You are Infinite Being, and

the Centre of WellBeing is

within You.

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Module 2: 

I Believe in You

Navigating Your Way through Module 2

The Chakra System

Consciousness and Your Multi-Dimensional Aspects

Mastery in Each Moment

Recognize Your

Own Spirit 1st


Health & WellBeing is a State of Mind

Commit to Living Perfect Health & WellBeing

Why Do We Dream?

The Holographic Universe II:

A Thin Sheet of


Into the Flow

Lesson 11

The Chakra System

Harmonic Focal Points - Spinning Wheels of Energy

We live in an invisible sea of consciousness, an atmosphere of thoughts and their associated feelings. The Chakras were initially created to give you access to these energy fields.  The Chakra System has been compromised by those factions trying to control & manipulate our Reality Fields  . . . let's clean it out, clear it of all "stuck" energy and let's get rid of it.

- Unplug Yourself from the Chakra System

- Purification of Mind & Emotions


  • Lighting up your Energy Body

  • Clearing Blockages Sleep Hypnosis

  • Chakra Sanctuary Guided Meditation



Be Yourself

This is the time when you do whatever you'd like to.

 -  no chores, no work, no obligations.

 -  ONLY that which nourishes you honours your soul and recharges you at your core.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS / Hypnosis / FlowDream

  • Breath Awareness Guided Meditation


Love My Body- Love My Life: Yoga, Dance Qi Gong for Fun

Playing Your Edge

Work within your body’s current ability and do your best with each step.  Always listen to what your body is telling you. Use the Movements to generate a Flow of Energy.  " You are on the path... exactly where you are meant to be right now... And from here, you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love." 


Lesson 12


Evolving & Expanding Your Consciousness

Consciousness & Your Multi-Dimensional Aspects

The Many Worlds Theory states that any Event that has Multiple Possibilities Creates a New Quantum Universe for each possibility. All Possibilities from all Choices exist somewhere in the Quantum soup or Matrix of Possibilities.  A Multiverse may consist of many Parallel Universes. ​

Our Universe and our Earth is only One of Many Parallel Universes in a larger Multiverse. ​

You hold Many, Many Aspects of Essence, more than you may count.  You are Creating Multiple Probable Selves that shall be Experiencing All of the Alternate choices that you have not chosen to Actualize within the Framework of this Reality. Most of us don't Recognize our parts from our Multidimensional Self when we meet them. ​

  • What is Full Consciousness / Multi-Dimensionality?

  • Making Multi-Dimensional Thinking Normal

  • States of Consciousness

  • Basic Understanding of Brainwaves

  • Mindfulness Vs Transcendental meditation Explained


  • Awareness & Flow Guided Meditation

  • Self Love

  • Mastering Your Mind Guided Hypnosis

  • FlowDreaming: Total Universal Support



It's Time to Blossom

" Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly. "


  • Sea of Loving Presence Guided Meditation

  • Rest & Renew

Woman walking beach wallpaper.jpg

"It's the Mark of an Educated Mind,

to be able to Entertain a thought 

without Accepting it ",

~ Aristotle ~

     The opinions in Videos shared on this Website does NOT necessarily reflect the views & opinions of the creators of this Website.

Discernment of ALL Information is advised.

Lesson 13


Soul Alignment / Self Realization

Mastery in Each Moment: Releasing & Rescinding Vows

Radical, Vibrational Shifts, that spontaneously originates from within your Own Being are inevitably Transforming the way we relate to each other, ourselves and the world around us.​

Our understanding of reality is rapidly changing, and so are our way of Interacting with The Interactive Simulation Program.  Life on this planet was inverted into a place of hierarchy, domination, and control. One of our major purposes in this lifetime is to awaken to who we are as free-willed sovereign beings and to take back our power. In doing so, we will also help to free the rest of humanity who do not have a clue as to why they are constantly struggling to survive.


  • Clearing Blockages



Come away with me

" All men dream, but not equally.

Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds,

wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men,

for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. "


  • Sea of Loving Presence Guided Meditation

  • Rest & Renew


Lesson 14


Developing & Enhancing Your Intuition

Recognize Your Own Spirit 1st

Your Spirit has its own presence - a unique vibration.

   The best way to connect with your own Soul is to start recognizing what makes you come alive.

   Begin by exploring what your unique Spirit is really like...


