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Emotional Clearing is a method of facilitating emotional release and growth.


Every experience you have colours the way you relate to your world.

“Emotional Release” means to release painful feelings that have become  “ trapped" within us, or suppressed, instead of having been cleared when they first occurred.

Soulful Emotional Alignment

     "Emotional Age" & "Emotional Intelligence" is the keys we will use to work. . . and relates to the way we respond to events and situations in our daily life. Your Emotional Age is based on the coping mechanisms that you developed from birth 'till now, and it dominates the way you respond to emotional stimuli. It is what you have learned to be the safest or smartest way to respond. This becomes the Script for your Emotional Age.

The key understanding here is that while feelings may have originated in the past, they become projected onto present circumstances; as we clear feelings now, we are clearing all residue.


     The ability to express blocked/ locked up emotions, through Emotional Clearing & Release work, allow us to see our experiences as alive with knowledge and meaning. This will help us to listen to the "trapped" energy underneath, to connect with what needs to be released and transmuted. It's like listening to an instrumental piece of music and letting it tell you a story - an empathic dialogue. 


This dialogue can - if you allow it - help you to dive into all of your emotions in order to understand them as the brilliant messengers that they are, alive with information and meaning.


I have found over the years, like so many other Therapists and Counselors, that categorizing and denying emotions and trying to ignore them - NEVER WORKS ! 


Emotions DON"T simply Go-Away! Being an Empath myself, I came to realize that I am deeply aware of the way words and images affect us. Certainly, your own emotions have enveloped you, embarrassed you, startled you, strengthened you, or hit you like a ton of bricks.


     Dissociation from Emotions is often our 1st line of defense as children, and we carry this response often into the adult world. Therefore it becomes a dependable and comforting escape route. We become masters of dissociation and imaginative travel. . . a condition where our bodily instincts take over, and our mind goes off on a tangent. Especially in the Metaphysics & Spiritual Communities, it is very easy to fall into this trap. Meditation, breath work, energy work etc. make "escaping" the body very easily, and the body is often considered an imprisoning vessel for a spirit that wants its freedom.


Truth is, Emotions are NOT BAD and scary.  "Negative" emotions are signs that the psyche is trying to heal itself.

But emotions are supposed to be fluid, ever-changing and extremely versatile. They are NOT meant to get stuck and rigid within us. Emotions should MOVE, as they carry massive amounts of Information with them.

Tips for Your Journey


#1 Unhook from the Outer World

     - There may be a million places where your energy might be right now, but only one place where you really need it . . connected to the Inner Source that Guides You.

     - This is what I know: You are designed to reinvent & recreate yourself, over & over again. You are here - for the evolution of your own Soul.


# 2: Be Willing to Shift

     - A shift, available to any of us at any time, requires nothing more than for us to slip out of our own separate human drama & reconnect with the Source that resides within.

     - And our willingness to ask is what opens the door for us.

     - When you embrace the Dream your Soul holds for you, and allow your Heart to Guide your actions, you will be able to receive the Gifts the Universe has stored for you.

     - That will be the day you are surprised by the Magic of Your Consciousness.


# 3: Your Spirit 1st

     - This is one of life’s great paradoxes: your Personality is just ONE aspect of Who-You-Are. It’s not You!

     - Your Personality plays a vital role in the expression of your individual self.

     -  We move our Soul’s evolution to the forefront and make it our a priority in life and the Goal of Journey.


# 4: Expand Your Consciousness

      - We are here to open ourselves up to more expanded dimensions of reality.

n. the feeling that no matter what you do is always somehow wrong—as if there’s some obvious way forward that everybody else can see but you, each of them leaning back in their chair and calling out helpfully, “colder, colder, colder…”

In order to Heal,

you need To Feel

Under almost every explanation of emotions is the premise that they're a naturally-occurring response to a situation.


Feeling is not an intellectual process.


  • Emotions are simply energy in motion. E – Motion. 

  • Emotions are neither good nor bad; bad and good are simply labels we place on them based on our relationship with them. Western culture often has a very repressive attitude towards emotion, especially darker emotions like anger or sadness that are labeled ‘bad’.

The word Emotion is a fascinating word: Emotions = Energy in Motion


That is what our emotions do.

