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We are stars

wrapped in skin -

The light you are seeking, has always been within.




~ Rumi ~

Life is an Ever Unfolding Experience.


The path to Happiness, Joy, Success and Fulfilling Your Dreams, lies in the Quality of Connection that you make to your Own  Infinite Being / Soul/ Source & your Inner Guidance System.



Let me ask you a question:

" Are you here to have the “normal” human experience or,

are you here to do the transformative exploration journey,

developing yourself from something ordinary to some unique and awesome? "

~ Randi Green ~



We all have a Guidance System that knows what’s our heart desire and dreams are and can support us to be on purpose in our lives. 


-    You may just be looking.  

-    Or you may already have begun searching.

-    Who are you ?  Why are you here?  

-    Are you ready to Progress into a Higher & Better version of what you can become ?

-    How can you begin to know?  


If you want to tune into your own intuition, or to work on uniting mind, body and Soul/ Spirit into a healthy, integrated whole, then you might have realized that surrounding yourself with others on the path is absolutely essential.



As an Intuitive Counselor, I work with you to achieve the things you want to achieve on your Life Path -  Life is about finding Your Own Way.


Intuitive Counselling sessions can provide VERY PRACTICAL and personalized GUIDANCE in ALL areas of YOUR life:


-    Wellness comes from Consciously connecting and balancing Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit.

-    Hear what your own Soul wants you to know about your life. 

-    Find out Why You are here.

-    About your Life Blueprint for this Lifetime

-    Learn how to Restore your Soul Genetics, Repair the human Template with Energy Work

-    How to work with the Holographic Teaching System of the ISP

-    Learn to Activate your Lightbody

-    Expand your spiritual awareness and receive validation/support for your own intuitive knowing.


 . . .  . . . or anything else on your mind.



Please Remember :


- Counseling sessions are primarily aimed at empowering you, so prepare your questions. 

- The most important thing I ask when you book a session is to please remember that this is not a “fortune telling” session, this is an empowerment session. 

For an obligation-free chat or to find out more about Intuitive Counselling or to book an appointment, please contact me:

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