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Âme Parler ~ Spirit Talk

The purpose of this Course is to support you in connecting with The Holographic Teaching Systems of the Interactive Simulation Program ( ISP ),  to receive Clear Guidance, from your Spirit Teams - either directly into your Mind, through Channeling aloud, or through Channel Writing.

Channelling takes courage, to open up to another Energy / Consciousness/ Being who knows you so intimately can be frightening. 

Treat this Connection with the Utmost Respect.

Becoming a Cosmic Telepath

Telepathy is the ability to perceive thought transfer & communication without the use of the physical 5 senses. It is  is the ability to transmit information from one mind/ source to another. The word Telepathy is rooted in the Greek tele, or "far off," and patheia, "suffering or feeling."  This Course is designed to expand your Clairaudient, Clairvoyant & Telepathic Abilities.

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It is obvious that Learning to Become a Cosmic Telepath requires a NEW MODEL OF SPACE-TIME.

 Hyperscape is a theoretical term given to a reality outside the Know Physical Universe. An Energy Field that pervades throughout the Universe Surrounds us. Thoughts and mental pictures are energy.


It is possible to have telepathic communication with anyone who is also tuned in the same wavelength as yourself. 

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