Mindfullness vs Transcendental Meditation

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

On this Program & Lessons, I share with you many Guided Meditations. These Guided Meditations should NOT replace your own Mindfulness / Transcendental Meditation Practice.

These 3 different approaches to meditation come from different traditions, are practised in a different manner, have different effects on the brain, and are different in the way they are learned.


Meditations are targeted at specific problems, to experience specific outcomes during your meditation.


Meditation involves training one's mind to be in the present moment. It typically involves passive attention to one's breathing, sensations, and thoughts during meditation sometimes referred to generically as open monitoring.

The Goal of mindfulness meditation is to have one's thoughts be on the present moment. No one needs to teach you Mindfulness Meditation.


Meditation is described as a simple, natural, effortless meditation technique that doesn't involve contemplation or concentration. One uses a mantra as a vehicle to let the mind settle down naturally and, ultimately, to transcend thought.

The Goal with Transcendental Meditation, the process involves transcending thought itself and experiencing a state "pure awareness," in which one is aware but without an object of thought.

In addition, the EEG signatures or brain wave patterns associated with each practice are also different. Transcendental Meditation is typified by alpha brain waves and mindfulness meditation by theta brain waves. Alpha is associated with relaxation while theta is associated with a readiness to process incoming signals.

I do NOT AGREE that Only certified TM teachers can instruct you in the authentic TM technique. 1st of all, ALL meditation should flow naturally and be effortless. 2nd: During your training, a TM teacher will give you a set of mantras to repeat over and over. The TM movement claim that the selection of words is based upon a secret formula.

Examples of Transcendental Meditation Mantras include: Shri Shri Aing Aing Namah Namah. Now if you translate these words:

Shri = oh most beautiful

Aing = Hindu goddess saraswati

Namah = I bow down​

If you are following this Program, you know that we do NOT believe in gods & goddesses that we need to bow down and pray to. So please . . . THINK before you simply start chanting or focus on words/mantras.



Also known as Insight Meditation. During this type of Meditation, you bring your clear mindful attention to the moment to moment experience. This is achieved by relaxing the body and then resting your attention with your breath – or some other sensory anchor – allowing the mind to settle.

When we open to whatever is predominant or calling our attention at this moment – sensations, emotions, sounds – with a clear, kind attention, we are open to discovering balance in the midst of the changing flow, and gaining deep insight into the nature of reality.


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