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Soul Progression & Soul Mastery

You can learn the skills to work with Energy & Consciousness to create the Life and Future you desire, for you as a point of Consciousness on the Earth Plane, but also creating a future Reality for Humanity that honours our Journey as Souls - Sovereign and Ever-Evolving and Expanding.


Learn how the change yourself simply and easily so that you love and appreciate who you are even more.


Every time you choose to elevate your thoughts and emotions you raise your vibration. Every time you choose to evolve and expand, rather than contract and fear, you heal a part of yourself. 


You can take a quantum leap in your own Soul Progression. Every Soul Growth comes from bringing through your Soul into every area of your life. You can have the quantum leap instantaneously, for it’s not a question of time, but of your readiness for it.


You can find the balance between your experiences in the Higher Realms/ Programs - that you access during meditation and your experience in ordinary reality. This course will assist you in getting more and more wonderful shifts and breakthroughs that you were able to experience during the LightBody Meditations.


This course will assist you in making the transition to new realizations of Who-You-Are and have always been.


Aimez-Vous La Vie Vivre Votre Ésprit ~ Love Your Life, Live Your Spirit

   Experience yourself in new, higher ways with new levels of personal power, become your own authority. Discover how to see into time & find your future as energy, so you can live well, expand into the highest energies you can reach. 

    Explore how to build consciousness, view your life through the expanded perspective of multiple lifetimes and explore moment-to-moment as a way of being. 

   Know the Joy and Perfection of your Being.

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 Program Outline

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