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“The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step” 

      . . . . . this age-old Chinese Proverb has always fascinated me. 


     Seeing life as a Journey and not the Destination has changed my entire perspective of who I am, and why I am here. 


They Say We Teach What We Want to Know.

    In my case, I don't consider myself a "teacher"... more like a Fellow Traveller. I'm Sharing with you want I want to Learn & Know - and my Journey of Discovering, Unfolding, Expanding & Progressing.

Life as a Journey

I dare to share with you the Tools, Knowledge, and Wisdom that I acquired along my Journey. . .  'cause I remember now, the Audacious, Quirky, Healing, and Insight I was Searching for - IS ME!

It is a Journey of Searching and Exploring New Frontiers of Thought. . .

We Are the Trail-Blazers on the Leading Edge of Thought!​

With every click of the shutter,
you’re trying to press pause on your life.
If only so you can feel a little more comfortable moving on
living in a world stuck on play.

Simply notice the breath as it moves in and out as the body inhales and exhales.  Notice how the breath moves in and out automatically, effortlessly. Don't try to manipulate it in any way. Notice all the details of the experience of breathing

The mind will wander away from the breath - that's fine, it doesn't matter. That's a part of the meditation!  Notice how all of your experiences - thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, awareness of sounds and smells - come automatically and effortlessly like the breath.

  ~https://www.meditationoasis.com ~

Breath Awareness Guided Meditation

Aligning with Your Soul to Express Love as Your Purpose

This Orin meditation, will assist you in linking with your soul to experience more love, compassion, and forgiveness for yourself and others. As you blend your heart center with your soul's heart center, a beautiful note of love flows out from you, a pure, harmonious, loving, magnetic energy that heals past hurts and lifts all life around you.  You can use this meditation and the process in it whenever you want to feel more love.

~https://www.orindaben.com ~

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