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Soul Progression & Soul Mastery

You can learn the skills to work with Energy & Consciousness to create the Life and Future you desire, for you as a point of Consciousness on the Earth Plane, but also creating a future Reality for Humanity that honours our Journey as Souls - Sovereign and Ever-Evolving and Expanding.


Learn how the change yourself simply and easily so that you love and appreciate who you are even more.


Every time you choose to elevate your thoughts and emotions you raise your vibration. Every time you choose to evolve and expand, rather than contract and fear, you heal a part of yourself. 


You can take a quantum leap in your own Soul Progression. Every Soul Growth comes from bringing through your Soul into every area of your life. You can have the quantum leap instantaneously, for it’s not a question of time, but of your readiness for it.


You can find the balance between your experiences in the Higher Realms/ Programs - that you access during meditation and your experience in ordinary reality. This course will assist you in getting more and more wonderful shifts and breakthroughs that you were able to experience during the LightBody Meditations.


This course will assist you in making the transition to new realizations of Who-You-Are and have always been.


Aimez-Vous La Vie Vivre Votre Ésprit ~ Love Your Life, Live Your Spirit

   Experience yourself in new, higher ways with new levels of personal power, become your own authority. Discover how to see into time & find your future as energy, so you can live well, expand into the highest energies you can reach. 

    Explore how to build consciousness, view your life through the expanded perspective of multiple lifetimes and explore moment-to-moment as a way of being. 

   Know the Joy and Perfection of your Being.

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 Program Outline

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Mastery Principle


The future is up to you. Love yourself enough to really make that true. Prove it to yourself. No one else is going to do it for you. The absolute truth is that Compassion & Self-love is always and only here and now. Now make it happen! Day by day, moment by moment. One “I love you” at a time. In every interaction with yourself

and others, let compassion be your

inner compass.

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Live Your Life with Soul Passion

Accepting the Invitation

The consequences of Moments of Deep Intimacy with your Soul and Source are completely unpredictable. But No Part of this Journey is ever wasted. Opening ourselves to living an  intimately Soul Centered Life, is not a selective process . . its an Inner Calling that cannot be ignored for long.

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The Nature of Life

Follow the Map to a Life You Life

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Mastery Principle

Aligned Thoughts Feels Good

There will always be circumstances that challenge you in ways beyond what you think you are capable of. But Like any other personal training routine, with sustained practise, we can build confidence & open to new possibilities.  Sustaining a more positive perspective in situation allows us to live beyond negative mindsets, beliefs,

and behavioural patterns.

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Lead with your Spirit

To Love your Spirit is Simple . . .

To Love Your Spirit is Simple...

Follow Your Heart ! 

To deeply appreciate & understand your Spirit is to identify what You Love. 

Connect with Your Soul Family:  those people whom whiteness & strengthen the authentic you.

Set intentions that serve your Spirit ever day.

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Mastery Principle

Trust the Flow. Have Faith

Faith is the opposite of the fear that has been controlling your life for so long. Our beliefs powerfully create our reality. 

When your beliefs are aligned with your Soul Intention, you can trust in the Flow of All That Is Good and have faith.

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Mastery Principle


By using conscious awareness, we can

access a greater wealth of information

to support our spiritual growth & well-being.

Recognize what is important in your life and what you could let go of, know when to act and when not to, learn how to be wise with others. Work with the wiser part of yourself–your Soul–to Re-Align your Life

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Conscious Awareness

Who Are You Really ?

Learn how to experience yourself in new, higher ways, to live from your centre, to experience new levels of personal power and to become your own authority, always trusting your inner insight & wisdom.  



You can be more powerful in creating the relationships and experiences you want. 

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Recognize that your are Soul

If the Sky's the Limit, Then Go There!

This is YourMastery Journey. Your Potential is Waiting for You. 

Each one of us is on a journey to unfold our own mastery, living our highest potential . . . the fulfilment of our most cherished dreams and heart’s desires.

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Know Your Spirit

Dare to Be Happy

 To deeply appreciate & understand your Spirit is to identify what You Love.

- What Thrills/ Delights You?

Pay Attention to the Things that speak to Your Heart.

Dare to be Happy!

Have Compassion

But Have common Sense as Well.

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Mastery Principle

Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are ultimately about power and managing yourself. People breach our boundaries and we lose our power at different times in our lives. We lose it to romantic relationships that

broke our hearts, family members that betrayed our trust, & following a career that kills our creativity.

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Transforming Your Beliefs

Using Your Miracle Voice

Beliefs Help Create & Shape Your Reality

Our beliefs are always in motion, constantly influencing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Our unconscious beliefs are always affecting us as well. We shape our identities around what we feel to be true about ourselves. 

What You Identify With, You Become

What is It That You want to Become . . this year? . . this Lifetime ? 

Do You Know? 

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Give Space

Expanding & Contracting Time

Learn to operate in "hyper space," awakening your abstract mind to accomplish work without pressure or anxiety.  Travel into a higher vibration of light and bring light back into your everyday reality.

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Mastery Principle


Integrity is the state of being whole and complete and in perfect alignment with

the energy of what we wish to manifest. Know when to be an active force and when to surrender. Develop your magnetic will to attract those things that are for your higher good. 

When we are in integrity all aspects of our

being, body, mind, emotions and spirit,  are balanced. 

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Being Present

Loving the Moment

It takes tremendous courage to face our fears and becoming aware of the source of our vulnerabilities, but Spending sacred time alone is one of the keys to Soul-hearted living. 

As you learn to live in present moment awareness, you can live the magic of synchrodestiny.

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Welcome your Spirit

Check Your Vibes

You are Responsible for Your Reality.

When you acknowledge responsibility you are also acknowledging your power.  To reach your full potential you will need to open to the new, have the courage to Journey Your Path. You can Learn to  Move forward in your life with courage, strength, trusting in your vision & wisdom. 

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Heart Centered Living

Living from the Heart

To Love Yourself & Live Your Spirit, you must have a heart that is Open. Then You Will connect with the Spirit of Life rather than its Drama.

 Allow Your Heart to Guide You. Today, make great choices because they are made with full awareness.”

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Mastery Principle


Nothing is more important that Finding Vibrational Alignment with Who-You-Are / your Source/ Soul ! 

When we are in  alignment, our energetic vibrations  support the manifestation of

our dreams. When you are in Alignment with your Dreams, All of your Energy is Focused on them.

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Mastery Principle

Soul Empowerment

Life is very much about the management of your Soul Power.

Your power is your life force.

Your prana.



Your center. 

And “choice” is the tool you use to manage it.

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Mastery Principle

Choosing Your Reality

You can experience parallel and alternate universes and choose which reality you want as yours through changing your frequency. As we’re learning through our time together, the universe has infinite organizing power and as conscious beings, we have ready access to this realm simply by spending time in stillness and silence.

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Mastery Principle


~ When you follow your bliss, you will begin

to meet people who are in the field of

your bliss, and they open doors to you. "

Your Authentic Self  . . . It is part of you that you give effortlessly to the world. It’s unique to you - a gift that only you can give. And it seeks any chance to express itself.

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