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Part 3 Frequencies of Intensity

     DaBen transmits four Intensity Frequencies in this course that allow you to discover, to look at, and to go inside your own awareness. The Intensity Frequencies can change and refine your awareness to allow you to become conscious of many things that were not visible to you before in your environment, relationships, and anything you focus on.


     As you work with these Frequencies and enhance your awareness, you will be increasing the light in your mental body, and will acquire something new in your awareness. You can sense, observe, and notice things that were always there, but not “visible” to you before. You will be directly affecting your mental body as you work with the Intensity Frequencies, increasing its light and the ability for thoughts to set up more completely.


       The Intensity Frequencies can amplify the light that is present in any situation, in your aura, and in whatever you work with. They can be used to increase your personal power and your ability to manifest, to experience light body energies, and to increase the flow of life force energy in your body.

~ ~

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Vol3 Frequecies of Intensity.jpg

All the intensity frequencies have the same imagination sense of growing light, with interactions of the light throughout the light body cocoon.

1st Intensity: Alternating pulsing of light on the right and then the left side of cocoon, this can turn into all-over pulsing of light within your cocoon.
2nd Intensity: Light that lights up in the entire 2nd layer of your cocoon boundary, then decreases, lights up then decreases, that may grow to involve your entire cocoon.
3rd Intensity: Patterns forming in portions of cocoon volume and growing to involve the entire cocoon. As more patterns form, the pattern becomes similar to a gridwork.
4th Intensity: Energy moving in from the top and the bottom of your cocoon, meeting and forming a rapidly increasing number of light particles which expand to fill the entire cocoon.
5th Intensity: Energy at broad and diffuse points, noticing the layers and the spheres that these points are and could be, grows to complex overlapping energies, which open more and more layers.

Part 4 Frequencies of Clarity

       DaBen transmits 4 Clarity Frequencies that will assist you in experiencing states of pure knowingness and clear intuition to see your life and choices with greater clarity. You can experience more of your divinity and oneness of all life.


     The four Clarity Frequencies that DaBen transmits add more light to your light body. Your mental body needs to become more fluid to handle this light, so you will learn new levels of mental fluidity. The Universal Mind vibrates at a very high rate, and with the Clarity Frequencies you learn how to join that higher vibratory rate to have more expansive and complete thoughts about whatever you focus on. You can gain more wisdom about the steps to take and the nature and causes of situations in your life.


      Playing with the Clarity Frequencies allows you to increase your consciousness; and with greater consciousness you think about things differently. As you change the way you think about things, your mental body sets up in different ways, and you learn to use your higher mind in ordinary reality.  DaBen takes you on a powerful journey of initiation to a higher level of light.

~ ~

Vol 4 Frequencies of Clarity.jpg

All the clarity frequencies have the same imagination sense of detailed, intricately, involved light creating more light in discrete, quantum-like transitions.

1st Clarity: Energy and patterns become 'crystalline' pause and resume. Crystalline nature of energy can become brighter and brighter, opening more creativity.
2nd Clarity: Dots of light in cocoon–paused and moving. Inside each dot is a mirror of dots in the cocoon, level upon level.
3rd Clarity: Delicate spirals reaching upward, long and short, pausing, and increasing in number.
4th Clarity: Waves from the core shift, moving and pausing out to the cocoon, creating more waves and bouncing back from the cocoon, becoming more and more light.
5th Clarity: A delicate and consistent pattern in flow, and in that flow you are looking beneath the flow, at the energy that must move to allow this to flow, the potential for that energy, and the energy itself as it forms at discrete moments, creating the potential for flow, which becomes a large potential for flow.

Part 5 Frequencies of Harmony

     DaBen transmits 4 Harmony Frequencies in this set of journeys.  Work with the Harmony Frequencies to harmonize with all life in the Universe and experience more harmony in every area of your life. These are profound Frequencies that when experienced, can connect you with the light within yourself, within all beings, and within all forms. 