  • Accessing Your Intuition

  • Receive Guidance and Answers ( Sample )

  • Awake Awareness is Our Home

  • RAIN: Cultivating Mindful Awareness



Strive for Progress - Not Perfection

For many of us, our life's does NOT reflect what we want, it reflects the Programs that are written into the SubConscious.

  • So one way out is with Consciousness - Being Mindful and Aware. Self Conscious: Just be Conscious and you will override the programs of the SubConscious.

  • Another way "out" is through Hypnotherapy because it puts you back into the same brain state that you were in when you created the program/ the learning period. So then you can put into your SubConscious a NEW Program and Re-Write it.

  • But the fastest way for sure is with Energy Psychology: 

    • Holographic RePatterning​

    • Body Talk, EFT

    • PSYCH- K​

These modalities have the potential to change your beliefs that you've had maybe for your entire life.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS / Hypnosis / FlowDream

  • Rest & Renew

  • Future Self: Finding the Guidance in Your Heart


Lesson 15


Soul Progression & AYLB


A very important key to living a Soul Aligned Higher Awareness Life is committing to our own Journey through trusting in the Guidance that comes from your Soul and your Connection to that Broader Perspective of Who-You-Are.  This is a Journey of Commitment to honouring your Journey.

~ Aligning with your path

~ Opening Your Heart &

~ Transforming all facets of Your Life.​

But above all, it is a Journey of  Integrity, Impeccability, Becoming Whole & Re-Gaining Your Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.


  • Track 04 - Sub-personality Journey 



Sit for a Bit and Enjoy this Day

Living a Fulfilling, "Miracle" life that is filled with happy moments and joy is one that is created through an endless and unlimited flow of small miracle moments. And it is nothing more than a SHIFT or MOVEMENT of ENERGY from one state of being/ from one vibrational set point to another.


But it does take TIME & Dedication to change thought patterns and beliefs and to convince yourself that Transformation is possible.​

GUIDED MEDITATIONS / Hypnosis / FlowDream

  • Positive Aura Cleanse, Emotional and Spiritual Healing Music


Self Care

Answering the Call

Everything is So Beautiful when Your STOP Looking for Flaws"​

Every Morning is an opportunity to become the Best Version of Yourself. Dream without Limits !



  • The Silence that is Listening


Creative Expression

Keep Your Creative Spark Glowing

Being Creative is not a gift bestowed to a select few before birth. Everyone is creative.  Your Creative Spirit needs to be nursed, cultivated and practised.

Each man looks at the sunset with a slightly different eye.


  Today, instead of relying on sheer effort and the Personality’s limited resources, quiet your mind and open to the Infinite Source of all possibilities


Since you’re here …

… we have a small favour to ask.


   Many readers are using this website to get access to free Tools and Resources to support their Transformation Journey / "Awakening" journey. 


Unlike many similar websites, we haven’t put up a paywall, or bombard you with stupid advertising – we want to keep the work we share as open and FREE for all to use. So you can see why we need to ask for your help. Les Voyages De La Vie's independent, Lesson Planning & Investigative Journalism/ Blogging takes a lot of time, commitment and work to produce.

Lesson 16


Energy Work / Healing

Health & WellBeing is a State of Mind

All Healing is based on Transforming & Transmuting the energy of what we resonate with because what we resonate to/ with is what we experience. Energy Alignment and Inner Resonance are the keys to unlock your Vitality, Wellbeing and Living an Authentic Higher Awareness LifeStyle.  A shift, available to any of us at any time, requires nothing more than for us to slip out of our own drama & reconnect with the Source that resides within.


  • Activating the Heart, Sensing the Body

  • Self Healing Guided Hypnosis

  • Connecting with & Healing the Heart


Energy Work / Healing

Science of the Heart/ Heart Coherence

The heart isn’t just a pump, but something vastly more wondrous and enigmatic  . . . .  like a standing wave. The heart is a gateway or an energy vortex through which powerful and conscious energy currents flow from luminous light or #awareness

The heart is intelligent, it thinks and communicates with every cell in the human body through a process known as energetic (electromagnetic) communication.  #Cardiaccoherence is the coupling and synchronization of the rhythm of breathing to the rhythm of the heart.  When cardiac coherence is established within the body there is synchronization with other systems inside and outside the body.    


Lesson 17


Vitality: Body-Health_WellBeing

Commit to Living Perfect Health & WellBeing

Health and Vitality is not only a possibility in our lives, but it is our natural state. As human beings, each aspect of our physiology seeks balance & optimal performance. ​

You CAN assist your body in its amazing, natural process so that you can enjoy a lifetime of WellBeing & joy.

