Soul Alignment & Self Realization

   Only by going to the level of the Soul will you access your full potential, bringing more intelligence, creativity, & awareness into every aspect of your life.


   The Shifting Journey is a process of Becoming, Integrating all of our Aspects with Spirit so we can Progress our Soul & Genetics.

You are Consciousness and have created many Extensive Dimensional Aspects of Yourself quite Creatively. ​

They are Ultimately Intricate.   ​​

      Soul Alignment means to re-unite your various "Aspects" that are spread all over a number of Parallel & Alternative Realities & Time-Lines. 

    We can’t help but notice a paradigm shift in the appreciation of wellness and wholeness of our Being. Our Body-Mind-Emotions -Soul functions as a single psychosomatic network of Energy & Information.  Metaphysical  & Spiritual Alchemy Tools, such as Visualization, Meditations, Imagery, Energy Work &  Energy Psychology utilize the fact that the Body-Mind-Emotions -Soul is ONE dynamic, always shifting field of Energy, Information & Consciousness to facilitate transformations.