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Ècrit Avec Les Muses ~

Writing with the Muses

   Aspiring to be more creative?


Discover and Express Your True Voice. Fall in love with conscious writing, with all its challenges, beauties, and all its rewards.


  Your Soul's Voice will play the melody, I will guide you to translate it into words.


  Live Your Passion by Expressing yourself through Writing.

Making Your Vision a Reality

Stream of consciousness writing enables authors to provide an intimate portrayal of a subject. Automatic writing is an energy link that allows you to communicate intuitively.

Consciousness ... does not appear to itself chopped up in bits. . . .

It is nothing jointed; it flows. A 'river' or 'stream' are the metaphors by which it is most naturally described."

– William James

It is the ability to allow intuition from outside you to flow through you.


Automatic writing is a form of intuition that has been around for thousands of years. 

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