Without moments of quiet and clarity, we could easily go a full day without tuning into and hearing our own inner voice. Finding the time and space to do this helps us to find clarity and moments of joy. It allows our Body-Mind-Emotions to come back to Who- We - Are.

Take a Deep Breath-

Try Again

WHAT IF you could have FUN while nourishing your Body, Honouring the Soul and Letting Emotions Flow?

  Think of ways to Nourish the Body in a FUN way. 



  Think of ways to Honour the Soul in a FUN way.



  Think of ways to Clear Emotions and Let them Flow in a FUN way.




Pick One Activity from each List, & DO IT this week.

     This “deeper” part of ourselves is sometimes labeled as our Inner Being, Soul or Spirit. The workings of these deeper inner aspects are mysterious and elusive.


     It is our place of power, our connection to source and where we can manage our energy & the vibrational setpoints which we send out to the Universe.


This is the process by which we create, with our thoughts, visions, words, and actions.


    When we tend to our Inner World, we feel fulfilled and whole, the natural feeling that bubbles up from this inner "well" is joy, love, and serenity. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.


Spend time visualizing, creating, building your Inner reality and your outer reality will flourish, like a garden that you tend to, sweetly nourishing the bulbs and seedlings day after day which become luscious, rich and beautiful flowers.

When you think of self-care habits, what comes to mind first to you?

I’m talking about small, subtle self-care habits and practices that you can incorporate into your daily life that can make a huge, positive impact on your life and how you feel.

Take some time to Unwind and Rejuvenate your Body and Soul each day with these simple self-care ideas.

   Know Yourself !

  Journal Daily.

   Meditate regularly. 

  Spent Time Alone. Dream. Visualize your Life.

   Enjoy your favourite hobbies.

  Set your Intentions for the Day, Week, Month. Vision Plan. Set Personal Goals.

   Listen to Uplifting Music.

Find some quiet time. 

Whether you draw a nice hot bubble bath, sit down to paint, or colouring in your adult coloring book, take some time out of the day every day to just make it all about you. 


Silence your phone and learn to enjoy your own company and your own thoughts.

1.   Write in a journal on a daily basis.  If you need to release pent-up emotion or anger built up within you or you’re seeking clarity from a confusing or unhappy situation, writing all of your thoughts down can be magical and therapeutic.


2.   Start a compliments section in your Journal. Document the great things people say about you to read later.

3.   Try something new in your living space.

4.   Intentionally schedule “me time” on your calendar or planner.

5.   Reward yourself for completing small tasks.

6.  Try mindfulness exercises

1.  Be still.   Sit somewhere green, and be quiet for a few minutes.

2.  Get 15 minutes of sun, especially if you’re in a cold climate.

3.  Declutter your wardrobe. Every month, pick out clothes that you don’t wear anymore and give them away.

4.  Do Gentle Evening Yoga.

Emotions are Energy in Motion . . . and not part of the original set -up of the Human Vessel. But we have them and must learn to deal and handle them. Emotions can be changed depending on:

-  the thoughts we think/focus on.

-  the relationships we are in / environment we are in

-  the food we eat.


Subsequently, we need to continually practice Emotional Self Care by coming back to the present moment, notice our emotional state of being and release /let go of emotions that no longer serve us.


1.  Learn to say "Yes" to yourself and your needs.


2.  Cultivate Emotional Intelligence. Honour and respect your emotions, without indulging in them or entangling them with your Mental Mind. You can choose to let go of any emotion at any given time should you wish so.  Emotional Intelligence is a person's ability to recognize emotions, to understand their powerful effect, and to use that information to guide thinking and behavior.  

1.  Do something spontaneous.

2.  Allow yourself to Fantasize & Daydream.

3.  Buy some flowers that delight you.

4.  Develop a relaxing evening ritual.

~ with Cole Chance ~

~ with Kassandra ~

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