     You can use the Harmony Frequencies to travel into other dimensions. In this way you can work in the world of cause to change what you experience in ordinary reality.  From these higher dimensions you can find the energy that sources and creates you, and bring through new potential for your life.  You can increase your ability to be aware of all the energies around you, have new awareness of the Frequencies in your light body cocoon, and achieve greater clarity and understanding of the Frequencies you have explored so far. 

     The Harmony Frequencies allow you to integrate and bring together many different energies, opening connections and associations at an energy level. 

     Prerequisites:  Frequencies of Vision, Frequencies of Precision, Frequencies of Intensity and Frequencies of Clarity. 


To get the most out of these courses, we highly recommend that you study them in sequence, as DaBen's journeys taught in this album combine the new Frequencies with the previously learned Frequencies of Vision, Precision, Intensity and Clarity to enhance your ability to experience various expanded states of consciousness.

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Vol 5 Frequencies of Harmony.jpg

All the harmony frequencies have the same imagination sense of more basic energy (energy that is basic at this level in organizing the earth plane), while being drawn to the ways these energies are connected and are becoming connected.

1st Harmony: Find the underlying frequency of patterns in the volume and adjust your pace, allowing yourself to be drawn in with all the patterns. Then allow yourself to be lifted out, carried on your experience.
2nd Harmony: Find fine areas through the entire light body cocoon or volume; find the rocking-like movement of the waves, both separate and interconnected.
3rd Harmony: Find the space of creating and being the frequencies simultaneously, and the frequency that is carrying your experience.
4th Harmony: Find the essence of energy in your awareness as a frequency; reaching for layer after layer of your own experience.
5th Harmony: Find that place where the energy begins to form, in connection and relationship with the energies about it, so that the energy is chosen, complements, and enhances the energies already there.

Part 6 Frequencies of Brilliance

     DaBen transmits four Frequencies of Brilliance in this course. They can enhance your experience of all Frequencies and states of consciousness that you explore. The Brilliance Frequencies are more advanced than the Frequencies presented so far.

     Working with the Brilliance Frequencies can increase the strength and depth of your visual or sensory perception of the light body spaces.  As your ability to sense the Brilliance Frequencies increases, the nature and quality of light will increase.

     Brilliance Frequencies allow you to experience an ever-expanding sense of light and the ability to place light into areas where light of this type has never existed before.


     Playing with the Brilliance Frequencies can assist you in finding things as energy, and having clearer and more concrete insights about specific actions to take.

     Prerequisites:  Frequencies of Vision, Frequencies of Precision, Frequencies of Intensity, Frequencies of Clarity and Frequencies of Harmony  To get the most out of these courses, we highly recommend that you study them in sequence, as DaBen's journeys taught in this album combine the new Frequencies with the previously learned Frequencies.

Vol 6 Frequencies of Brilliance.jpg

All the brilliance frequencies have the same imagination sense of generation of light from the opening that light creates for an infinity of more and more light.

1st Brilliance: Spheres form in the cocoon and as they build, three spheres form inside each sphere. As each inner sphere builds, a point is reached at which the original outer sphere explodes in light, which forms more spheres as this forming, building, and exploding process evolves again and again with an ever-increasing number of spheres.
2nd Brilliance: Light of core expands and 'precipitates' cylinders of light with core qualities of light forming in the cocoon and precipitating more cylinders.
3rd Brilliance: Spontaneous and simultaneous explosions or flashes of light in the whole cocoon which are repeated before the preceding flash fades. Light builds to very bright before pausing and beginning a new cycle. Each cycle reaches a level of brightness that goes beyond the earlier cycle.
4th Brilliance: A set of points of light moving out from core in patterns, flashing as a group; followed by another set of points, each set flashing in their own time. As the number of points of light increase, the cocoon or volume of your awareness becomes brighter and brighter.
5th Brilliance: A point becoming many points of light, multiplying and reaching a very large number of very densely packed individual points, and moving into each of their potential, and letting this as a doorway bring light through from the other side

Part 7 Frequencies of Transparency

    DaBen transmits 5 Frequencies of Transparency in this course. The Transparency Frequencies are even more advanced than the Frequencies presented so far. As with the Brilliance Frequencies, they provide an opportunity to develop a skill that will enhance your experience of all Frequencies and states of consciousness that you might explore.


