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Defining words that don't exist.

Dès Vu (n). The awareness that this will become a memory.

We walk through life sometimes ignorant of the way time moves around us.  

It’s strange to know that hours from now, this moment will be a memory.

~ The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows ~

When we "settle" in life, often our dreams get suffocated. That's also when, and why we can't find the motivation to strive for more. It steals our joy.


  Have you settled ? or are you still expanding?

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  What would your Life Look Like if you've never "settled" ?

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Be honest with yourself and ask yourself WHERE in your life are you " settling"? Maybe it's a job you hate or a relationship that gives you very little joy, or maybe you have given up on dreams you had when you were young and life was still free-spirited, spontaneous and exciting. The result of settling is that we ignore our own inner heart-wisdom: that pulling of the heart towards something more.


I think that deep down we all want to same "things" in life. We all want to be happy, fulfilled, loving relationships - we all want to be financially abundant and healthy - and we all want the Freedom to Be Who We Are.


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Letting Go 

Letting go has to do with allowing whatever happens to happen. It has to do with not resisting thoughts, noise, emotions, sensations — not resisting anything. It gets tricky, though, when we try to allow things to happen. If we are in meditation with the intention to allow, chances are we will be manipulating our experience in some way. Everything will be buffered through the filter of the idea of allowing. It’s more a matter of noticing when we are resisting what is happening or trying to manipulate our experience in some way. When resistance or manipulation is noticed, it can be let go of quite naturally.

The value of guided meditation is that it can allow us to let go more, because we don’t so much have the sense that we are steering the process.

Letting Go - by Meditation
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The hardest thing to see

is what is in front of your

own eyes.

~ Johann Wolgang von Goethe ~

Awakening Your LightBody

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Vol 1: Building Your Power Base

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