They move energy and bring things into motion, or manifestation.

Thought triggers emotion. See what kind of thoughts you are thinking, and what kind of emotion that creates. Tune into how you feel.

Emotion is a complex, subjective experience accompanied by biological and behavioral changes. Emotion involves feeling, thinking, activation of the nervous system, physiological changes, and behavioral changes such as facial expressions. 

It isn't always easy to know exactly what we're feeling or why.

That may seem strange, but sometimes it's difficult for us to identify the specific emotions we're feeling, or to correctly determine why we're feeling that way.


 Feelings are very complex. At any given moment we may experience multiple, contradictory emotions. For example we can feel frustrated and hopeful at the same time.


Sometimes our strongest emotions hide behind other emotions because they represent our deepest needs and fears, and it can be scary to express them. And so we may use secondary emotions (like anger) to mask them.

Emotions . . .  biologically originate in the subcortical regions of the brain, the amygdala & the ventromedial prefrontal cortices, and create biochemical reactions in the body altering your physical state.


     This originally helped our species survive by producing quick reactions to threats and rewards. Many emotional reactions are coded in our genes & seem to be universally similar across all humans and even other species. For example, you smile and your dog wags its tail.

   The amygdala, involved in emotional arousal, also regulate the release of neurotransmitters essential for memory consolidation which is why emotional memories can be so strong and long-lasting.Emotions proceed feelings. Emotions trigger physical reactions in the body. Emotions can be objectively measured by blood flow, brain activity, facial micro-expressions, & body language.

Feelings . . . originate in the neocortical regions of the brain (the neocortex is part of the cerebral cortex), and are mental associations & reactions to emotions.


     Feelings and are subjectively influenced by personal experience, beliefs, and memories. A feeling is the mental portrayal of what’s going on in your body when you have an emotion,  and is thebyproduct of your brain perceiving and assigning meaning to the emotion.


    Feelings follow emotion, involve cognitive input, are usually below conscious awareness, and cannot be measured scientifically.

Emotional Intelligence is our ability to view situations objectively and thus to understand ourselves and other people depends on balancing and integrating the head and heart.



-   It would be futile to search in Chinese for a conceptual equivalent to the Western idea of “spirit” . 


Similarly, the Chinese term Qi / 氣 cannot be expressed by a single European word .  We may assume that Qi / 氣 , refer to a vague concept of finest matter believed to exist in all possible aggregate states, from air and steam or vapor to liquid and even solid matter.



✤   Emotional stress on the body affects the Qi flow and direction of Qi.  

   Anger makes it rise, sadness depletes it, etc. 

✤    All emotions cause some change of the Qi flow of the body meridians. 

   All emotions, besides affecting the organ directly, affect the Heart indirectly.

✤     In Eastern Philosophy, the Heart is the "home" of  feeling and reacts to emotional tension. 

   Qi stagnation may lead to Heat, and most of the emotions can, over a longer period of time, give rise to Heat or Fire. 

✤    As the proper movement of Qi is essential to transforming, transporting and excreting fluids, the disruption in the movement results in the formation of phlegm. Phlegm, in turn, obstructs the orifices and becomes a further cause of physical, emotional and mental disturbance. 


~     When one is angry, then the qi rises.

When one is joyous, then the qi relaxes.

~    When one is sad, then the qi dissipates.

When one is in fear, then the qi moves down.

~    In case of cold the qi collects; in case of heat, the qi flows out.

When one is frightened, then the qi is in disorder.

~    When one is exhausted, then the qi is wasted.

When one is pensive, then the qi lumps together."


According to Eastern Philosophy, Our Body's Energy Levels fluctuate & our Moods change during the day.


Just like Biorhythms affect us on a daily basis, so does the Meridian Clock.

Emotional ease is about being present to what is happening without struggling with it, and that includes feeling all emotions including those you may not want to feel, such as sadness, grief and anger.

 Life is about the ability to flow with what happens.

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" You Create your own Reality,

but you have no choice -

if you want to Feel Good,

other than to Find somehow, some way

to Raise your Frequency to match That

of your Vibrational Desire . . .

the Vibration of

Who-You-Really-Are "

~ Abraham~

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