Stay Wild At Heart

You So need this Time. With Yourself. You deserve it. Give it to yourself.


We are - together - going to turn things around for you. We are going to prioritize ourselves before the rush of life continues and robs us of the peace &  joy we seek.


What makes the world go quiet for you?


What makes you feel life is truly beautiful?




Ideas for Journaling Prompts

     What nourishes you?


    Poems you Love

    Draw pictures


Write in your journal using colourful markers, coloured pencils or even crayons!

   Travel Journal


Write about Your surroundings. Describe the rooms, buildings, streets, landscapes, people, and activities in which you are involved. Jot down dialogues and conversation. Describe yourself in your new surroundings, being sure to show how you react to the people around you.

   Songs that Touches your Heart & Soul


Write out the lyrics to your favourite song or print them out and paste them into your journal.

Are you ready to live a more Authentic Life?  Then Promise  Yourself to be More Tender to Your Soul!


Take some time today before continuing with the Journaling exercise. Why is being Impeccable, Living a Higher Awareness LifeStyle, and Being tender to Your Soul so Important?



What are the Gifts that will unfold if you do this?



Because it's there. It has always been there. Ready for you to find it.



But you know this, don't you? Why is it calling you so loudly today? Can you feel yourself longing for this, even more than ever before?




     What do you MOST want to Experience this Year?




     Something to Let Go of . . . .




     3 Things you have learned this Week/ Month




     What Do you want to Devote Yourself to this Year?




     Where is your happy place?




     What stands between you and your ultimate dream? Do you Know?



    This Year . . . I Promise Myself that I will . . . .  The Goal/s you are working Towards.



     What do You need to Do to make it Happen?  5 Small Steps you can take Right Now towards your Goal/s.


You can choose how you want to Journal.


1.   Print out the Journaling Pages


2.   Or Copy and paste the Journaling Prompts into a Journaling App like Journey Cloud


3.   Copy and Paste the Journaling Prompts into an Online Journaling Sites like:



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