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What I offer



A LifeTime of Wellness,

Expanding Your Consciousness,

Expanded Awareness &

Soul Progression Program

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    Les Voyages De La Vie / Journeys of the Soul™️  is about Soul Progression, Soul Expansion & learning the Tools to Reality Shifting.

     It is about Expanding your Awareness, Reconnecting to Your Intuition; to your Body and Discovering a Personal connection to Your Soul.  

       At the core of the Program are many guided meditations. Transforming all aspects of your life is a Commitment you make to Yourself and Your Soul Journey. It is a Commitment that requires Honesty, Integrity, Alignment, Courage & Trust. 


      Soul Journeys will guide you through many subjects & aspects of Transformation. The Program is developed with an intentional progression throughout, beginning at Lesson 1, and moving sequentially through the program.

As you gain more clarity about Who -You - Are and recognize that you are evolving in expression, you will realize there is NO mould or fixed way of Being that you need to try and fit into, but You are Creatively Evolving your Expression.   


" Being " is about  opening to the luminous light that Consciousness creates, and YOU Recognizing your being as a Part of this Consciousness."  


With each shift your perspective will change, revealing a different landscape.   As your perspective changes with the higher energies, wherever your focus can be experienced differently. 

From the perspective of You As a Vast Consciousness, being part of a much larger consciousness, at many levels comes the realizing that you have access to energy because it is of YOU. 


   Start listening to Your OWN Inner Voice/ Guidance.


    Learn to allow the Universe to support you.


    Attract like-minded Souls & Soul Relationships through Soul Love.


    Discover what are your "Lessons" & Soul Purpose for this Lifetime.  The Goal is to evolve our current 3rd cycle Reality into the 4th & 5th Cycles where we remember and know how to work with energy and consciousness, so we can regain our FULL HUMAN Possibilities. 


    Have an Illuminated Mind & Flowing Emotions. 


    Uncover the Codes & Programs of the ISP ( Interactive Simulation Program) aka "Laws" of the Game. Learn how to recognize what the universe presents to you & interpret the signs.


   The Power of Intention - how to set the forces of the Universe in motion. You will experience flow, synchronicity, wonder, and abundance.


    Learn how to connect and work with your own Inner Sub-Personalities/ Partners: Inner Child, Ego, Soul, and OverSoul. To Integrate what needs integration, Release what is no longer of use, and Transmute all Energies/ Personalities & Consciousness Units that are Part of the Distortion Programs of our Reality. 


    LightBody & Luminous Body Activations.


  Reclaim your Full Human Potential & Genetic Template from the ISP ( Interactive Simulation Program ). The process is your way of proclaiming that you are ready to do the journey towards the higher, finer frequencies of awareness and progress out of the current old base program.


   Restoring Process: Learn the tools to understand and support Your Soul's anatomy through clearing out your Energy Fields. Learn Vibrational energy Tools to "heal" the Body. After clearing your Emotional, Mental and Radiation Energy Fields, you will be able to Activate your Original Energy Body Template.

    Live an extraordinary life!


          Be centred, and grounded &  gain clarity in your career, personal and spiritual life as you recognize THE POWER OF ENERGY ALIGNMENT.

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