Your Spirit has its own presence - a unique vibration.


   The best way to connect with your own Soul is to start recognizing what makes you come alive.


  Begin by exploring what your unique Spirit is really like . . . 

Recognize Your Own Spirit 1st

Intuition is the Language of the Soul

We’re all born aware of a profound sense of inner knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess, which keeps us connected to our Soul. Make the decision to be open to being an intuitive person.

You have everything you need inside.


The Answers You Seek Are Within You

  What lifts and inspires you?




Next, begin noticing what FEEDS YOUR SPIRIT?


     Which . . . . .

     - experiences

     - activities

     - and energies gives you strength?



  What nourishes you at your core?




  Which experiences/activities leave you comfortable in your own skin?




What delights you?. .  for example

   -   I am fed by music ( listening to it, playing piano )

   -   I love painting . . .

   -   My Spirit loves nature . . . especially the ocean and being near water . . . flowers  . . . animals

   -   I love exploring new places with my kids and husband.

   -   I Thrive when I Travel.

   -   I also find great delight by chatting over a cup of tea with my girlfriends . . .

   -   I love reading a good book . . . I Love being Creative

   -   I love pampering myself.


Any of these activities expand my senses of who I am.


   Take notice of what fortifies & feeds YOUR spirit and then . . . . . . .


   Do you nurture your Spirit with the experiences it needs in order to thrive?


What is your Intuition telling Right Now?


Think of these areas of your life and ask yourself, "Is there some intuition I have, some feeling of something I need to do or stop doing?" If there is, let that become more visible to you now, or in the following few days, to show you how to be on a higher path in these areas:



 Body, Health, & Physical WellBeing.





 Career, Job, & Daily Activities





 Relationships with Family, Friends, Co-workers & Others.





 Spiritual Growth - what is next for You?






     As you review each area, notice if one stands out for you.


Have the intention for your inner guidance to become clearer to you so that you can recognize what it is showing you. The only action you need to take right now if you are not sure what to do is to ask that your intuition becomes stronger and clearer so you can take action on it.

  Write the words you need to hear right now.


        This meditation guides you beyond thought and emotion to a place of inner knowing. Helpful for making decisions and finding clarity.


Use it to develop your intuition.

~ ~

Accessing Intuition Guided Meditation

Accessing Intuition - Mediation Oasis
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Connect with your Soul to Receive Guidance & Answers from within.




Thaddeus Music: Silent Majesty


Recieving Guidance and Answers

Receiving Guidance & Answers - Sanaya Roman
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Awake Awareness is Our Home

    This meditation guides us in awakening our awareness by opening to all our senses and recognizing the alert presence that is always, already here.


    By relaxing back into the presence over and over, we become familiar with the reality that is truly our home.


~ ~

Awaken Awareness - Tara Brach
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RAIN Cultivating Mindful Awareness - Tara Brach
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The acronym RAIN is an easy-to-remember tool for practicing mindfulness and compassion using the following four steps:


Recognize What is Happening  (roots of understanding)
Allow the experience to be there, Just As It Is   ( grounds of love)
Investigate with Interest and Care  ( deepens understanding)
Nurture with Self Compassion  ( awakens love)
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