    You can learn to become transparent to all the energies about you, to "be" your experience, and to experience moment-to-moment awareness as you move beyond thinking and interpreting what is happening.

     You can become a part of the entirety of your experience at all levels. These Transparency Frequencies draw you to a sense of flow and a new sense of peace that may be deeper than any peace you have experienced before.

     Prerequisites:  Frequencies of Vision, Frequencies of Precision, Frequencies of Intensity, Frequencies of Clarity, Frequencies of Harmony and Frequencies of Brilliance.   To get the most out of these courses, we highly recommend that you study them in sequence, as DaBen's journeys taught in this album combine the new Frequencies with the previously learned Frequencies .

Vol 7 Frequencies of Transparency.jpg

All the transparency frequencies have the same imagination sense of the intrinsic and inextricable involvement of your experience and consciousness with basic energies and their potential.

1st Transparency: Invites you to enter the experience of transparency by following your experience at the moment into an awareness of being your experience and energy, such that you become transparent and your experience shifts to a before-hidden aspect of the energies.
2nd Transparency: Goes deeper into that underlying energy by letting your experience be of the details of this transition as you are experiencing it.
3rd Transparency: Plays at the fringes of your ability to experience and in so doing, allows you the opportunity to be drawn deeper into the experience and the peace associated with the transparency frequencies.
4th Transparency: Assists you in focusing on the ever-present equilibrium between being and becoming your experience. Thus as you become more aware of this underlying energy you are drawn deeper into your experience.
5th Transparency: Encourages you to notice the layers and dimensions of your experience of the hidden aspect of the energies that you are exploring. From an awareness of these dimensions you are able to be even more transparent, aware of more of the basic energies, and thus experience even more of the peace of these spaces.

     Developing your ability to experience the frequencies brings greater skill with energies in general. Also, as you explore the frequencies at the light body level, you gain in the ability to exercise the consciousness developed at other levels, such as ordinary reality.

     The frequencies that DaBen has shown you in prior courses develop skills in a basic order that parallels a process for becoming more conscious. Through Duane's talks, you will learn more about all of the topics below, as you explore with DaBen these expanded states and how it expands the very nature of your awareness.

Vision is basic observation, at the core of consciousness and building consciousness.

     Precision allows you to enhance upon that observation in a way that the participation in, and the feedback you get from the observation, will go out into the energy in a deeper and more useful way.

Intensity enhances your ability to participate in the energies and increases your ability to notice the potential that is ever present.

     Clarity adds the insight to the observation across levels, allows connection beyond the light body level, and done well, the Clarity frequencies will allow insights into any area of which you are conscious.

     Harmony and Brilliance frequencies are at another level of skill and consciousness.
Harmony begins to bring you to an awareness of the inter-relatedness of all the energies that you can experience, and from the relation the inherent harmony of the entirety of your experience.

Brilliance examines the quality of all energy to expand, to become more, and to inherently become its potential.

     The Transparency frequencies are at an additional advanced level of skill and consciousness. They provide an opportunity to develop a skill that will enhance your experience of all frequencies and states of consciousness that you might choose to explore. Noticing this enhancement may begin as your awareness is drawn to a sense of flow and deep peace, as though this is the first time you have experienced it in this way. By continuing to follow this "new" experience and the Transparency frequency as it unfolds and deepens, you have the opportunity to discover more and more about the basic nature of your ability to experience and to just be your experience moment-to-moment without interpretation.



You will want to complete DaBen's Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies courses, as it expands upon the frequencies you learned in these courses.

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