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Preparing for a Counseling Session



Make the Most of Your Session

-    A counseling session is a sacred time that we set aside specifically for the purpose of devoting ourselves to your Spiritual growth, Healing, and Transformation

-    To help you get the most of your Counseling Session, here are some suggestions for you to consider.

-    Read the information, follow the instructions and complete the preparation work that pertains to your Session before your appointment time. 


Session Format

-    The Counseling Session is 1½ - 2 hour meeting.

-    During a session, you may ask as many questions as you wish. 

-    Please note, this is not a "reading". It is an interactive session in which you will participate actively. 

-    As with any meeting, you will want to have an organized agenda of questions. 

-    You must ask questions in order to get answers.  

-    You will leave with new clarity, understanding, peace of mind and a new sense of direction. 



-    Write down the reasons why you have decided to seek counseling.

-    Write down some questions that you have and place your questions in categories so that they are organized. 

-    Remember that the universal law of Free Will binds; therefore, when it comes to sessions I may only answer the questions that you ask. 

-    Be as specific as possible with your questions. I will help you with your questions so don’t feel that you have to get them perfect before the session.  

-    The goal is to get answers that are concise, relevant and understandable. 

-    Plan for a minimum of 1½ - 2 hours uninterrupted time.



The Categories I suggest you work with are: 


  •   PERSONAL GROWTH/ SPIRITUAL - Anything to do with your spiritual path: Soul purpose, Soul contracts, Life blueprint. 


  •   PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS - Anything to do with relationships. 


  •   PERSONAL HEALTH - Anything to do with your health.


  •   FINANCIAL - Anything to do with money. 


  •   CAREER- Anything to do with your career/job.  





Keep in mind that the Holographic Teaching System of the ISP and our "Guidance Systems" will most likely focus 

on the most urgent matters and questions that help you move forward.


As such it will most likely be more concerned with your own Soul Journey, Expanding Your Consciousness, and

what needs to be done to get you becoming a Conscious, Responsible Co-Creator.


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