Soul ReJuvenation: Becoming Your Authentic Self

Our True Essence is pure, unbounded Spirit. 


   Embrace the beauty & perfection of your Being. Experience ordinary reality as wonderful & flowing.

    Trust that the Universe is unfolding, ever-expanding. Gain enough consciousness & Soul Presence to dance with the Flows in your life.


    Re-emerge into this reality with new and even more beautiful patterns of energy and light.

This course is a combination of written material and audio meditations.  As you grow in Self Awareness you can connect with your Authentic Self/ Soul and accelerate your Soul Evolution. Your Authentic Self is the You that is able to span and know all the levels of your Being, from your personality self to your Soul, to your OverSoul/ Divine Self.


You are being your Authentic Self as your personify becomes identified with and able to express the Consciousness of your Soul and OverSoul.


As your Energy becomes more beautiful, more clear, more harmonious, more balanced, as you become your Soul, the essence of your Being, you can increase your vision, gain new insights and perspectives, and Transform your Body, Mind and Emotions.


You can release attachments, have created clarity about your Journey and experience greater wholeness as you blend and become your Soul.


Why Become your Authentic Self?


Connecting and Blending with your Soul and OverSoul/ Divine Self to become your Authentic Self offers you an opportunity to create an enormous shift in your life. You can know yourself to be an eternal, Infinite Being. Through this connection, you can tune into this part of you that is always guiding your life. You can tap into the power, love, wisdom and joy that is available, knowing yourself as a Soul.

 Program Outline

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