A New Light is Dawning within You.

A New Consciousness is being born.

You are Realizing Your True Identity.

You are Infinite Being  . . . .

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Module 4: 

I am Filled with Complete Wonder

Lesson 31


Lesson 32

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"It's the Mark of an Educated Mind,

to be able to Entertain a thought 

without Accepting it ",

~ Aristotle ~

The opinions in Videos shared on this Website does NOT necessarily reflect the views & opinions of the creators of this Website.

Discernment of ALL Information is advised.

Lesson 33


Lesson 34


Lesson 35


“My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and

I intend to end up there.” 

~ Rumi ~

“ The simple things

are also the most extraordinary things,

and only the wise

can see them.”

~ Paulo Coelho ~

Lesson 36


Lesson 37


Lesson 38


Lesson 39


Lesson 40

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