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Living a Fulfilling, "Miracle" life that is filled with happy moments and joy is one that is created through an endless and unlimited flow of small miracle moments. And it is nothing more than a SHIFT or MOVEMENT of ENERGY from one state of being/ from one vibrational set point to another.


But it does take TIME & Dedication to change thought patterns and beliefs and to convince yourself that Transformation is possible.​

       Changing your vibrational set point / a thought pattern takes 72 seconds. If you can focus on a pure positive thought for 72 seconds, you can change the vibrational set point of that belief.


Changing habits takes at least 28 days.


     To experience more flow, joy and uplifting emotions in your life, to live a life filled with miracles, does NOT require anything else than SHIFTING your energy from one state to another. A shift in the flow of energy in your life happens because you decided to and because you transform your thinking and view yourself, your possibilities and your potential in a new way, which can allow "miracles" to happen. The 1st Step is Committing to allow shifting to happen - to create the Time and Space for it to happen.


Transforming your life is a commitment you make to yourself.


It is a commitment that requires courage, honesty, integrity, alignment and allowing flow.

   Are You Ready to Accept Responsibility for your Life?


. Are you Ready to Make Yourself a Priority in your Life?

​     ______________________________________________

1. Ask yourself: 

What is the Greatest Ideal of Myself that I can be Today?

- Become Conscious of the Body - Mind - Emotional States that are constantly in & Review them.


-   Ask yourself: 

What are the Thoughts that I DO Want to Fire & Wire in my Brain.

-   Rehearse those New Choices & Emotions.

-   Begin to install the neurological hardware in your brain.

-   Teach your Body Emotionally what your future is going to Feel like.



2.   Give Thanks. Feel Gratitude

Really teach your Body what it feels like . . . with ALL of your Heart & Soul.



3.  Take Time Every Day to:



The Places You’ve Been


    Which Landscapes Have You Been in Your Life?     


    What Emotional Landscapes have you Traversed?


Track your most recent & your most Life-Altering Experiences. . . .


   Where Are You Today on Your Map?




   Which Emotional Landscapes are you Inhabiting Today?



    Is this where you’d like to Be?


    Do You Feel You Belong Here?


       Wherever You Are . . . You are Here...

You are Where you Perceive yourself to Be... you cannot be any other place.


   Develop a list of Landscapes that are Unique to you.



    Can you think of landscapes you would like to visit?


   What situations, circumstances or experiences from your past most clutter your consciousness and weigh you down in the present? What do you most resent, regret or wish you could have to do over again?


   What else do you need to do for your internal world, what action can you take or practice can you begin shine the light of awareness into the recesses of your mind and heart to expose the debris of the past?



    What would be available to you in your life if you were to bring compassionate Awareness to the regrets, resentments & choices that hinder your emotional flow and clutters your mind?




    Which actions can you take to shine the Light of Soul’s Awareness onto the innermost corners of your mind & heart to clear our the scattered fragments of the past?



Put the Intention forward that you want to align your Thoughts, Emotional, Words & Actions with your SoulSelf.

   What Would That Alignment Look Like? 



  Take Time to Consider your Ideal Soul Alignment scenarios for Each Area of Your Life. Describe You would You Feel, Talk,  What Would You Think About . . 




   Body - Health- WellBeing


   Career/ Job


   Living Arrangements


   Recreational Activities


   Creative Activities


   Self/Soul Growth & Expansion



  Imagine that You are Living in Perfect Alignment with Your Soul / Source. Your Body - Mind - Soul work in Harmony Together. You Are Living Your Dream ! Describe what this Ideal Soul Alignment Looks Like and FEELS like to you. 


You can choose how you want to Journal.


1.   Print out the Journaling Pages


2.   Or Copy and paste the Journaling Prompts into a Journaling App like Journey Cloud


3.   Copy and Paste the Journaling Prompts into an Online Journaling Sites like:



10 Minutes to Highlight your Day Journal

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