Go there.


     Find your Time and Space to be Creative, move with Soul Fire, move with your Spirit, for the Muse lingers in the heart of your Joy. What you do for Creative Expression does not matter: music, painting, poems, garden work... what matters is the Expression of the Fire within you.


    The Union with Spirit, that invites us to become the Dream Expressed.


   - It’s Time to reach deep inside Yourself and pull out the Artistic Blessings that is Your’s to Give


    - Maybe it’s a Poem Tapping in Your Heart.

Maybe there’s a Song that keeps you awake at night, a screenplay that won’t leave you alone.


   A Dream that you keep pushing aside.


   - NOW is the Time to quit pushing that Dream aside.


  - Somebody out there Needs to Hear Your Voice, Your Contribution.


What do You have to add the World’s Great Body of Art?

One of the most powerful ways to tap into your deepest potential and creative reservoirs is to spend Time in Inner Quiet or Meditation.


   When you meditate, you access the Field of Pure Potentiality that is the Source of all Inspiration and everything else in the universe. You go beyond your mind’s repetitive thought traffic into the silence and peace of Pure Awareness.


   This stillness refreshes and calms the mind, allowing new ideas and insights to spontaneously emerge.


Until we hear your version of this fierce and Joyful World, there is more to be said.


Each man looks at the sunset with a slightly different eye.


  Today, instead of relying on sheer effort and the Personality’s limited resources, quiet your mind and open to the Infinite Source of all possibilities.


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