      Your body is a complex, efficient and finely tuned instrument of life.


  • Body Awareness Guided Meditation

  • Feeling Energetic Sample

  • Lose Weight While You Sleep Hypnosis



Be Passionate Through Life

​Of everything we see and all we are feeling, All we have here is our inner being,

The changes in our lives and all of our reasons Are the shifts and reflections of the seasons.

It is right that we should be so, To feel alive and to grow,

And all of this we rightly know, Through this world, we safely go."

~ Patrick Graven ~

GUIDED MEDITATIONS / Hypnosis / FlowDream

  • Affirmations for Positive Body Imagine & Weight Loss


Lesson 18


Dream Programming, Lucid Dreaming & Dream Interpretation

Why Do We Dream ?

We are what we think.

All that we are, arises from consciousness . . . from our thoughts, emotions and vibrational frequencies.

We are dreaming the world into being, whether we realize it or not.

We are in a dream world, with our eyes wide open.  Dreams are in programs of the ISP, reprogram sequences that run during night time when human conscious awareness is put out. The program shuts them down so to speak, turning off the normal brain frequencies & shifting them into altered states of the program, which runs with that frequency level. 


  • Deep Sleep Experience Guided Meditation

  • Fall Asleep Fast Guided Meditation

  • Ask the Universe

  • Sleep Hypnosis

  • Circadian Reset. Fall Asleep Fast Hypnosis


Lesson 19


Metaphysics 101

The Holographic Universe II:  A Thin Sheet of Reality

The holographic universe hypothesizes that the physical world we believe is real is in fact illusion. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world. 

  • Our Holographic Universe stems from the result of an earlier OverSoul & Soul Group Cycles. 

  • In Prior Source Cycles, the Units expressed themselves as Vibration and Radiation.

  • In THIS Source Cycle... the idea is to express as Consciousness.


  • Total Universal Support



My Path is Unique. I shall Walk it with Pride

Shhhhh . . . . . She is Traveling between worlds right now.


" Past thoughts into Silence

Past silence into Stillness

Past stillness into the Heart

Let Love consume all that is left of you."

 ~ Kabir ~


  • Total Universal Support


Quantum Physics 101

Quantum Physics for Dummies

Theoretical physicists like to ask big questions. How did the universe begin? What are its fundamental constituents?


CAN  we unify/consolidate Physics and Consciousness?


" The existence of both cosmos and consciousness, each in its own way, constitute deep problems, perhaps grand mysteries beyond human knowing


Creative Expression

Be Open to Inspiration

Being Creative is not a gift bestowed to a select few before birth. Everyone is creative. It’s just that for some of us that creative spark may be buried under piles of bills, boring tasks, routines, and responsibilities. You CAN IMPROVE your Creativity Skills.


  • Boost Your Creativity Guided Meditation


Lesson 20



Into the Flow

We live in an invisible sea of consciousness, an atmosphere of thoughts and their associated feelings.  The universe of invisible quantum vibrations is referred to as the Zero Point Field/ Unified Field.  The Flow is the natural, effortless unfolding of our lives in a way that moves us toward wholeness and harmony.        Like a river to the sea, your personal Flow always travels in one direction - a natural, positive direction. 


  • Effortless Guided Meditation


Soul Progression & Awakening Your LightBody

Release & Celebrate

I think that deep down we all want to same "things" in life. We all want to be happy, fulfilled, loving relationships - we all want to be financially abundant and healthy - and we all want the Freedom to Be Who We Are.


  • Track 05 -  Age Regression - Evolving Your Inner Child  



Go Deeper

Shhhhh . . . . . She is Traveling between worlds right now.

   You can see her holding the tension of not knowing.

She is simply breathing into her un-answered questions.

Go Deeper . . . Past thoughts into Silence

Past silence into Stillness

Past stillness into the Heart

Let Love consume all that is left of you.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS / Hypnosis / FlowDream

  • Listening to Life

  • Morning Meditation


Self Care

It is Glorious to Be Here

Instead of getting caught up in thoughts or feelings, you are instead encouraged to simply witness everything & be present to whatever is happening.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS/ Hypnosis / FlowDream

  • Morning Affirmations

  • Inner Space: Gateway to Open Awareness

  • Guided Sleep: It's Going to Be Ok

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