Do you feel inspired to write, but have a lot of trouble actually formulating your ideas into words on a page?

Yeah, me too . . . .

    You CAN be an Inspired & Productive Writer.  Are you ready for that ?

    Discover and Express Your True Voice. Fall in love with conscious writing, with all its challenges, beauties, and all its rewards.

The Basic Tools

Live your Passion for Expressing yourself through Writing.

      This is an inspiring, exciting, yet powerful bundle of Lessons that will help you on your Writing Journey. In this Program you will find Journaling Assignments, writing Prompts,  Meditations,  Videos, and guided visualization tools!

Your Soul's Voice will play the melody -  I will guide you to translate it into words.

     Writers, coaches, intuitives . . . . whether you want to communicate your creative ideas authentically through a blog or book, this Program will guide you on your Journey.


✥  Make writing a priority

➤  Align your writing path with your Heart & Soul.  Open up to that infinite space within you where you’ll find the true Source of your writer’s voice.

✥  Take ownership of your writing life.  Declare yourself a writer loud and proud.

➤  Discover the most authentic ways to express your writing ideas.

✥  Make your BEST writing life a reality.  You can make each Journaling Assignment a wildly productive Writing Session.


    This is a practical Program & Requires a degree of Genuine Commitment to show up regularly and take action. . . . I'm not a Coach, I mentor. This means you take responsibility for YOUR Journey.

Welcome all you Quantum Consciousness Explorers !

I’m SO EXCITED to join you on your Journey!

Happy Writing! ♥

Many time clients following this Program assume that creativity means picking up a paintbrush or playing a musical instrument etc.


So many clients think that Being Creative is a quality only Painters, Writers, Novelists or Musicians possess.


In truth, Creative Creators is What & WHO We ARE !


In Order to Use your Creativity, you need to sometimes find it 1st.

You re-discover your Creativity with a process Julia Cameron calls The Morning Pages . .  in her book: " The Artists Way "​.


  1- 3 Pages of Longhand writing . . . .  Strictly Stream of Consciousness.

  Pages are meant to be simply the act of mixing the hand across the page & writing down whatever comes to mind.

  These morning pages are primary tools of creative recovery.

  Your mood doesn’t matter.


Every Morning... get up & write 1- 3 Pages of Longhand... Stream of Consciousness Morning Writing



Write for 20 minutes Daily

Create a practice in which you write for 20 minutes in your journal every day.  You can write about anything that comes to mind. Write for 20 minutes in one stretch, without breaking or stopping.

This sounds easy, but it may or may not be.

Allow yourself to write whatever is on your mind; this can be your way of sorting out what is going on in your emotional world, your daily life. 


       Write whatever you like, but don't skip a day. 


Write even when you don't want to or when you have nothing to say. Write at least 20 minutes, without getting up, moving, checking your messages, etc. Just write, until the time is up. See what happens.

The Artists Date


While being on Your Artist date, you are Receiving - opening yourself to Insight, Inspiration, Guidance.

An Artists Date is a Block of Time, especially set aside & committed to nurturing your creative consciousness, Your Inner Artist. . .


   A Play Date.

     Yes, Your Artist needs to be taken out, pampered, & listened to. 

          Your Artistic Side is like a Child...  She/ He WANTS TO PLAY !

Your Art Needs More Playful In-flow !


Art is an Image - Using System. . . like an Inner Well / Artistic Ecosystem.

     As Artists we need to learn to be Self Nourishing. Consciously replenish our creative resources. Filling your Inner Well involves active pursuit of Images to refresh our artistic reservoir. 

Art is Born in Attention !

In order to function in the language of Art, we must learn to Live in it Comfortable.

The Artists Language is a sensual one, a language of FELT experience.

In Filling the Well, THINK MAGIC.


Think FUN.

Do What intrigues you, explore what interests you; think MYSTERY. . . not Mastery.

Follow your sense of the Mysterious.

Play with your Senses . . .  Scent, Taste, Smell, Touch . . . Listen

Dance Barefoot to drum Music.

Woodworking, Crafts, Needlework, Piano, Swimming, Walking in Nature . .


Take Yourself on an Artists Date

Time Travel

Imaginary Lives . . . If you had 3 Parallel lives to lead . .


       What would you do in each of them?  .  . .   Journal about that.


Have Fun !


1.  __________________________________________________

2.  __________________________________________________

3.  __________________________________________________

Take your “ Writer - Artist”  for a Walk . .  . . just the 2 of You.


 Brisk 20 min walk to get your Consciousness moving.

Figuring out the 5 " W's " of Writing . . .

    Who are You as a Writer ?




   What makes you a writer ?   

       What initially ignited the spark in your heart to make you want to write in the first place?


    What stories do you always find yourself returning to?


    Why do You Want to Write ?

        What are you hoping to achieve in your writing?


    Why Do you Wake up every day ?

       What Motyivates You ? What Ignites Your Spirit ?


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Love is an innate capacity, and when we intentionally cultivate it, love shifts from a state to a trait. This meditation offers guidance on how to access love, and open ourselves to it in a way that serves this awakening of our hearts.

“  Know that you’re rewiring your brain, your heart, your body, your mind – and that the more times you do this, the more you really give it 20 or 30 seconds to feel the loving directly, the more access you have to this very innate capacity in your being.”

~ by Tara Brach ~

Cultivating a Loving Heart

Reflection - Cultivating Loving Heart - Tara Brach
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